“Ageless Angelina Jolie shines in summer style while attending Atelier Jolie meetings in NYC with Pax and Zahara”

On Monday morning, Angelina Jolie was seen in New York City sporting a summer look with blonde ombre hair, elegantly parted on the side. The ex-wife of Brad Pitt looked business-ready, dressed in a white trench coat, tailored black slacks, and strappy white platform sandals. She carried a purple folder, a booklet with a floorplan on the back, and a black YSL clutch purse. Accompanying the Oscar-winning actress were two of her six children, Pax and Zahara, the latter wearing a Tupac Shakur T-shirt. Angelina has been in New York City to work on her new brand, Atelier Jolie, which will feature artisans from around the world.

Working in the Big Apple: Angelina Jolie was spotted in New York City bright and early on Monday morning

Bright hair: The Eternals star had a bright summer look with blonde ombre hair that was parted on the side and partially fell over her face

Angelina Jolie was seen in New York City on a Monday morning, sporting a vibrant summer appearance with her blonde ombre hair. The star of Eternals had her hair parted to the side and some strands partially covering her face.

For the past few weeks, Jolie has been sporting an ombre hair color with bright white blonde ends and darker roots, indicating that she might be growing out her highlights. Rumors suggest that this change in hair color might be for an upcoming movie role. She complemented her look with light makeup, black cat-eye sunglasses, and drop earrings. Her nails were long and well-manicured with an off-white color that matched her toe polish. It seems she was heading to a meeting as she has been working on building her brand, Atelier Jolie, in Manhattan. Recently, Jolie leased 57 Great Jones Street, a building previously owned by Andy Warhol and the last place where Jean-Michel Basquiat lived and worked until his death in 1988. According to John Roesch, the broker at Meridian Capital Group who represented the landlord, Jolie immediately fell in love with the space and made sure to secure the deal.

So chic: And the ex of Brad Pitt was dressed to impress in a crisp white trench coat with tailored black slacks and strappy white platform sandals

Looking stylish: The former partner of Brad Pitt was impeccably dressed in a pristine white trench coat paired with well-fitted black pants and elegant white platform sandals.

New plans? The Oscar-winning actress looked ready for business as she held onto a black YSL clutch purse

Is Angelina Jolie making new plans? The Academy Award-winning actress seemed focused on business as she clutched onto a black YSL purse. It appears that Jolie is opening Atelier Jolie, a space that will serve as a “global family” of underrepresented tailors who exclusively work with upcycled items. Her goal is to establish a community of creativity and inspiration that welcomes all, regardless of socio-economic background. According to Jolie, it will be a place for creative individuals to collaborate with expert tailors from diverse backgrounds, while also having fun. Although the property was on the market for $60,000 per month with a minimum lease term of 10 years, it is uncertain how much Jolie will pay. The building, which spans 6,600 square feet, had been on the market since November. Apparently, Jolie herself was hands-on about closing the deal, visiting the space multiple times over six months.

Stepping over a puddle: Here she made sure to avoid some water as she stepped on a yellow bar

Her pal: She was talking as she walked next to Pax who showed off his tattoos

As she walked, she took care to avoid the puddle ahead of her by deftly stepping onto a bright yellow bar instead.

See the plans? Here she holds onto a booklet with the floorplans drawn on the back. The Maleficent actress, 48, has been in New York City to work on her new brand, Atelier Jolie which is a space for artisans

Do you notice those designs? She’s holding a booklet containing the layouts on the reverse. Angelina Jolie, who stars in Maleficent and is 48 years old, has been staying in New York City to develop her new venture, Atelier Jolie – an area for skilled craftsmen.

Two of her teens: The Mr And Mrs Smith actress was not alone. The Los Angeles native was with two of her six children: Pax , 19, and Zahara , 18, who wore a Tupac Shakur T-shirt

Angelina Jolie was accompanied by two of her six children, Pax and Zahara, during a recent outing. Zahara was spotted wearing a Tupac Shakur T-shirt. Jolie was actively involved in finalizing a real estate deal, despite the usual involvement of her team in such matters. She faced tough competition from other parties interested in the space, but eventually secured it with her concept. In another collaboration, Jolie has partnered with Chloe to create a sustainable womenswear collection called Atelier Jolie. The collection features evening wear with fluid silhouettes and tactile details, inspired by Jolie’s personal creativity and vision for timeless pieces. Profits from the collaboration will be invested in creating apprenticeships for tailors and artisans at Atelier Jolie, in line with Jolie’s high ideals for the improvement of society.

New gig: Jolie has teamed up with Chloe to create a womenswear capsule collection. The 48-year-old Hollywood icon is working with the French luxury fashion house to create the sustainable Atelier Jolie range which has been co-designed by Angelina and Chloé's creative director Gabriela Hearst

Exciting news: Angelina Jolie and Chloe have partnered up to launch a special collection of women’s clothing. The renowned 48-year-old actress is collaborating with the French luxury brand to produce the eco-friendly Atelier Jolie line, which was co-created by Angelina and Chloé’s innovative director, Gabriela Hearst.

New look: Inspired by Angelina's own wardrobe, the collection is comprised of evening wear and will feature fluid silhouettes and tactile details, while offering a timeless aesthetic in line with Jolie's vision 'to create one-of-a-kind pieces that embody personal creativity and purpose'

Angelina Jolie’s new fashion collection, Atelier Jolie, is set to launch this Autumn. The line will comprise of evening wear with fluid silhouettes and tactile details that are in line with Jolie’s vision of timeless elegance. The collection is inspired by her personal wardrobe, and she hopes women will feel comfortable and beautiful in the designs. Jolie has collaborated with luxury brand Chloé, which is a certified B Corp, and designer Gabriela Hearst. The actress plans to invest her earnings from the collaboration in establishing apprenticeships for tailors and artisans at Atelier Jolie. In addition, Jolie announced Atelier Jolie as a space for creative people to collaborate with skilled tailors, pattern makers, and artisans from around the world.

New from AJ: Jolie made a big announcement in mid May. The Oscar-winning actress shared she is launching Atelier Jolie which will be a space for creative types in the design field

AJ has reported that Jolie shared some exciting news in the middle of May. The talented actress, who has won an Oscar, revealed that she will be starting Atelier Jolie. This new initiative will serve as a hub for creative individuals within the design industry.

The former UN ambassador expressed her admiration and respect for the tailors and makers she has worked with in the past. She wants to use high-quality vintage material and deadstock fabric to encourage self-expression and be part of a movement. Deadstock fabric refers to fabric leftover from the production run of a brand or unsold by a fabric mill. Jolie hopes to expand her fashion line and invites everyone to learn more at atelierjolie.com. Her friend Priyanka Chopra added a red heart and fire emoji. Jolie wrote on her website that fashion is an art she enjoys exploring, and she has learned about shapes and designed clothes with many top tailors. Although designers sketch or approve designs, Jolie believes it is the tailors who make the difference, and she loves working with them.

Diversifying: On her website Jolie shared a signed note. 'Fashion is an art I¿ve had the opportunity to play with over the years. I¿ve designed clothes and learned about shapes with many of the best tailors,' wrote the Tomb Raider star; seen in 2009 in LA

Angelina Jolie recently announced her new venture of building a platform for creatives to collaborate with expert tailors, pattern makers, and artisans from around the world. She expressed her love for fashion and how it is an art that she has enjoyed playing with over the years. However, she also acknowledged that the makers behind the scenes rarely receive the credit and respect they deserve. With her company, she aims to create a fun and free space for people to design their own clothes and discover themselves in the process. The materials used will be leftover vintage items and deadstock, ensuring sustainability and reducing waste. In addition, customers will have the option to repair or upcycle pieces from their closet, giving them a chance to revive old clothes and create quality heirloom garments with personal meaning.

She has designed jewelry before: The star, seen in 2009, created bling in 2013; seen in 2009

Back in 2013, the famous star created a collection of jewelry. In her statement, she expressed her desire to build a community that fosters creativity and inspiration regardless of one’s socio-economic background. Her team would include apprenticeships for marginalized and underappreciated groups. She admitted that she sees herself more as an artist than a businesswoman. She hopes to work with like-minded individuals who share her passion for creating art. Recently, she filed for a global trademark for Atelier Jolie. Sources revealed that the company would be offering everything from custom-made jewelry to couture clothing and tailoring. Moreover, she is a staunch supporter of sustainable fashion, which will be a significant focus for the brand. Her previous jewelry line, Style of Jolie, was launched over ten years ago and had its last major release in 2018. Though there are no details yet on what fashion items her new line will feature, her status as a fashion icon spanning the 1990s assures fans that they are in good hands.

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