A Day in the Sun: Dua Lipa Flaunts Her Beach-Ready Body on 25th Birthday with Anwar Hadid, While Pregnant Gigi Sends Love Online

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid marked the occasion of her 25th birthday by spending the entire weekend together. They spent a beautiful Sunday at the beach in Malibu, joined by their close friends and their newly adopted puppy, Dexter. The pop star looked stunning in a bikini and board shorts revealing her perfectly toned abs while they enjoyed a leisurely stroll on the white sand, holding hands. Meanwhile, Gigi, Anwar’s pregnant sister, took to social media to express her heartfelt wishes for Dua’s special day.

Cute! On Sunday, Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid, 21, spent her big day at the beach in Malibu with friends and their new puppy, named Dexter

How adorable! Over the weekend, Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid celebrated her birthday by hitting the beach in Malibu with friends and their new furry family member, Dexter. Dua flaunted her impressive figure in an eye-catching graffiti-patterned bikini top that had a unique silver chain connecting the center of the two triangles. She paired it with black board shorts that had poppers and embroidered white script on each leg. The singer went for a natural look, sans makeup, and secured her dark locks in a sleek top knot. The couple enjoyed a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand on the white sandy beach, showing off Dua’s fabulous abs while they walked their little pup.

Young love: Anwar and Dua looked happier than ever as they played with Dexter

Loving life: The couple smiled as they ran around with their new addition

Anwar and Dua appeared to be in a state of pure bliss while they frolicked with their furry friend Dexter. Their youthful love was on full display, radiating joy and contentment.

Puppy love: The couple appeared to be besotted with Dexter, as they attempted to train him

The couple seemed completely smitten with Dexter, as they made an effort to teach him some new tricks.

Quirky: Dua's unusual swimwear featured a silver chain attached to the centre of one triangle and the centre of the bikini

Sweet: Little Dexter was full of energy as he ran around on the sand

Dua’s swimwear is quite unique as it has a silver chain connecting the center of one triangle to the center of the bikini.

Beauty: The singer went make-up free for their outing, showcasing her natural beauty while wearing her raven tresses in a sleek top knot

Appearance: During their outing, the musician opted to forgo any makeup and displayed their inherent beauty. Their sleek black hair was tied up in a neat top knot.

Caring: Dua stopped to kneel down and dote on the dog

What's happened: The songstress looked concerned as she tended to her pup

Compassionate: Dua took a moment to lower themselves and shower affection on the furry canine.

Anwar appeared laid-back in a black short-sleeved shirt that flaunted his chest, coupled with striped board shorts. The pair seemed to be in high spirits as they jogged along the coastline with their pooch Dexter. Meanwhile, Dua could not resist the urge to shower the furry companion with love and affection, pausing to kneel down and dote on him. Earlier in the day, supermodel Gigi shared an endearing throwback photo of herself with Anwar and referred to Dua as her “sister.”

All eyes on you: The group of friends couldn't take their eyes of little Dexter

Everyone was focused on Dexter, as the group of friends couldn’t resist watching him.

Tribute: Earlier in the day, pregnant model Gigi, 25 - who is Anwar's older sibling - affectionately shared a throwback black and white snap with the two-time Grammy winner and branded Dua her 'sister'

Basically family: Catwalk queen Bella, 23, followed her sister's lead as she referred to the New Rules hitmaker as the 'cutest, smartest, most hard working, loving, generous bean of all time'

Homage: Earlier today, Gigi, Anwar’s older sister, who is expecting her child, shared an endearing throwback black and white photo with the two-time Grammy winner on social media. Bella, following Gigi’s footsteps, referred to the New Rules sensation as the ‘smartest, cutest, loving, generous bean of all time’ and wished her happy birthday. Bella also added that Dua is a blessing to their family and the world. The songstress moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Anwar, who is originally from California. Dua and Anwar had a happy time walking along the beach with their friends while taking turns holding Dexter’s lead.

Lovestruck: Dua appeared to be lovestruck by her adorable dog Dexter

Smiley lady: She looked happier than ever as she spent her birthday with her new pet

Enamored: Dua seemed to be completely enamored by her charming canine companion, Dexter.

Speeding things up: Dua broke into a jog as her puppy bounded down the beach

Dua picked up her pace and started jogging as her furry companion happily hopped along the sandy shoreline.

Fun with friends: Dua and her female friend smiled as Dexter took in his surroundings

Adorable: The singer attempted to socialise her dog with her pal's pet pooch

Having a good time with buddies: Dua and her gal pal flashed grins while Dexter absorbed the environment.

Too cute: Dexter bounced around leaving Dua and her friends smiling at his antics

Adorable: Dexter’s playful movements had Dua and her pals grinning from ear to ear.

According to The Sun, Dua Lipa, who sings the hit song “One Kiss,” has recently moved with her partner to the United States amid concerns that she won’t be able to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Allegedly, the British artist has settled in a luxurious home in Beverly Hills, close to her partner Anwar’s family, even though all her close friends reside in the UK. A source disclosed that it was already challenging for Dua to enter the US, and now it will be more complicated for her to travel back and forth because of the extended quarantine period.

Go Dexter! The couple cheered as their puppy followed their instructions

Hooray for Dexter! The pair exclaimed with joy as their beloved furry companion obediently followed their commands.

Quality time: The Sun reported The One Kiss hitmaker has relocated stateside to live with her partner due to fears that she won't be able to travel to and fro because of the pandemic

Sticking with her man: It was claimed the London-born artist has moved into a lavish property in Beverly Hills near to Anwar's family

According to The Sun, singer One Kiss has decided to move to the United States to live with her significant other. She is concerned that she may not be able to travel back and forth between the US and her home country due to the pandemic, so she hopes living together will allow them to spend more quality time together.

Go Dexter! Anwar and Dua tried to coax their puppy to come closer to the water

Cheering for Dexter! Anwar and Dua attempted to lure their adorable pup towards the edge of the water.

Working up a sweat: The New Rules hitmaker ran alongside Dexter as he went off to explore

Gorgeous: The pop star was clearly enamoured with her pet pooch

Getting active: The singer of the hit song “New Rules” jogged alongside Dexter as he was heading out to discover new things.

Caught on camera: Dua's friend snapped pictures of the pup on a throwaway camera

Dua’s pal captured some adorable shots of the puppy using a disposable camera. The singer and her beau Anwar have a decent network in Los Angeles, where they have resided previously, so they’re hopeful about settling down there. Dua sees this move as an opportunity to advance her career in the US, especially with fresh tunes on the horizon. Dexter is the newest addition to their household, and Dua is putting in efforts to make their abode feel cozy and inviting. At the moment, MailOnline has not obtained any comments from Dua or Anwar’s representatives regarding their relocation plans.

Stylish: Anwar cut a casual figure in a short-sleeved black shirt which showed off his chest and wore a pair of striped board board shorts

Relaxed: Anwar looked laid-back in his black short-sleeved shirt that highlighted his chest. He paired it with striped board shorts, giving off a stylish vibe.

Keep up! Dexter sped off leaving Dua to try and keep up with him

Fun in the sun: The singer was able to get in some exercise while topping up her tan

“Come on, don’t fall behind!” Dexter zoomed ahead, forcing Dua to sprint in an attempt to match his pace.

Encouraging: Dua clapped as Anwar held onto Dexter's lead

With a round of applause, Dua expressed her support as Anwar took charge of Dexter’s leash. Anwar happens to be the younger brother of the famous supermodels, Gigi and Bella, who have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. His mother, Yolanda Hadid, is a Dutch model and was once a star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, while his father is a successful real estate mogul. Despite only dating for three months, the couple started renting an apartment together in New York last September. During lockdown, they spent their time at Dua’s home in London before heading to St Lucia to quarantine for two weeks in order to comply with American travel restrictions.

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