“Cardi B’s Surprising Encounter with Meek Mill, Ex of Rival Nicki Minaj, at Billboard Hip-Hop Power Players Event”

One was left heartbroken while the other found themselves in a tricky situation. Recently, Cardi B and Meek Mill were seen together at the Billboard 2018 R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event in New York City. Interestingly, Meek Mill is the ex-boyfriend of Cardi B’s rival, Nicki Minaj. The pair took photos together, sparking curiosity among fans.

Dumped and lumped: Cardi B was spotted with Meek Mill on Thursday night, uniting Nicki Minaj's ex and her rival

On Thursday night, Cardi B made headlines as she was seen out with Meek Mill, causing a stir due to the fact that Meek is the ex of Cardi’s rival, Nicki Minaj. Cardi looked stunning in a lime green trenchcoat, complete with plush fur lining the sleeves, collar, and lapels. She showed off her figure by cinching the waist and unbuttoning the front, revealing her cleavage. Her hair, styled in a long bob, complemented the outfit with its blue-green hue. To top it off, she wore a pair of white heels studded with jewels. Other notable names spotted at the event included Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas, Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, Pardison Fontaine, and Rolling Loud festival co-founders Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif.

Power players: The duo posed for pictures together at the Billboard 2018 R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event in New York City

Two influential personalities were seen taking photos together during the Billboard 2018 R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event in New York City.

Hot: Cardi looked fantastic in a lime green trenchcoat with thick plush fur lining the sleeves, collar and lapels

Wow, Cardi B was absolutely stunning in a lime green trench coat that had cozy, plush fur adorning the collar, sleeves, and lapels.

Stylish: She cinched the waist tight, and showcased her cleavage by unbuttoning the front

Fashionable: She tightened the waist and revealed her chest by unbuttoning the front, creating a chic look. Fortunately, Nicki was not present which eased the concerns of event organizers and security personnel. The most recent meeting between the two singers occurred at New York Fashion Week in the Plaza Hotel, which ended in chaos. During the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party, Cardi, a former stripper, threw her Gucci heels at Nicki and attempted to physically attack her while security personnel intervened. As a result, Cardi left the event with a noticeable bump on her head from an elbow thrown by one of the guards.

Exes: Nicki and Meek dated for two years, between 2015 and 2017

Nicki and Meek were in a romantic relationship for a period of two years, starting from 2015 and ending in 2017.

Also spotted were Kevin 'Coach K' Lee,  Pardison Fontaine, Michael Kyser and Quality Control Music's Pierre 'Pee' Thomas

Other celebrities seen in the vicinity were Coach K, Pardison Fontaine, Michael Kyser, and Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas from Quality Control Music.

Tat's friendship: Rolling Loud festival co-founders Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif were also on hand

During the Rolling Loud festival, Tat’s friendship with festival co-founders Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif was present. However, a fight between her and Nicki Minaj occurred, in which Tat claimed that she became angry due to Nicki’s alleged attempt to ruin her career and speak negatively about her daughter named Kulture. On the other hand, Nicki described the incident as “mortifying.” She expressed her feeling of humiliation and how they made themselves look bad. Additionally, Nicki denied talking rudely about anyone’s child or parenting, stating that it’s sad for someone to blame her for such accusations. She also believes that if someone is doing the right thing, there is no need to make someone else the “bad guy.”

Fight: The last time she and Cardi were in a room together was at the plaza Hotel during New York Fashion Week earlier this month, and it did not end well

Altercation: The most recent encounter between her and Cardi occurred at the plaza Hotel during New York Fashion Week recently, but it ended in a heated argument.

Altercation: The former stripper threw her Gucci heels at Nicki at the Harper's Bazaar Icons bash, and was filmed launching herself at the Super Bass hitmaker and screaming at her as bodyguards tried to hold her back

There was a physical altercation at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party involving a former stripper who threw her Gucci heels at Nicki Minaj. The incident was captured on video, showing the woman launching herself at the famous rapper while shouting and being restrained by security.

Issue: Cardi had claimed Nicki was putting her parenting on blast

The situation at hand involves Cardi accusing Nicki of publicly criticizing her parenting skills. However, Nicki denies these claims and asserts that she never spoke about anyone’s child. She also condemned the act of spreading false information and referred to it as “clown s**t.” In response, Nicki appeared on Queen Radio and warned that anyone who physically harms others will face dire consequences. Cardi later took to Instagram to express that she allowed Nicki to say negative things about her.

In a recent statement, she expressed her frustration with her ex-partner. She admitted to letting many things go in the past, such as him talking negatively about her, attempting to harm her career and threatening other artists who worked with her. Despite addressing him twice in person, he continued to disrespect her. However, when he started talking about her child and her abilities as a mother, she drew the line. She has worked too hard to let anyone hinder her success. Although people talk a lot of trash in their music, in reality, they are just cowards. She and Meek had been together for two years, from 2015 to 2017.

Divas: Cardi made headlines for throwing her Gucci heels at Nicki at the September 7th Harper's Bazaar Icons bash (pictured)

Nicki felt extremely embarrassed about the incident and described it as a truly mortifying experience.

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