An Intimate Affair: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Passionate Italian Dinner Date

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been celebrating her 52nd birthday in style, sailing across Europe on a magnificent $130 million yacht. The happy couple were spotted in Nerano, Italy, enjoying a romantic dinner date where they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Jennifer was all smiles as she sat on Ben’s lap at the Le Scoglio restaurant, sharing passionate kisses throughout the meal.

Steamy! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could not keep their hands off each other as they enjoyed dinner during their romantic stop in Nerano, Italy, on Wednesday

Besotted! The actress, 52, beamed a smile as the actor kissed her neck and wrapped his arms around her

It was a hot and steamy sight as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got cozy while enjoying a dinner date on their romantic getaway in Nerano, Italy. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they shared a passionate kiss and put on a display of affection that left no doubt about their strong connection.

Packing on the PDA: The singer, 52, perched on her beau's lap and adjusted her sexy top while lovingly gazing into his eyes

The singer, who is 52 years old, was seen sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, adjusting her attractive top while looking lovingly into his eyes. Jennifer appeared to be in a great mood, smiling from ear to ear and struggling to hide her happiness as she wrapped her arm around the actor and gazed deeply into his eyes. Ben also seemed delighted, as evidenced by his constant smile and eagerness to lean in for more kisses from the sultry star. For the dinner date, Jennifer opted for an elegant outfit comprising of a crop top that showed off her abs and white, wide-leg trousers. She wore her caramel locks in a chic up-do but made sure there was enough hair left to frame her beautiful face without getting in the way of any amorous moments with Ben. The actor, who is 48 years old, was seen laughing and chatting with the actress as he planted kisses on her lips and cozied up to her at the table.

Want to get any closer? Jennifer cosied into her love, resting her heeled shoes on the restaurant's wooded divider

Love: She soaked  up all the sweet attention from her hunky partner

Looking to get even closer? Jennifer snuggled up to her love, propping up her high heels on the wooden partition of the restaurant, basking in the warm affection of her attractive partner. The couple was so absorbed in each other that they appeared to be unaware of anyone else at their table, with Jennifer relishing Ben’s attention and returning his affectionate kisses.

What a week: Bennifer have been travelling around Europe in style, with stops in Monaco, St Tropez and Capri

This week has been quite the adventure for Bennifer, as the couple has been jet-setting around Europe in true style. They’ve made stops in glamorous destinations such as Monaco, St Tropez, and Capri. During a romantic meal out in Nerano, Ben looked particularly sharp in a patterned polo shirt and cream chinos. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Ben and Jennifer have been romantically linked – they were actually engaged back in 2003, but ultimately called off their wedding and relationship. Fast forward to today, and the couple has rekindled their romance just a few months after Jennifer’s split from Alex Rodrigez in April 2021, following four years of dating.

Happy as can be: The loved-up couple cosied up together on the boat ride to the restaurant, even linking arms as they chatted

Ecstatic: The enamoured pair enjoyed a romantic boat ride to the eatery, snuggling up closely and even interlocking arms while engaging in conversation.

Stunning: Jennifer looked sensational in a red and white striped shirt and full of smiles for her actor beau

Sweet: She struggled to hide her delight as she wrapped an arm around the actor and lovingly gazed into his eyes

Gorgeous Jennifer was beaming with happiness as she hugged her beau, dressed in a stunning red and white striped shirt. She seemed completely smitten with Ben, and their love for each other was evident in the way they gazed into each other’s eyes. The couple was so engrossed in each other that they didn’t even notice their friends still sitting at the table. In fact, Jennifer only had eyes for Ben as she sat on his lap, turning her back on the group. Their close pals have suggested that it won’t be long before they take their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

All wrapped up! JLo draped her toned arm around Ben and sat very still while he moved something out of her eye

Back at it: They soon returned to their passionate embraces

JLo and Ben were in a close embrace, with JLo’s well-defined arm encircling Ben. They paused briefly as Ben assisted her by removing something from her eye before resuming their passionate kissing. Their love seemed to be uncontainable.

Cutting a stylish figure: Ben opted for a tie-dye polo shirt for dinner with the actress rocking an ab-flashing crop top

Looking fashionable: Ben chose to wear a polo shirt with a tie-dye pattern while having dinner with the actress who was sporting a crop top that revealed her toned abs.

Ben and Jennifer have been enjoying a luxurious yacht holiday with stops in several beautiful destinations including Monaco, St Tropez, Capri, and Nerano since they made their romance public. ARod, Jennifer’s ex, was also in St Tropez recently where he celebrated his 46th birthday on an Ocean Paradise yacht that costs an astonishing €27,000,000 ($31,860,810) and accommodates 12 guests and 12 crew members. However, this yacht is no match for Jennifer’s Valerie, which has a whopping price tag of €110,000,000 ($129,817,600). Earlier this week, Ben and Jennifer were seen recreating steamy scenes from her 2002 music video “Jenny from the Block” on this luxurious yacht.

Relationship: The duo rekindled their romance some months ago but JLo made their romance Instagram official during this sun-soaked trip

Close: The couple exchanged a few words inbetween kisses

The couple reignited their love affair a few months back, but it was only on this sunny vacation that JLo confirmed their relationship via an Instagram post. The couple was spotted showing affection to each other while dining out on Wednesday. JLo looked overjoyed with the attention she was receiving and even threw her head back in delight before sharing a kiss with her partner.

How they stack up: Jennifer's ex ARod has also been in St Tropez in recent days however there was quite the difference between the two luxury vessels being enjoyed by the former flames

Comparing Yachts: While enjoying their time in St Tropez, it’s worth noting that Jennifer’s ex, ARod, was also spotted in the same location. However, the two luxury vessels they were on had some noticeable differences.

Summer Fashion: Jennifer looked stunning in her summer outfit, consisting of a striped crop top paired with chic white pants that accentuated her amazing figure.

Quick pause: Bennifer came up for air at one point during their steamy embrace

Back to it: Shortly after, Jen lovingly gazed at her beau again

Taking a break from their passionate embrace, Bennifer surfaced for air, with Jennifer later gazing lovingly at her partner. Jennifer rented the luxurious 85-meter yacht, Valerie, which was constructed by Lürssen in 2011 and underwent an extensive renovation in 2019. The yacht can house up to 17 guests in nine well-furnished cabins, with ample room for a crew of 27.
The Valerie features seven bedrooms across six decks, all of which are bathed in a theme of wellness, including a steam room and a Hamman adorned with mosaics, as reported by Boat International. There are also massage rooms and beauty treatment spaces, while a gym with a panoramic view of the ocean opens out onto an outdoor area with space for dining and a fountain that illuminates at night.
Launched in 2011 and refurbished in 2019, the vessel has six decks serviced by an elevator, an onboard 20-foot pool, and one of five outdoor Jacuzzis. The boat’s stunning outdoor dining area was modeled after London’s iconic Claridge’s hotel. Jennifer styled her caramel hair into a chic up-do, leaving her front locks down to accentuate her beautiful features while ensuring they didn’t obstruct any intimate moments with Ben.

Whispering sweet nothings? Ben kissed the beauty's neck, making her smile and giggle on his lap

Stunning: JLo accessorised with a stylish gold necklace

Saying romantic words softly? Ben placed a kiss on the woman’s neck, causing her to grin and chuckle while sitting on his lap.

Having fun? The couple were joined by some pals on the outing and reached the restaurant by boat

Enjoying themselves? The pair was accompanied by friends as they traveled to the restaurant via boat.

Heading in: They both donned fashionable sunglasses for the sunny meal in Italy

Title: Stylish Shades for a Sunny Italian Meal

Description: Both of them sported trendy sunglasses as they enjoyed their meal under the bright Italian sun.

Relaxed: They both kept things laid-back and appeared to be in good spirits while soaking up the quality time

Casual: They maintained a mellow attitude and seemed to be in high spirits as they savored their valuable moments together.

Bringing the goods: Ben seemed to have been tasked with carrying over a basket filled with fresh produce for the table

Delivering the goods: It appeared that Ben had been assigned the responsibility of transporting a basket brimming with farm-fresh produce to the dining table.

Toned: Jennifer displayed her gym-honed physique in the crop top and trousers

Birthday girl: Jen recently turned 52 and has been revelling in the celebrations

Jennifer flaunted her fit form, sculpted from hours spent at the gym, sporting a trendy crop top and matching trousers.

Dreamy: She rested on the balcony and appeared completely content while gazing into the distance

In a state of bliss, she found solace on the balcony, as she fixed her gaze into the vast expanse ahead of her.

All smiles: Ben tipped his head towards a beaming Jennifer as they approached the eatery for their swanky meal

With a grin on his face, Ben nodded towards Jennifer who was also all smiles as they walked towards the fancy restaurant for their meal.

Day trip! The duo were joined by some pals as well as the boat crew for their passionate outing

Let’s go for a day trip! The two lovebirds were accompanied by their friends and the boat crew for an exciting and romantic adventure.

The primary deck and lounge area of the ship are specifically designed for hosting guests and is centered around a one-of-a-kind self-playing piano. According to recent reports, Jennifer and Ben are enjoying their time together on a beautiful trip. They even celebrated Jen’s birthday at a club, where she looked stunning and genuinely happy. Although she is fully committed to Ben, Jennifer has no plans to rush into engagement or marriage anytime soon. The couple has been integrating their lives and families smoothly and doesn’t feel the need to tie the knot just yet. In some pictures, Jennifer can be seen tilting her head back for more kisses from Ben while wrapping her arm around his neck affectionately.

Sweet: They loving gazed into each others eyes while sitting next to each other at the table

Cute: They shared a sweet moment, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes as they sat together at the table.

Intimate: Jennifer played with Ben's hair

Not letting go: She looked to the side but kept her lover close

Affectionate: Jennifer enjoyed running her fingers through Ben’s hair (on the left), but then she got sidetracked (on the right) and refused to let go of her love.

Content: JLo adjusted her red and white striped top while speaking with her rekindled flame

As she chatted with her rekindled love interest, JLo took a moment to fix her red and white striped shirt. Sources reveal that things are going smoothly between Jennifer and Ben, but she’s not looking to rush into any future plans of engagement or marriage just yet – she’s fully committed, but taking her time.

Cosy dining: ben placed his face on Jennifer's chest while she nuzzled into him and enjoyed the intimate moment

Snug dinner: Ben rested his head on Jennifer’s chest as she snuggled up to him, savoring the close and personal moment.

Holiday happiness: They couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces and ensured to make the most of their jaunt around Europe

Style star: Jennifer styled her white trousers with red wedges

The joy of vacation: They couldn’t stop grinning and made sure to fully enjoy their journey across Europe.

Table smooches: Ben wrapped an arm around Jennifer while they sat next to each other

While sitting next to each other, Ben wrapped his arm around Jennifer in a loving gesture. Despite both having been in past relationships, they don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone because they are secure in their relationship with each other. Ben holds Jennifer in high regard and everyone around them sees them as a perfect match. In fact, they may take their relationship to the next level soon by moving in together. Their friends believe that this is a natural progression for them since they are spending all of their free time together and making each other a top priority. Ben has three kids with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, while Jennifer has twins with her ex Marc Anthony.

Chatting away: They seemed completely at ease in each others company

Having a good conversation: It was a delight to witness how comfortable Ben and Jennifer were with each other’s company. Their on-again, off-again romance goes way back – they were supposed to tie the knot in 2003 but decided to postpone it. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last then, but they recently rekindled their love in 2021.

SO happy: Jennifer looked delighted as she eyed-up her hunky beau

Jennifer’s face lit up with joy as she gazed at her attractive partner.

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