“Confident and Happy: Selena Gomez’s Swimwear Designer Claps Back at Body Shamers”

Selena Gomez has been the subject of criticism on social media due to her curvaceous figure, which was showcased in revealing photographs from her Mexican holiday uploaded on Instagram. Despite this, the swimwear designer of MintSwim, Draya Michele, revealed that the singer is unfazed by the negative comments and loves her body just the way it is. Speaking to InStyle magazine, Draya commended Selena for not letting the critics affect her and for being happy with her size, regardless of what others may think. Additionally, Draya disclosed that Selena’s size is not overweight at all and that she knows this because she has worked with her before.

Selena Gomez recently came under fire from social media users, who speculated she had gained weight, but one of her favourite designers says she loves how  didn't let people being critical get to her

Social media users recently criticized Selena Gomez for allegedly gaining weight. However, one of her favorite designers admires how she didn’t allow negative comments to affect her. Selena responded to the criticism by posting on Instagram, but has since deleted the comments. She expressed that as someone in the entertainment industry, she is not concerned with what “they” or anyone else thinks about her appearance. She emphasized the importance of self-love and taking care of oneself, along with her work, fans, family, and friends. Selena also clarified that she does exercise regularly and that it’s not anyone’s place to dictate how she should live her life.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, Draya, who designs for MintSwim, a brand Selena loves, said: 'Knowing her and knowing the size that she is, she's really not overweight at all'

In a recent chat with InStyle magazine, Draya – the designer behind MintSwim, a brand adored by Selena – shared that she doesn’t believe Selena is overweight at all, given her size.

Selena showcased her sensational figure and looked ethereal in a Vera Wang  gown at the Met Gala

Selena defended herself over the comments in a series of posts on the picture sharing site which have since been deleted

Selena recently turned heads at the Met Gala in a stunning Vera Wang gown, displaying her enviable figure. Despite receiving criticism, Selena has been consistently impressing with her fashion choices, earning a spot on Vogue’s best-dressed list. She also rocked a short dress at the Louis Vuitton cruise collection event and looked fantastic in a tank top and tight jeans on the set of The Big Short in New Orleans, where she stars alongside Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling.

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