Cardi B Flaunts Her Hourglass Figure in a Sultry Crop Top and Distressed Jeans on Instagram

Cardi B is famous not only for her impressive rapping skills but also for her amazing physique, as evidenced by her recent social media post. Using Instagram as her platform, the 29-year-old artist shared a series of photos that proudly displayed her chiseled abs. Check out the video below for more!

Abs-olutely faboulous: Cardi B took to Instagram on Monday to share a series of snap as she showcased her rock hard abs

On Monday, Cardi B gave her followers a glimpse of her toned abs through a series of snaps on Instagram. The rapper wore a white sleeveless crop top paired with baggy blue ripped jeans for the photoshoot. To add a pop of color to her outfit, she opted for hot pink Balenciaga x Crocs rain boots and a multicolored furry hat. Her long black hair was styled down, kept in place by her fashionable headwear. She completed the look by accentuating her natural beauty with some makeup.

Lovely lady: The 29-year-old Bodak Yellow hitmaker donned a white sleeveless cropped top with a pair of baggy blue ripped jeans for the gallery

Beautiful woman: The famous rapper, 29, who rose to fame with her hit Bodak Yellow, wore a chic white sleeveless cropped top paired with trendy baggy blue ripped jeans during her visit to the art gallery.

Colorful character: Cardi added plenty of color to a relatively plain look in the form of hot pink Balenciaga x Crocs rain boots and a large multicolored furry hat

Cardi B infused an extra pop of vibrancy to her otherwise simple outfit by sporting a pair of flashy hot pink Balenciaga x Crocs rain boots and a big, eye-catching, multicolored furry hat.

Stunning: Her raven colored tresses were worn down under her fashionable headwear as she accentuated her natural looks with complementary make-up

Gorgeous: She had stunning black hair that flowed down beautifully beneath her trendy headpiece, and she enhanced her natural beauty with perfectly complementing makeup. While she initially wasn’t planning on sharing the pictures, she loved her appearance so much that she simply had to post them on Instagram. The famous artist, known for her hit song “Up”, shared the photos with her 140 million followers and cheekily wrote in the caption that she wasn’t going to post them until a specific time but couldn’t resist sharing her outfit. Interestingly, Cardi B was overjoyed when she discovered that popular characters Madea and Mrs. Brown reacted hilariously to her chart-topping song WAP in a Netflix movie just the day before.

Pretty: She said she originally wasn't going to post the snaps but loved her look so much that it had to go on Instagram

She shared that she was hesitant to post the pictures at first but couldn’t resist showcasing how great she looked on Instagram. The artist also took to her Instagram Stories to express her delight in having her track featured in A Madea Homecoming. Tyler Perry’s character, Madea, along with Brendan O’Carroll’s Agnes Loretta Brown, were taken aback by the explicit lyrics of the song. As the track played, Mrs. Brown looked around in confusion and asked Madea what it meant when she sang about a “bucket and a mop.”

The Up hitmaker captioned the gallery to her 140million followers: 'I said I wasn¿t going to post until [winky face emoji]¿..but I liked my outfit a lot to not share [smirk emoji]'

The popular musician, Cardi B, shared a gallery of pictures with her 140 million Instagram followers. She had initially planned not to post anything until later, but couldn’t resist sharing her outfit of the day. In one of the photos, Tyler Perry’s famous Madea character commented on the wetness of her outfit, which made both of them laugh. Cardi B was also thrilled to share Netflix’s post, expressing her disbelief that it was real and how happy it made her feel. Tyler Perry recently brought back his iconic Madea character for his latest film in February, which also featured Mrs. Brown.

Happy: This came just a day after Cardi B was left thrilled when she discovered famous characters Madea and Mrs Brown reacted to her hit song WAP in comical Netflix film

Ecstatic: Only a day ago, Cardi B was overjoyed to find out that the well-known figures, Madea and Mrs Brown, responded in a humorous way to her popular track WAP in a Netflix movie.

Thrilled: The rapper, 29, took to her Instagram Stories to express how happy she was that her track was featured in A Madea Homecoming

Excited: The 29-year-old rapper shared her excitement on Instagram Stories regarding the inclusion of her song in A Madea Homecoming.

Hilarious: Mabel Earlene 'Madea', played by Tyler Perry, and Agnes Loretta Brown, played by Brendan O'Carroll, were shocked at the graphic lyrics in the song

Tyler Perry’s character Mabel Earlene, also known as ‘Madea’, and Brendan O’Carroll’s character Agnes Loretta Brown were taken aback by the explicit lyrics in a song. This incident occurred after Brendan faced accusations of making a racially insensitive comment about Tyler during an appearance on The One Show to promote their joint Netflix project, A Madea Homecoming. The conversation quickly shifted to Brendan’s BBC One sitcom, Mrs Brown’s Boys, and whether Tyler would guest star on the show. Brendan made a joke about Tyler being too expensive and commented that no one of Tyler’s race had been on the show before, gesturing towards his own face.

'Blatant racism on prime time TV': Brendan (right) has been slammed for 'ignorant' joke about Tyler on an episode of The One Show

Brendan from The One Show has received criticism for making an insensitive joke about Tyler on the show. While talking about a potential guest, Brendan suggested that they could not invite Tyler as he was “nobody of my colour.” Tyler responded with humor by saying “diversity rules,” but viewers were outraged and demanded an apology from the BBC. Brendan’s representative declined to comment on the matter. Mrs Brown’s Boys, the show that Brendan stars in, has faced accusations of promoting racist stereotypes, sexism, and homophobia in the past. Despite this, Brendan has insisted that the show will never be driven off the air by political correctness.

One to watch: Mrs Brown's Boys follows loud-mouthed Irish matriarch Agnes (Brendan) whose favourite pastime is meddling in the lives of her six children

A show worth checking out is “Mrs Brown’s Boys,” which centers around Agnes, an outspoken Irish mother who enjoys interfering in the affairs of her six children.

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