“Angelina Jolie Braves the Sizzling Australian Heat with Her Iconic Hat On”

Hot hot hot! Angelina Jolie was out in the Australian heat wearing a straw hat

Wowza! Angelina Jolie braved the scorching Australian sun while sporting a straw hat.

It's a scorcher: The star looked like she was struggling a little in the beating midday heat

Wow, it’s really hot out here! The celebrity was visibly feeling the effects of the scorching sun beating down on her in the middle of the day.

All black everything: The actress chose an all-black outfit as she walked around the set of her new movie

Going all out in black: While strolling around the filming location of her latest movie, the actress opted for an all-black ensemble.

Yikes: The star takes off her hat and lets the blaring sun beat down on her for a minute as she walks to a different part of the set in Tamworth, Australia

Oops! The celebrity removes her hat and allows the scorching sun to shine on her while she strolls towards a new location on the Tamworth set in Australia.

Great fans: Earlier that week the star, in her new favourite hat, took selfies with her adoring fans

Fantastic enthusiasts: The celebrity sported her current beloved hat and snapped selfies with her loving supporters earlier in the week.

All smiles: The actress was in a jovial mood when she stopped to talk to her fans

Beaming with joy, the artist was feeling cheerful as she took a moment to engage in conversation with her admirers.

Tips and advice: The star was spotted filming the latest scenes for the World War Two action movie in Werris Creek

Hints and suggestions: Our beloved celebrity was recently seen shooting new scenes for their upcoming World War Two action flick in the picturesque town of Werris Creek.

All aboard: Angelina's spirits seemed to be lifted by a visit from her fiance Brad Pitt when they took their children on a yacht ride along Sydney Harbour

Let’s set sail: Angelina appeared to be in high spirits during a delightful outing with her partner, Brad Pitt, and their kids as they cruised through Sydney Harbour on a luxurious yacht.

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