A Night of Epic Collaborations: Taylor Swift Rocks Nashville with Mick Jagger and Leona Lewis

The legendary rock and roll figure was at ease on stage alongside the youthful pop sensation. Over the weekend, Taylor Swift put on yet another concert for her 1989 World Tour in Nashville, where she began her journey as a recording artist. The show included collaborative performances with Mick Jagger, who is 72 years old, and Leona Lewis, who is 30.

Nashville time: Taylor Swift, 25, returned to her roots Saturday night and performed another show for her 1989 World Tour in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring duets with both Mick Jagger, 72, and Leona Lewis, 30

Taylor Swift, the 25-year-old singer, went back to her hometown on Saturday evening and put on another spectacular performance for her ongoing 1989 World Tour in Nashville, Tennessee. The show was made even more special with the appearance of two guest performers, Mick Jagger (72) and Leona Lewis (30), who both sang duets with Swift.

Ladies first: Her first duet was with British singer/songwriter Leona Lewis; they sang Leona's hit Bleeding Love

Starting off with the ladies, her debut duet was with the renowned British singer/songwriter Leona Lewis, where they performed one of Leona’s hit songs, Bleeding Love. The night was full of surprises and wardrobe changes that kept the audience pumped up and excited. For this particular performance, Leona chose a stunning long-sleeved blue dress that accentuated her curves and came down to her mid-thigh.

Luscious Leona: The X Factor winner made the audience swoon with a little decolletage peek-a-boo cut and some bold thigh high black boots as well

The champion of X Factor, Leona, gave the crowd a glimpse of her allure with an eye-catching cut on her outfit that revealed some cleavage and bold black thigh-high boots. Taylor, on the other hand, went for a style that is now synonymous with her recent tour. She donned a white bustier with intricate details on the top and paired it with high-waisted shorts of the same shade.

Gimmie Jagger: Next up was a costume change for Taylor and the Mick Jagger duet, with the pair singing the Rolling Stones classic (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Taylor Swift stepped up her game, adding a touch of sexiness to her performance by using garters to hold up her thigh highs. After her sultry act, she changed into a full body jumpsuit made from a mix of leather and fabric, featuring midriff cutouts. The outfit was accessorized with black ankle boots as she performed a duet with Mick Jagger, singing the Rolling Stones classic hit, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

Leather forever: The 1989 hit maker emerged from backstage wearing an apparently leather and fabric full body jumpsuit with cut outs around her midriff area. She complimented the outfit with some ankle high-black boots

The popular singer from 1989 appeared on stage in a full body jumpsuit made of leather and fabric that had cut-outs around her midriff. To complete her look, she wore ankle-high black boots. Meanwhile, Mick seemed to follow the leather trend by sporting a teal leather jacket and tight leather pants. Despite the age difference between the two artists and the audience, they both put on an incredible performance together. After the show, Taylor posted several photos on Instagram, expressing how grateful she was to have had the opportunity to perform with these talented musicians.

Friends, or...? Interestingly, Mick and Taylor were in the news together very recently, but for a slightly more competitive reason

Hey buddies, or maybe something more? It’s quite intriguing to note that Mick Jagger and Taylor Swift made headlines together lately, but for a different reason – a competitive one at that. Taylor posted an Instagram photo with the caption “Mick. Jagger. Nashville.” The news is out that The Rolling Stones top the list of highest ticket sales in every city they play, beating even their younger competitors like Taylor Swift, who comes in second.

Winners! Research just revealed that The Rolling Stones earn more in ticket sales from each city they play in than any other act – including young rivals such as Taylor Swift, who is ranked second

Great news for The Rolling Stones! According to recent research, the band earns the highest amount of ticket sales per city compared to other artists, even those who are younger and considered as their rivals, like Taylor Swift who comes in second place.

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