“Cardi B Stuns in a Golden Medusa Halloween Costume with Scaled Tail”

It’s no secret that Cardi B is a Halloween costume inspiration, with a wide range of memorable outfits to choose from. Therefore, it’s expected that her own costume would be equally iconic and unique. Recently, the Grammy winner took to Instagram to share her sultry and sinister gold Medusa costume, perfectly suited for the spooky season. She looked absolutely stunning in her stone-cold ensemble.

Snake queen: Cardi B was a stone-cold looker on Halloween, as she slithered into the spooky season with a sexy gold Medusa costume, taking to Instagram with the sultry and sinister final product

Cardi B stunned fans with her Halloween costume, transforming into a seductive Medusa with a golden twist. The rapper paid homage to the late Aaliyah’s role in Queen of the Damned, donning a Laurel DeWitt gold-plated bra, choker, bangles, and V-shaped belt. Baba Jagne crafted a six-foot long tail to accentuate her curves and complete the mythological look. Cardi shared photos of herself in a crimson-hued room, with snakes digitally added to her hair. Her costume even inspired fellow artist Ciara, who embodied various female icons such as Cardi, Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and Janet Jackson for Halloween.

Stay gold: The 28-year-old channeled the late Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned, rocking a metallic gold-plated bra by Laurel DeWitt, with a scale-clad six-foot tail, created for her gorgeous signature curves by Baba Jagne

In a stunning fashion statement, the 28-year-old star paid homage to the late Aaliyah from Queen of the Damned by donning a metallic gold-plated bra by designer Laurel DeWitt. To accentuate her curves, Baba Jagne created a six-foot long tail with scales. Ciara also delighted fans by recreating Cardi B’s debut album cover, dressing her son as Offset, Cardi’s husband. The Bodak Yellow artist was thrilled with the tribute and expressed her admiration for the singer on Instagram, praising her kindness and humility.

Halloween inspo: Meanwhile, she served as inspiration for Ciara, 35, who embodied several iconic female artists for Halloween

Truest form of flattery: She recreated the cover of Cardi's 2018 debut studio album Invasion of Privacy

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as seen when Ciara, a 35-year-old artist, gained inspiration from Cardi B for Halloween. She paid tribute to several legendary female artists and even recreated the cover of Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy, her first studio album launched in 2018.

Couples costume: The Beauty Marks artist had son Future, six, dress as Cardi's husband Offset, 28

For their couple’s costume, the Beauty Marks artist had her six-year-old son Future dress up as Cardi B’s husband Offset, who is 28 years old.

She approves: The Bodak Yellow artist gave her seal of approval on Instagram, writing: 'I'm gagging! I love it! I¿m so hype!' (pictured in January, 2020)

On Instagram, the popular rapper Cardi B expressed her enthusiasm and endorsement for a particular item. She exclaimed, “I’m gagging! I love it! I’m so hype!” This declaration followed her response to racist comments made by trolls regarding the Birkin bags produced by Hermès. In a video posted on IGTV, Cardi B questioned why female rappers were being asked about purchasing products from exclusive stores like Hermès, when white celebrities are not subjected to the same scrutiny. Additionally, she argued that when hip-hop artists mention brands in their music, it actually increases their value, citing the example of her own song “Bodak Yellow,” which led to a 217 percent increase in searches for Christian Louboutin shoes.

Clapping back: It comes after she clapped back at racist trolls Sunday, after they argued that Hermès' notoriously exclusive line of Birkin bags have 'lost their value' because of Black women buying them up

Responding to racist trolls, she hit back by refuting their argument that the Hermès Birkin bag line has lost its value because of Black women purchasing them.

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