“Dua Lipa Flaunts Stripes in Teen Vogue and Embraces Unapologetically Honest Lyrics”

Dua Lipa’s popularity skyrocketed after her chart-topping single, New Rules, earned a platinum status in the US. The 22-year-old singer is also featured on the cover of Teen Vogue’s April issue, where she confidently stated that she never holds back in her music. For the magazine photoshoot, Dua rocked a stylish striped top and high-waisted bottoms.

Strike a pose: Dua Lipa, 22, is the cover girl for the April issue of Teen Vogue 

Dua Lipa, a multi-talented artist at the age of 22, graces the cover of Teen Vogue’s April issue. Her music revolves around empowering women, and in an interview with the magazine, she revealed that many men approach her and ask if she hates them. She clarifies that this is not true and some of her songs are simply unfiltered and honest. Dua also admits to being competitive but says that she’s more competitive with herself, constantly striving to do better than she did the day before.

Star power: The 22-year-old pop singer revealed that she's 'very competitive but I feel like I'm more competitive with myself'

The 22-year-old pop star shared that she has a competitive nature, but mostly with herself. Dua was born in London on August 22, 1995, and she and her Albanian parents relocated to Pristina, Kosovo when she was 11. During her photo shoot, she wore stylish black high waist trousers with gold accents, paired with a black and white striped top. Completing her French-inspired look, she added a red scarf around her neck, a newsboy cap, and multiple layered necklaces.

Stunner: The talented artist, who talks female empowerment in her tunes, tells the magazine that 'a lot of men come up to me and say,

The stunning artist, known for her empowerment anthems, opens up to the magazine about the frequent encounters with men who accuse her of hating them. Dua Lipa recently collaborated with Calvin Harris on the track One Kiss and expresses her desire to continue being truthful in her music. Her hit song New Rules offers advice to her fans, such as avoiding drunk calls and not allowing exes back into their lives. The singer shared with Teen Vogue that the most crucial rule missing from the popular song is to block these individuals on social media. She hopes to remain unafraid of expressing her thoughts through her music.

In the moment: She became a household name after her hit song New Rules hit airwaves, which which earned multi-platinum status in the US; seen February 21 at the Brit Awards in London at The O2 Arena

Currently: After the release of her chart-topping single New Rules, which achieved multi-platinum status in the United States, she quickly rose to fame and became a household name. She was spotted on February 21st at The O2 Arena in London attending the Brit Awards.

With over 1.1 billion views on YouTube and numerous accolades, including double platinum status in various countries like the US, Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium, and New Zealand, “New Rules” is a massive hit. Dua Lipa shared that her inspiration for the music video’s concept came from an old Versace ad featuring the iconic Naomi Campbell. The campaign’s colors, aesthetics, and overall narrative captivated her attention. While the song’s vibe may come across as melancholic, Dua aimed to make it more about the rules women should tell their girlfriends. According to her, sisterhood is crucial, and you should always take care of your fellow ladies and keep them close.

Dua revealed that her inspiration for the New Rules video came from a vintage Versace ad featuring Naomi Campbell; pictured in Cardiff, Wales on Wednesday

During an interview, Dua shared that her creative spark for the New Rules music video was ignited by a classic Versace advertisement showcasing the stunning Naomi Campbell. This tidbit was revealed while she was in Cardiff, Wales on Wednesday.

Success: Dua performed on Wednesday night at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena

Achievement unlocked: Dua Lipa rocked the stage on a Wednesday night at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

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