“Ben Affleck and J Lo’s steamy recreation of iconic ‘Jenny from the Block’ music video scene on $130m mega-yacht in Saint-Tropez: A Closer Look”

As Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 52nd birthday in Saint Tropez with her beau Ben Affleck, it seems the couple is reminiscing about old times. The pair, who have rekindled their romance, are spending time on a $130M yacht near the French village. Fans were given a treat as Affleck was seen applying sun cream to JLo’s famous posterior, reminiscent of a scene from her 2002 music video “Jenny From the Block.” The video showcased their status as a power couple at the time.

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez and beau Ben Affleck put on a raunchy display aboard $130m mega-yacht in Saint-Tropez... as they recreate THAT Jenny from the Block music video scene

Exclusive Photos: Jennifer Lopez and her partner Ben Affleck were caught getting frisky on a luxurious $130 million yacht in Saint-Tropez. The couple recreated the iconic scene from J.Lo’s hit music video “Jenny from the Block” as they put on a steamy display for everyone to see.

Flashback! The famous couple appeared to inadvertently give a nod to the 2002 music video Jenny from the Block

Looking back in time! The well-known duo seemed to unintentionally pay homage to the music video Jenny from the Block released in 2002. Followers with a sharp eye also noticed a framed photograph of the couple taken by the renowned photographer Herb Ritts during the same year on their yacht’s background. Moreover, rumors are rife that they kept the birthday celebration going until the wee hours of the morning. All this happened after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez confirmed their relationship on Instagram. Affleck seems to have gone all out on the birthday vacation for JLo, leaving no stone unturned as the couple flaunted their love openly.

She's STILL Jenny from the Block! Ben appears to pat JLo on her derriere, in scenes not too dissimilar from her 2002 music video

Even after all these years, she’s still the same Jenny from the Block! In recent scenes that look very similar to her 2002 music video, Ben seems to give JLo a pat on her behind.

Throwback: At the height of their fame as a couple the first time around, Ben and JLo got raunchy in her music video

Golden couple: They were not shy about their PDAs back then, and it appears to be catching up with the on-again couple

Back in the day, during their peak as a celebrity duo, Ben and JLo took the risqué route for her music video.

Lap of luxury: Ben places his hand on Jen's famous behind as they enjoy their time on a luxury vessel

Indulging in extravagance: Ben caresses Jen’s renowned backside as they savor their experience aboard a lavish boat.

Smooching: The couple enjoyed a passionate kiss while on the $130M dollar mega yacht anchored near the French village

No doubt about it: Ben and Jen appear to be head over heels for another

Kissing: The pair delighted in a fervent smooch aboard the luxurious mega yacht worth $130 million, which was stationed near a charming French town.

Steamy! At one point JLo was seen laying on top of Ben as they enjoyed their day together

Things got hot and steamy as JLo was caught on camera lying on top of Ben during their day out together.

Upon arrival in the French Riviera via a luxurious private jet, which is believed to be a Bombardier Global 7500 that costs around $200,000, the couple was immediately taken to their extravagant $130 million mega-yacht called Valerie situated in the Mediterranean. The lovebirds were seen engaging in affectionate acts and exchanging sweet kisses while basking under the sun on the yacht’s deck. In an Instagram video, Lopez confidently flaunted her body in a bikini and a stylish beach wrap, declaring her age of fifty-two. It remains unknown who is funding their lavish trip, but Affleck possesses a worth of $150 million, while JLo is worth three times more with $400 million. JLo looked breathtakingly beautiful in her printed two-piece swimsuit as she celebrated her special day.

Beautiful: The singer and entertainer showed off her flawless physique as she celebrated her 52nd birthday

Two-piece: JLo rocked patterned swimwear while aboard the luxury yacht

Gorgeous: The artist and performer flaunted her impeccable body while enjoying her 52nd birthday festivities.

Pricey adventure: It is not known who is paying for the trip, but Affleck is said to be worth $150m while JLo is around three times that at $400million

Expensive excursion: The financier of the journey is uncertain, yet Affleck’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million, while JLo’s fortune is approximately three times that amount at $400 million.

Hats off to her: At 52, JLo looks in her most incredible shape yet

Flowing: The star also covered up with stylish beachwear for the trip

Kudos to Jennifer Lopez: Despite being 52 years old, she is currently flaunting her most stunning figure to date.

Love story: The couple appeared to be blissfully happy together while enjoying their vacation

The couple looked overjoyed and content while on their vacation, giving the impression of a happy and harmonious relationship. Jennifer Lopez has been open about her rekindling of romance with Affleck and even posted a picture of them kissing passionately on Instagram. The lovebirds will be staying on a magnificent yacht named Valerie which is being sold by Dynamiq Brokerage for a jaw-dropping $130 million. With seven bedrooms spread across six decks, the couple will have ample space to bask in each other’s company during their voyage.

Onwer: The yacht It is currently owned by Ukrainian billionaire and financial services guru RInat Akhmetov - who is the 327nd richest man in the world with a net worth of $7.5B

The current possessor of the yacht happens to be Rinat Akhmetov, a Ukrainian billionaire and an expert in financial services. As per Forbes, he holds the 327th position in the list of wealthiest people globally, having a total net worth of $7.5 billion.

Still got it: The happy couple appeared not too dissimilar from their younger selves when they both featured in JLo's video Jenny from the Block

The couple looked just as youthful as they did in their younger days when they both starred in JLo’s music video for the song Jenny from the Block.

Back at it: The pair appear to be more loved-up than ever now that they've rekindled their romance

They’re at it again: It seems like their love has grown stronger than before since they reignited their relationship.

Luxe living: The yacht has spent most of its time traveling around the Mediterranean privately although the vessel spent a season in the Caribbean in 2012

Indulge in luxury living aboard this magnificent yacht that has sailed the Mediterranean in privacy and even spent a season in the Caribbean back in 2012. The yacht boasts a wellness theme with lavish amenities such as a steam room, a Hamman adorned with mosaics, massage rooms, and beauty treatment areas. You can also work out while enjoying panoramic ocean views in the gym that leads to an outdoor dining area, complete with a light-up fountain at night. The yacht can accommodate up to 14 guests in seven cabins and is serviced by a crew of up to 27 people. With six decks accessible by an elevator, you can relax in the onboard 20-foot pool or Jacuzzi in any of the five outdoor spaces.

Smiles all round: The loved-up pair shared a series of kisses while Ben looked happy

Happy man: Ben couldn't keep the smile from his face while enjoying his time with JLo

The couple’s affectionate display was evident as they exchanged several kisses, leaving Ben with a contented expression. Happiness radiated from both of them, resulting in a cheerful atmosphere.

Rolling around: The couple appeared to be tactile as they were surrounded by team members for the jaunt

The pair seemed to be affectionate as they frolicked with their entourage during the outing.

Holding her close: Ben is seen embracing JLo while holding on to his phone

Ben was spotted tightly hugging JLo as he held on to his smartphone. The boat is a true masterpiece that was constructed with Claridge’s, one of London’s most famous hotels, in mind. Its noteworthy features include an onboard gym and a breathtaking outdoor dining area. The primary deck and lounge area are perfect for entertaining guests, with a one-of-a-kind self-playing piano serving as the centerpiece. The foredeck has ample space for a helicopter to land. On the upper levels, you’ll find a cinema, lounge, and multiple cabins.

The look of love: Jen appeared to be thrilled while relaxing with Ben

Jen and Ben were caught in a moment of apparent love and happiness as they enjoyed some downtime together. Jen was beaming with joy as she lounged with her partner.

Capturing a moment? JLo holds up her phone as she stays close to Ben

Trying to capture an intimate moment? Jennifer Lopez can be seen raising her phone while keeping her proximity to Ben.

Getting content: At one point, a team member appeared to be taking a photo of the two

During one instance, it seemed that a team member was capturing a snapshot of the pair. The yacht offers a lavish one-bedroom cabin with a breathtaking panoramic vista and an exclusive deck with a Jacuzzi. Other cabins are perfect for accommodating guests, especially children, whereas the owner’s apartment is linked via a private staircase. Although the ship has spent a considerable amount of time voyaging in the Mediterranean privately, it did spend a season in the Caribbean back in 2012. Details regarding the cost of renting the yacht are not accessible to the public, as the information is only divulged through covert inquiries.

Travelled there in style: When the couple arrived by private jet in the Riviera on Saturday, an executive shuttle service whisked them to the waiting yacht

The couple made a grand entrance as they touched down in the Riviera via their very own private jet. They were promptly taken to the yacht that awaited them by an executive shuttle service, adding to the luxurious experience of their travels.

The real deal: The couple went Instagram official this weekend as they celebrated her birthday

Here’s the scoop: Over the weekend, the couple made their relationship official on Instagram while ringing in her birthday. The yacht they were spotted on belongs to Rinat Akhmetov, a Ukrainian billionaire who happens to be the 327th wealthiest individual in the world with a whopping net worth of $7.5 billion. Recently, the boat underwent a thorough renovation in 2019 and is currently up for sale and charter through Dynamiq Brokerage. The boat’s owners boast about its design, emphasizing that privacy and discretion are at the forefront.

Cheers to you, Jen! The happy couple were seen celebrating her 52nd birthday at the famous French restaurant L OPERA

Congratulations, Jen! The joyful pair were spotted commemorating her 52nd birthday at the renowned French eatery L OPERA.

Happy days: Ben looked particularly joyful as the pair enjoyed drinks together while dining out

Ben was beaming with happiness as they savored their drinks during their dinner date.

In the mood to party: Ben held up his camera to capture the party as Jen appeared ready to dance

Feeling the party vibe, Ben raised his camera to snap a shot of Jen who was ready to hit the dance floor. The intricate design of the venue cleverly conceals the enormous interior space, providing guests with privacy if they wish. The couple arrived in Nice, France after an 11-hour flight from LAX aboard Bombardier’s stunning Global 7500 aircraft, which is valued at $72 million. This luxurious aircraft boasts a range of 8,860 miles, making it the leader in long-range private jets. Not only does it offer incredible fuel capacity, but it also features lavish amenities such as a plush double bed, stand-up shower, and revolutionary seats as standard. Additionally, Bombardier’s designers created a cabin layout that includes four distinct living spaces, including a club suite, conference suite for six, entertainment suite, and lounge suite, as well as a dedicated crew suite and kitchen. All in all, the aircraft can cater to up to 19 passengers.

Stunning: The On The Floor singer showed off her washboard abs while kicking back on her birthday

Impressive: The celebrated artist, On The Floor singer, displayed her chiseled abdominal muscles as she relaxed on her special day.

Party boat: The couple appeared to be accompanied by friends as they celebrated her birthday

As they commemorated her special day, the duo seemed to be joined by a group of friends on a fun-filled boat party.

On cloud nine: Both Ben and Jen appear to be very happy after reuniting earlier this year

Feeling ecstatic: It seems that Ben and Jen are experiencing pure joy after getting back together earlier in the year.

Sealed with a kiss:  Affleck and Lopez now appear to have fully rekindled their romance, after going 'official' in a photo from actress Leah Remini's Instagram that showed them sweetly cuddling on July 15

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s love story seems to have fully reignited as they confirmed their relationship in a sweet Instagram photo posted by actress Leah Remini on July 15. The couple is back together and seems to be going strong, sealed with a kiss.

Passionate embrace: The couple couldn't keep their hands off one another while relaxing on their yacht

Staying close: Ben and Jen kiss while spending time together on a romantic trip away

Enthusiastic cuddle: The twosome showed their affection for each other as they lounged on their boat, unable to keep their hands away from one another.

Cozying up: The couple put on a passionate display together

Getting cozy: The pair exhibited their affection in a fervent manner.

On Saturday, the couple arrived in the Riviera via a private jet and were transported to their yacht by an executive shuttle service. Lopez was seen with a glowing smile outside her offices in West Hollywood earlier in the week before flying in from Los Angeles. However, the possibility of an uncomfortable encounter with Lopez’s ex, Alex Rodriguez, lingered as he was spotted in the same area on Friday, enjoying the company of several women in bikinis on a different yacht.

Kiss it better: Ben and Jen's rekindled romance appears to going from strength to strength

The rekindled romance of Ben and Jen seems to be thriving and becoming stronger with each passing day. It seems like they are in a good place right now.

Say cheese! Ben and Jen appeared to have a pal take their photo for the occasion

Cheese! Ben and Jen had a friend snap their picture during a recent outing. Earlier this year, Rodriguez and Lopez called it quits after four years together. Shortly after, Lopez rekindled her past relationship with Affleck, whom she dated in the early 2000s. Recently, Leah Remini shared a photo on Instagram showing the couple cuddling and confirming that they are officially back together. According to sources, Lopez is “madly in love” with Affleck and believes they will be together forever. Although they are not in a rush to get married again, the couple is fully committed to one another and has quickly fallen back in love since reuniting just a few months ago.

'Happy birthday': A sumptuous birthday cake for JLo is seen ahead of her celebrations with Affleck on Saturday

As JLo gears up for her birthday festivities with Affleck, a mouth-watering cake has been spotted in preparation to celebrate the occasion. The delicious cake is sure to add a sweet touch to their celebrations. Happy birthday, JLo!

Official: Now making no secret of her rekindled romance with Affleck, the triple-threat entertainer also posted an Instagram photo showing her exchanging a passionate smooch with the two-time Oscar winner

Officially declaring her renewed relationship with Affleck, the multi-talented artist openly shared an Instagram snapshot where she can be seen sharing a deep kiss with the two-time Academy Award recipient.

Holy moly: Lopez looked positively sensational wearing a red and yellow triangle top with a matching pair of bottoms resting below her hips

Wow, Lopez looked absolutely stunning donning a vibrant red and yellow triangle top paired with matching bottoms that sat perfectly at her hips. According to sources, despite their close bond and blending of families, the famous pair feel no urgency to get engaged or married. Instead, they are fully committed to making their relationship work and are deeply in love. Affleck, who has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, sees Lopez’s healthy lifestyle choices as a positive influence on him and his recovery.

Dressed to impress: Her impressive abs were on display in the cheeky number as an intricate Dolce & Gabbana robe draped down across her arms

Looking stunning: She flaunted her toned abs in a playful outfit, while adorning her arms with an elegant Dolce & Gabbana robe.

Statement pieces: JLo added intrigue to her ensemble with a host of golden necklaces draped down her neck, including a key charm to match a few chains

JLo spiced up her outfit by accessorizing with an array of golden necklaces that hung elegantly around her neck. Among the necklaces was a key charm that perfectly matched with some of the chains. These statement pieces definitely added some extra appeal to her overall look.

Beauty: She tied back her caramel colored hair into a loose bun and let wispy tendrils frame her face while wearing a pair of hot pink wedges on the yacht

The lady looked stunning with her caramel colored hair tied up in a messy bun, leaving some wispy tendrils to frame her face. She was wearing a gorgeous pair of bright pink wedges while enjoying her time on the yacht. “She’s perfect for him,” shared a source. Jennifer Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, who are 13 years old and have Marc Anthony as their father, are still getting to know Ben Affleck as he tries to win their mother’s heart. Meanwhile, it seemed like ARod had no thoughts about ‘Bennifer’ as he enjoyed the sunshine in St. Tropez with some bikini-clad beauties aboard a luxurious yacht. The former baseball star is turning 46 next week and seemed to be having a great time frolicking with the stunning women. Little did he know that the new couple would soon be arriving in the same location.

Impressive: The couple flew in on a Bombardier Global 7500 - a revolutionary, luxury private jet costing around $200,000. The jet can cover 8,860 miles without refueling and it can be configured to include a double bed (pictured)

Wow, it’s quite noteworthy that the duo arrived in a Bombardier Global 7500 private jet, which is an innovative and sumptuous airplane that comes with a steep price tag of approximately $200,000. It’s capable of traveling an impressive 8,860 miles without needing to refuel, and it even has the option of being customized to feature a cozy double bed, as seen in the picture.

Journey: The plane has only been in service since 2018 but is top of the range when it comes to luxury and on board amenities

Travel Experience: Despite being a relatively new aircraft, having commenced operations in 2018, this plane sets the bar high in terms of comfort and facilities offered on board.

Spacious: Every seat has an extra-large window and the ambient lighting simulates daylight across time zones to encourage sleeping patterns that will keep jet lag at bay

The seats on the vessel are spacious with big windows, and the lighting replicates daylight to help with sleeping patterns and prevent jet lag. While taking a shower outside, the former New York Yankees star was joined by two stunning women after using an inflatable slide installed on the side of the ship. If Rodriguez is feeling down about his breakup with Lopez, he has found a way to keep himself busy. According to Page Six, Rodriguez and his friends will be spending a few more weeks in Europe, visiting places like Monte Carlo and Ibiza. Given that he is now single, there will undoubtedly be plenty of attractive women vying for his attention.

He's mine: The couple cuddled up in a photo shared by Leah Remini taken at the actress' 51st birthday party in June

A recent yacht outing by ARod comes on the heels of a revealing photo shared by Leah Remini on social media. The snapshot shows Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck cuddling up together in a photobooth during Remini’s 51st birthday party back in June. In the black and white photo, Lopez presses her body against Affleck’s with one hand on his chest while giving the camera a fierce glare that seems to say, “hands off, he’s mine.” Meanwhile, Affleck wraps his arm around his girlfriend, pulling her close in a loving embrace.

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