“Demi Rose’s Zoo Adventure: Flaunting her Curves in a Tight T-Shirt and Braces while Enjoying an Ice Lolly”

Demi Rose, known for her enviable hourglass curves and pin-up looks, made a rare appearance at the London Zoo on Tuesday. She opted for a covered-up look, wearing a snug white T-shirt and high-waisted trousers to visit the animals. Despite being fully clothed, the 23-year-old beauty from Birmingham still managed to turn heads by not wearing a bra underneath her eye-catching slogan tee.

Stepping out in style: Demi Rose was uncharacteristically covered up for an outing at London Zoo on Tuesday

Demi Rose opted for a more conservative look during her recent visit to London Zoo on Tuesday, showcasing a stylish and covered-up outfit.

Making a statement: The Birmingham born beauty, 23, donned a skin-tight white T-shirt and high-waisted trousers to visit the animals

In a casual statement, the gorgeous Demi from Birmingham, who is only 23 years old, was seen wearing a tightly fitted white T-shirt and high-waisted trousers to visit some animals. Her shirt had the words ‘Cry Baby’ printed across the front, which she tucked into her silver ring-embellished flares. To keep her outfit low-key, she added black braces that matched her trousers. Completing her look, she opted for simple black heels and a gold buckled handbag.

Gal pal: Demi was joined by a female friend for her low-key zoo outing 

Demi had some company during her casual trip to the zoo as she was accompanied by a close female friend.

Turning heads: The social media sensation ensured she stood out from the crowd by going braless in her slogan T-shirt

Attracting attention: The internet sensation made sure she caught everyone’s eye by opting to not wear a bra with her statement T-shirt.

Cry Baby: Demi's tiny top was worn tucked into her silver ring-embellished flares

Cry Baby: Demi's tiny top was worn tucked into her silver ring-embellished flares

Demi rocked a Cry Baby look with her small top tucked into her silver ring-embellished flares.

Having a giraffe! The brunette and her friend spent some time at the giraffe enclosure

Enjoying the company of a tall friend! The dark-haired woman and her companion had a lovely experience hanging out with the giraffes in their enclosure.

Suspender chic: The brunette beauty dressed her look down by donning a pair of black braces to match her trousers

The dark-haired lovely went for a casual vibe, adding black suspenders to her outfit to go with her pants.

Striking: Demi styled her long, dark hair in tumbling curls and kept her make-up minimal

Demi opted for a relaxed look, styling her long and dark hair in tumbling curls while keeping her make-up minimal. Along with a female friend, she visited the zoo and was spotted enjoying an ice lolly as she strolled around. The stunning celebrity documented her trip on social media by taking numerous pictures of the animals she encountered.

Getting snap happy: She captured her zoo visit on her social media account

Going shutter-happy: She documented her trip to the zoo on her social media profile.

Affectionate: The star appeared particularly enamoured with a very friendly goat

Fond: The celebrity seemed to be especially fond of an amiable goat.

You have goat to be kidding! The creature also looked pretty pleased to meet Demi

You have goat to be kidding! The creature also looked pretty pleased to meet Demi

No way! Demi seemed to have made a new friend in the form of a goat, who appeared quite delighted by their encounter.

Furry friend: Demi appeared to be getting along famously with the animals 

Demi seemed to be having a great time bonding with the furry creatures.

Having the hump: The Instagram favourite stopped off to take pictures of some camels 

Feeling annoyed or frustrated: The camel-loving Instagram star made a pit stop to snap some photos of these desert creatures.

Strike a pose: Demi couldn't resist having her picture taken by her friend 

Demi was unable to resist posing for a photo when her friend offered to take one of her.

Doing it for the 'gram: The curvy model took endless pictures on her phone 

Capturing moments for social media: The voluptuous model snapped countless photos on her mobile device.

Take one of me now! Demi was happy to oblige her friend by taking her turn behind the camera

“Hey, can you snap a pic of me?” Demi eagerly grabbed the camera from her friend and happily agreed to return the favor.

Demi, Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, showed affection towards a friendly goat as she crouched down to pet it. In a recent interview with MailOnline, she discussed her fitness routine and how she manages to stay healthy while traveling around the world. Despite the challenges posed by her busy schedule, she tries her best to maintain a consistent workout routine.

Keeping things coordinated: The stunner completed her ensemble with simple black heels and a gold buckled handbag

Achieving coordination: The beauty finished off her outfit by pairing it with sleek black heels and a chic handbag adorned with a gold buckle.

Sunny disposition: The star posed for a fun photo opportunity, donning a pair of pink shades

The celebrity sported a cheerful attitude as she smiled for a playful picture, wearing stylish pink sunglasses.

Toned: Demi recently spoke to MailOnline about how she keeps herself in shape

Toned: Demi recently spoke to MailOnline about how she keeps herself in shape

Demi recently chatted with MailOnline and shared her secrets on how she stays fit.

She said of her fitness regime: 'I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, it's hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep my routine'

In regards to her fitness routine, she shared that she strives to maintain optimal health. Despite the challenges of traveling frequently, she endeavors to stick to her regimen by incorporating it into her travels around the globe.

New plaything: Demi snapped up some souvenirs in the gift shop 

Fresh acquisition: Demi purchased several mementos from the souvenir store, adding a new set of toys to her collection.

Monkeying around: She couldn't resist bringing a cuddly toy monkey home 

Playing around: She couldn’t resist taking a cute stuffed monkey home with her. While acknowledging her strict dietary habits, she shared that she’s often praised for being one of the healthiest people around. Her indulgences are limited to nuts and peanut butter, as anything else tends to cause her body to pack on weight quickly. This means no birthday cake for her! Demi became famous after a short romance with Tyga in May 2016 while he was on a break from his on-and-off relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Indulging: Demi broke with her strict diet to enjoy an ice lolly during her outing 

Treating herself: Demi decided to deviate from her usual strict dietary regimen and enjoyed a refreshing ice lolly during her day out.

She previously said: 'Everyone says I'm the healthiest person they know'

She previously said: 'Everyone says I'm the healthiest person they know'

In the past, she mentioned that people often comment on her excellent health and describe her as one of the healthiest individuals they know.

She declared: 'The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter'

The statement was made by her, asserting that the most high-fat food item she would consume is nuts and peanut butter.

Sweet treat: The curvy Instagram star was making the most of a rare cheat day

Sweet treat: The curvy Instagram star was making the most of a rare cheat day

Indulgent Delight: The voluptuous influencer on Instagram was savoring every moment of her infrequent indulgence day.

Under the sea: Tyga's ex appeared fascinated by all the fish and aquatic creatures 

Demi, who is Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, seemed to be captivated by the sea creatures and fish during her underwater adventure. Her stunning figure has helped her establish a successful modeling career, which she frequently showcases to her 6.9 million followers. Despite her triumphs in the fashion industry, Demi recently expressed her interest in pursuing acting and possibly relocating to LA. She shared with The Sun that movies have always been a passion of hers since her time in stage school. Furthermore, she aspires to become a Bond Girl because of the elegance and sophistication portrayed in those films.

Getting up close and personal: Demi was loving life at London's Zoo's Penguin Beach 

Experiencing the Penguins up Close: Demi was thoroughly enjoying her time at Penguin Beach in London Zoo.

Splashing around: Demi and her friend were enthralled by the cute penguins 

Playing in the water: Demi and her companion were captivated by the adorable penguins.

Turning heads: Demi caught the attention of onlookers as she strolled around the zoo 

Demi became the center of attention among spectators during her leisurely walk at the zoo.

Fun day out: The stunner took a break from her usual swimwear shoots 

Enjoyable Outing: The stunning individual opted to take a break from her typical swimwear photoshoots.

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