A Second Chance for a Starved Dog Abandoned by its Owner

Violet’s only desire was to be a faithful companion and receive love from her family. Unfortunately, despite her gentle disposition and kind heart, her family never showed her any kindness or concern for her safety and happiness. Eventually, they abandoned her without any regard for her feelings or well-being. Violet was left alone and vulnerable after her family drove her to Clinton, Maryland, and callously pushed her out of their car window.

While journeying along the Clinton road, a passerby was taken aback upon witnessing a hefty canine being cast out of a vehicle, much like a disposable soft drink container. Without hesitation, they halted their own vehicle and promptly approached the scene to offer assistance to the abandoned animal, aptly named Violet, who was eventually brought to the attention of Prince George’s County Animal Control.

Animal control took in Violet, but Mutts Matter Rescue stepped in to offer her the care she desperately needed. Sadly, this poor pup had been abandoned from a car and was severely malnourished from enduring prolonged periods of starvation. The rescue team was determined to give Violet the support and attention necessary to help her recover from her traumatic experiences.

Debbie Gretz, a volunteer at Mutts Matter Rescue, took responsibility for Violet’s care due to her experience with maltreated and severely underfed dogs. Upon meeting the distressed pooch and witnessing her deplorable state, Gretz was overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears for the pitiful animal.

Gretz understood that the little dog needed her assistance to regain control of her life and receive the affection and attention she had been deprived of for a considerable time. The pooch’s well-being and self-respect had been taken from her, but Gretz took it upon herself to ensure that the cute pup would have a joyful and optimistic future.

Violet was in a terrible state, weighing only 60 pounds and suffering from painful pressure sores that required cleaning and bandaging. When Gretz embraced the mastiff, she could feel each of her protruding bones, and her blood tests revealed the typical issues that arise from starvation.

It is speculated that Violet developed pressure sores because she was restrained for long periods. Her rescuers believe that her captors kept her confined and used her for breeding purposes. Despite all the hardships she endured, Violet never lost her trust in people. She grew fond of Gretz and would often rest her head on Gretz’s lap to express her love and appreciation.

Gretz made sure to give Violet five small meals throughout the day, which helped her recover and gain strength. With time, Violet even became capable of climbing stairs independently, and she had enough stamina to go for strolls and engage in fun activities with her pals.

Violet’s pressure ulcers healed remarkably and she gained weight satisfactorily. Over the next few months, her overall appearance had undergone a complete transformation. She went from being a mere 60 pounds to a stunning 138 pounds, radiating with pure joy.

The journey towards healing was a challenging and lengthy one, yet Gretz’s devoted love and diligent efforts enabled Violet to flourish. Moreover, Gretz’s care extended beyond the physical realm. She showered Violet with the love and safety that she had always yearned for and rightfully deserved.

Gretz has done wonders for Violet, transforming her from a frail and broken dog to a joyful and content pup who adores her family and enjoys every aspect of her life with them. This lovely and loving animal now has all the care and protection she needs to thrive and flourish.

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