Ben Affleck Overwhelmed with Emotion While Celebrating Jennifer Lopez’s 53rd Birthday on Parisian Honeymoon

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s love story continued to unfold during their honeymoon in Paris on Sunday, which also happened to be JLo’s 53rd birthday. However, the romantic evening seemed to have overwhelmed Ben, as he was captured shedding tears during a dinner at La Girafe, located in front of the Eiffel Tower. The emotional moment shared between the two prompted Jennifer to immediately comfort her new husband with a warm embrace. The dinner was decorated with colorful balloons to honor the occasion.

Breaking down: Ben Affleck was moved to tears during a very emotional moment while celebrating wife Jennifer Lopez's 53rd birthday at La Girafe in Paris on Sunday evening

Ben Affleck became emotional and shed tears during a heartfelt moment at La Girafe in Paris, where he was celebrating his wife Jennifer Lopez’s 53rd birthday on Sunday night.

Happy birthday! Earlier that night, Ben, 49, flashed a smile as they headed out for their romantic evening

Wishing you a very happy birthday! Earlier in the evening, Ben, who is 49 years old, looked cheerful as he and his wife headed out for their romantic night. The actress and singer looked stunning in a long, black dress revealing a cut-out detail at the waist and adorned with Chanel pearls. Her newly-wed husband was also seen grinning while holding hands with his beloved partner, clad in a smart black suit and white shirt. The couple was without their teenage daughters, Emme and Violet, from their previous marriages, who did not accompany them on their trip.

Tender moment: While dining at the al fresco section of the restaurant, Jennifer could be seen comforting her love

Heartwarming scene: Over dinner at the outdoor seating area of the eatery, Jennifer was observed consoling her beloved.

Too glam to give a damn! Jennifer looked stunning in a black cut-out dress which she teamed with Chanel pearls

With an attitude of being too fabulous to care, Jennifer looked absolutely ravishing in a black cut-out dress paired with elegant Chanel pearls. This was just a week after the Marry Me star exchanged vows with her on-again lover Ben in Las Vegas. The Selena actress herself confirmed their marriage in her newsletter, On The JLo, where she divulged details about their private wedding ceremony held at the Little White Wedding Chapel. The newsletter contained selfies of the newlyweds along with a video of them getting ready for their big day, including footage of Ben preparing in the chapel’s bathroom and snapshots of J.Lo in her stunning wedding gown. In her newsletter post, which bore the signature ‘Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck,’ the radiant bride shared, “We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient.”

Close: Jennifer's new husband, 49, held hands with his love, while looking dapper in a black suit and white shirt

Jennifer’s recently-wedded partner, aged 49, walked hand-in-hand with his beloved, sporting a stylish black suit and crisp white shirt.

This is her moment: Jennifer could not stop beaming from ear to ear

Jennifer was absolutely thrilled and could not contain her excitement, grinning widely from one ear to the other.

Lovely: No doubt Jennifer was thrilled to be celebrating her big day in the City Of Love

Jennifer must have been over the moon to celebrate her special day in the enchanting City of Love. The entertainer shared that they jetted off to Vegas, where they joined a queue with four other couples to obtain a marriage license. During their wait, they witnessed two men holding hands and snuggling behind them. Similarly, a young couple made a three-hour drive from Victorville with their daughter on her second birthday to exchange vows with their partners. Everyone in the queue had one thing in common- they wanted to be recognized as partners and show their love to the world by getting married. With only a few minutes to go before midnight, they rushed to the wedding chapel in a pink Cadillac convertible, which was once owned by the King himself. Although Elvis Presley wasn’t there to officiate, they were grateful that the chapel remained open to let them capture some pictures.

Lots to talk about: The pair were engrossed in conversation at one point

They had plenty to discuss: At a certain moment, the duo was deeply engaged in their conversation.

Ever the gent: Ben held onto his new bride's hand as she followed closely behind him up the stone steps near to the Eiffel Tower

Ben, the perfect gentleman, didn’t let go of his bride’s hand as she walked closely behind him up the stone steps by the Eiffel Tower.

Power couple: The outing comes a week after the pair married one another in Vegas

Dynamic duo: The recent excursion happened merely seven days following their elopement in Las Vegas.

Fans: They stopped for a moment to acknowledge a friendly face who gave them a big thumbs up

As they paused, a friendly face greeted the fans and gave them a thumbs up. The couple had the best witnesses possible, a vintage dress from a classic movie, and a jacket from the groom’s closet. They exchanged vows in a small chapel and placed rings on each other’s fingers, which they intended to wear forever. The chapel even had Bluetooth for a brief procession down the aisle. Despite the short notice, this was the dream wedding they had always imagined. This marriage was about promises to love, care, understand, be patient, loving and kind to one another. They had that and more, and it was the best night of their lives. They were grateful to the Little White Wedding chapel for allowing them to use the break room to change clothes while Ben changed in the men’s room.

As they say, all you need is love. They had an abundance of it, five children, and a wonderful new family. They have never been more excited about their future together. Stick around, and maybe one day you can find yourself in the Tunnel of Love drive-thru in Las Vegas at 12:30 in the morning with your cherished one and children, experiencing the best moment of your life. Love is a great thing, perhaps the greatest, and it’s worth waiting for.

Time for bed: The couple were pictured leaving the restaurant after their lavish meal

It was time to hit the hay: The duo were captured departing from the eatery following their extravagant dinner.

There for one another: The couple barely left one another's side during their romantic night out

Being there for each other: The duo spent their romantic evening together, rarely straying from each other’s company.

Taking no chances: They were surrounded by security throughout the night

Playing it safe: Security personnel were present around them all night to ensure their safety.

Love the look: The couple looked perfectly matched in their ensembles

The couple appeared to be a perfect match in their outfits, and a video was shared showing Ben getting ready for the wedding in the chapel’s pink bathroom. Ben, who was dressed in a white suit, proudly showed off his wedding changing area while holding up his camera to a cracked mirror. ‘Bennifer,’ as they are often referred to, obtained a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada over the weekend and had a small ceremony to exchange their vows.

Marry me, the real deal: This comes a week after the Marry Me actress tied the knot with on-again love Ben in Las Vegas

Jennifer has announced her engagement to Ben, a week after their surprise wedding in Las Vegas. The Marry Me actress will also be taking her partner’s last name, according to records from the Clark County Recorder’s Office. Although their marriage certificate is yet to be filed, it is expected that the officiant will submit it within the next 10 days. An insider close to the couple confirmed that they are now officially married and the license serves as proof of their union.

Wife number two: It's the second time down the aisle for Ben, who has three children - daughter Violet, 16; daughter Seraphina, 13; and son Samuel, 10 - from his decade-long marriage to Jennifer Garner, which ended in 2018

Ben is now getting married for the second time. He has three kids – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel – from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner that lasted for ten years until 2018.

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