Bennifer’s Romantic Getaway Continues! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Explore the Beauty of Italy While Leaving Their Past Behind

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck safely arrived in Capri, Italy after narrowly avoiding a confrontation with JLo’s ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. The couple celebrated Jennifer’s 52nd birthday over the weekend in Saint-Tropez and continued their trip on a mega-yacht from a port in Monaco. Jennifer looked stunning in an all-white casual outfit that included cut-off shorts and a matching top, while Ben opted for a tight-fitting blue T-shirt and slacks.

Bennifer's tour of love rolls into Italy! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hold hands in Capri on Tuesday after leaving St Tropez (and her ex Alex Rodriguez) behind them

Bennifer’s love journey progresses to Italy! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted holding hands in Capri on Tuesday, following their exit from St Tropez and leaving behind JLo’s ex-partner, Alex Rodriguez. The loved-up duo appeared to be honeymooners as they explored Capri, laughing with their entourage and enjoying each other’s company. Capri is the latest destination for the reunited couple, who are currently enjoying a romantic yacht vacation aboard the Valerie. Meanwhile, JLo’s ex, ARod, celebrated his 46th birthday on a rented Ocean Paradise yacht worth an astounding €27,000,000 ($31,860,810) that can accommodate up to 12 guests and 12 crew members.

PDA: Ben and Jen - known affectionately as Bennifer - appeared to be holding hands as they took a pit stop from their yacht

Ben and Jen, popularly referred to as Bennifer, were spotted taking a break from their yacht ride while seemingly holding hands.

The loved-up pair acted like honeymooners as they took a tour around Capri while holding hands and laughing together with their crew.

Vacay mode: JLo looked flawless as she donned an all-white casual vacation ensemble, including a pair of cut of shorts and matching top, while her beau Ben went for a tight-fitting blue T-shirt and slacks

The couple in love seemed to be on a honeymoon as they explored Capri, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company along with their companions.

In love again: The pair are making no secret of the fact they are now fully back together after many years apart

The couple is back together and not hiding their love for each other. Their recent outing on Jennifer Lopez’s luxury yacht, Valerie, which costs a whopping €110,000,000 ($129,817,600), made headlines as they recreated scenes from her 2002 music video, Jenny from the Block. The yacht was built in 2011 by Lürssen and underwent refurbishment in 2019. It boasts of nine luxurious cabins that can accommodate up to 17 guests and has ample space for a crew of 27. With seven bedrooms spread across six decks, the Valerie is a wellness haven. It features a steam room and Hamman decorated with mosaics, massage rooms, and spaces for beauty treatments, as reported by Boat International.

Size matters! Lopez's 85-meter-long vessel, The Valerie, loomed over her former flames' boat, which clocks in at a mere 55 meters long

“Size definitely plays a role!” remarked Lopez as she observed The Valerie, her 85-meter-long ship towering above her ex-partner’s vessel, a smaller 55-meter-long boat.

Wow! The epic vessel (pictured on Tuesday) has played host to the superstar couple

Oh my gosh! The amazing ship (shown in a photo on Tuesday) has been the venue for the famous duo’s visit.

How they stack up: There was quite the difference between the two luxury vessels

Comparing the Two Luxury Vessels: The Differences

When it comes to luxury vessels, there was quite a contrast between the two that we observed. One of them had a gym that offered a panoramic view of the ocean and led out to an outdoor area complete with a fountain that glows in the dark and ample space for dining. This particular vessel was launched back in 2011 but was refurbished in 2019. It boasts six decks, all of which can be accessed via an elevator. Additionally, it has a 20-foot long pool and a Jacuzzi, both of which are located in five different outdoor spaces. The boat was designed with Claridge’s hotel in London in mind, hence the impressive outdoor dining area. The main deck and lounge are ideal for entertaining guests and come with a specially designed self-playing piano.

Cozy spot: Bennifer enjoyed a dinner for two as they held hands while on their romantic holiday

Bennifer savored a delightful dinner for two in a warm and intimate setting, relishing each other’s company as they held hands during their romantic getaway.

The smile that says it all: Jen, 52, appears to be on cloud nine now she is back with Ben

Happy days: Jen looks up lovingly at Ben while out in Italy

Jen, aged 52, seems to be overjoyed now that she and Ben are back together, as evidenced by her beaming smile.

True gent: The Good Will Hunting actor is seen linking arms with Jen while they enjoy their romantic holiday

The actor from Good Will Hunting was spotted arm in arm with Jen during their romantic getaway, showing what a true gentleman he is. The deck of the yacht is spacious enough to accommodate a helicopter, and the upper decks boast a lounge, cinema, and several cabins for a comfortable stay. The yacht can reach a top speed of 17 knots, with a cruising speed of 12.5 knots and a range of 6000 nautical miles. The charter fee for this luxurious vessel is €950,000 per week ($1,119,000). Currently, it is being sold by Dynamiq Brokerage for $130M. Although it is only 55 meters long, Rodriguez’s rented superyacht is still equipped with lavish amenities that will make anyone envious.

Picture perfect: The on-again couple were the epitome of vacation chic while spotted out on Tuesday

The couple who have recently reconciled looked effortlessly stylish while out on a leisurely stroll during their vacation. They seemed to have captured the essence of perfect holiday fashion during their outing on Tuesday.

Don't keep a diva waiting: JLo was seen looking for a server a she enjoyed lunch with Ben

Don’t make JLo wait: Reports suggest that Jennifer Lopez was seen searching for a server during her lunch date with Ben Affleck. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to the Ocean Paradise, you’ll be pleased to know that it can accommodate up to 12 guests in six rooms. The interior is designed by Mauro Izzo and is inspired by Zen gardens, boasting glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of the ocean. The sun-deck comes with a jacuzzi, indoor/outdoor gym, dance floor, and a large covered dining area. Online descriptions have praised the vessel’s “timeless styling, beautiful furnishings, and sumptuous seating”, which work together to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

IG official: Ben, 48, and Jen, 52, have been packing on the PDA on their super-yacht

According to an official Instagram post, Ben Affleck, aged 48, and Jennifer Lopez, aged 52, were seen showing affection towards each other while on their luxurious super-yacht. The cost of chartering the Ocean Paradise is a whopping €265,000 ($312,000) per week, but with a cruising speed of 15.5 knotts, Affleck could outdo Lopez’s yacht over longer distances. Although he is expected to have around 50 guests for his birthday celebrations, only a select few will be staying overnight on his yacht. In April this year, Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ended their engagement in a joint statement explaining that they were better off as friends. The couple arrived at the French Riviera on a private jet estimated to cost around $200,000, and they were immediately taken to their $130M mega-yacht, where they were later spotted kissing and embracing each other on the sun deck. In an Instagram video, Lopez proudly flaunted her figure in a bikini and elegant flowing beach wrap as she strolled on the deck of the yacht, exclaiming “Fifty two!” It is unknown who is paying for the trip, but Affleck is said to be worth $150M, Lopez is worth three times more at $400M, while Alex Rodriguez has a rumored net worth of $350M.

Step aside A-Rod! Valerie, the luxurious yacht which is currently for sale at a whopping €110,000,000 ($129,817,600), was the perfect location for Ben and Jen to relive some of the sultry moments from her 2002 hit music video Jenny from the Block.

As he turns 46 today, Rodriguez is enjoying the high life on board the Ocean Paradise yacht, which comes with a jaw-dropping price tag of €27,000,000 ($31,860,810) and can accommodate a crew of 12 and 12 guests. However, JLo was seen with some pals preparing to leave Saint-Tropez, indicating that she won’t be around to celebrate A-Rod’s birthday. Although the couple had agreed to remain “friends,” their plan fell apart when Lopez promptly rekindled her relationship with her ex-fiancé Affleck. Their four-year union officially ended in April, and Lopez decided to rekindle her romance with Affleck, whom she previously dated in the early 2000s.

It's his birthday, too! ARod shared this photo to Instagram saying: 'I'm feeling so grateful today, not just for celebrating my big day with my incredible friends and family on this magical trip, but for all of the well-wishes, love and support from everyone.'

ARod took to Instagram to express his gratitude for the love and support he received on his birthday, as he celebrated it with his friends and family on a magical trip. Meanwhile, it seems that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have rekindled their romance completely, as they officially went public after sharing a sweet cuddle in an Instagram photo posted by actress Leah Remini on July 15. Sources claim that Lopez is “madly in love” with Affleck and believes they will be together forever. Although they aren’t in a hurry to get married again, the couple is fully committed to each other. Lopez has been open about her relationship with Affleck, sharing a picture of the two passionately kissing on Instagram.

Take that, Bennifer! ARod put on a show on the high seas and gets VERY cozy with pretty blonde NFL presenter Melanie Collins on his 46th birthday in St. Tropez... and was pictured jet skiing just a stone's throw from JLo's mega-yacht Valerie

In a major statement to his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and her new beau Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez celebrated his 46th birthday in style with stunning blonde NFL presenter Melanie Collins. The former baseball star was spotted having a great time on the high seas of St. Tropez, getting up close and personal with Melanie. To add to the drama, Alex was even photographed jet skiing just a short distance away from JLo’s luxurious yacht, Valerie.

Fun in the sun: ARod was also pictured with NFL star Eric Decker, 34, and his wife, singer Jessie James Decker, 33, as they enjoyed a day of jet-skiing on his birthday

Having a blast under the sun, ARod had some company in the form of NFL player Eric Decker and his wife, Jessie James Decker. The trio spent ARod’s birthday on some jet-skis, as captured in a photo.

Something to smile about: Although some reports have suggested ARod and Melanie, 35, are 'just friends' the pair appear to be getting on famously

It’s great news to hear that ARod and Melanie, who have been rumored to be just friends, seem to be hitting it off really well. Despite the reports that tried to downplay their relationship, it’s clear that they have a lot to smile about.

Life in the fast line: The former MLB star and the NFL sports broadcaster are pictured together on his birthday

Living life in the fast lane: A snapshot of the retired MLB player and current NFL commentator celebrating his birthday together has surfaced.

Splashing around: Melanie appeared to be having the time of her life while staying close to ARod for the jaunt

Melanie seemed to be enjoying herself immensely as she stayed near ARod during their outing, splashing in the water.

All smiles here: While Bennifer have been packing on the PDA, ARod has been having some fun of his own

There’s nothing but positive vibes as Bennifer continues to show public displays of affection. Meanwhile, ARod seems to be living his best life and enjoying himself.

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