“Empowering Women in Hollywood: Angelina Jolie and Co-Stars Celebrate Resilient Female Characters in The Eternals for ELLE’s 2021 Issue”

Angelina Jolie is all set to make her appearance in the upcoming Marvel movie, The Eternals. She is thrilled to be a part of the film’s ‘strong’ female leading cast that includes Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Lauren Ridloff. The talented actress is amongst the nine women who are being honoured for their creative and cultural contributions in the latest issue of ELLE’s Women in Hollywood. Her co-stars and fellow actresses such as Jodie Comer, Halle Berry, Gal Gadot, Jennifer Hudson, and Rita Moreno are also featured in the November issue for celebrating ‘resilient’ women. The magazine has captured some breathtaking shots of each star, with every one of them featuring on the cover.

Stunning: Angelina Jolie looks incredible in ELLE's 2021 Women in Hollywood issue as she joins a slew of female actresses, including her co-stars from new movie The Eternals, to champion 'resilient' women

Angelina Jolie stuns in ELLE’s latest 2021 Women in Hollywood feature, where she stands alongside a group of talented female actresses, including her fellow cast members from the upcoming film The Eternals. The collective aims to celebrate and support the resilience that women possess.

Having her say: Among those honoured in the issue is Jodie Comer who shares how her 'confidence' has grown over the years within the film industry and the lesson she's learned

The latest issue of a magazine features a number of women who have been recognized for their achievements, including Jodie Comer. In her feature, Comer shares how her confidence has grown over the years in the film industry and the valuable lessons she has learned. The cover of the magazine showcases Angelina Jolie who looks stunning as she poses on a hammock while holding an Eternals comic book. She is dressed in a flowing metallic gown that accentuates her beauty. In another picture, Jolie can be seen sipping tea while sitting on ropes at the edge of a pool, clad in a tailored suit. The actress, who is known for her advocacy for refugees, talks about her upcoming movie in the issue and praises the director, Chloé Zao, for her excellent casting choices. Jolie explains that the film explores the strength and dynamic of a family of women, which is a unique experience for her as an actress.

Beautiful: Each female star has posed for their own individual cover, with Angelina radiating beauty while lying in a hammock for hers

Gorgeous: Jodie stuns in black as she poses at a window for her cover shot

Gorgeous: Every leading lady has graced the cover with their distinct style – Angelina (on the left) exudes elegance as she lounges in a hammock while Jodie (on the right) looks stunning in black as she strikes a pose by the window.

Sensational: Angelina wears a flowing metallic dress and clutches onto a copy of The Eternals comic in one hand in one gorgeous shot that sees her elevated above a pool backdrop

Angelina Jolie looks stunning in a metallic dress while holding a copy of The Eternals comic in a breathtaking photo. She praises her co-stars, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, and Lauren Ridloff, for their grace, power, motherhood, connection, and intelligence. Jolie believes that the characters they portray are not too far off from themselves, and there must be a secret that only their director knows. The Eternals, a movie about immortal beings with superhuman powers living on Earth, will be released in cinemas in November. Aside from Jolie, the movie stars Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Don Lee, and Hayek. The latter commended director Chloe Zhao for dispelling stereotypes in mainstream cinema.

Strike a pose: Salma Hayek oozes glamour in a feathered yellow dress and dramatic make-up on her front cover

Salma Hayek exudes sophistication in a stunning, yellow feathered gown and bold makeup on the cover of her latest magazine feature.

Honest: She opens up about becoming a Marvel superhero in her 50s and praises The Eternals director Chloe Zao for 'acknowledging' her and breaking mainstream stereotypes on screen

Candidly sharing her experience of becoming a Marvel superhero at the age of 50, she commends Chloe Zao, the director of The Eternals, for recognizing her talent and defying conventional beliefs about representation on screen.

Powerful: Lauren Ridloff shares what it's like to become Marvel's first ever deaf superhero on the big screen

Powerful: Gemma Chan praises the media franchise for showing diversity on a global scale

Lauren Ridloff, who has become the first ever deaf superhero on the big screen in Marvel’s latest blockbuster, shares her experience of portraying a powerful character. Meanwhile, Gemma Chan commends the media franchise for its efforts in showcasing diversity on a global level.

Beauty: In one shot, actress Gemma - who has become an activist rallying against racial hate - stuns in a textured co-ord and heels as she kicks back on an armchair in a lavishly decorated room

Actress Gemma, who has been actively advocating against racial discrimination, looks stunning in a textured co-ord and heels while relaxing on an armchair in a lavishly decorated room. In the interview, she shares that when she was first approached for the movie, she assumed she would be playing a grandmother role. She never imagined being one of the Eternals without a struggle. Being Mexican, Middle Eastern, and in her fifties, she couldn’t believe she was going to play a superhero in a Marvel movie. As a woman of color and age, she often felt ignored and overlooked. She praised Zao for having the courage to acknowledge her within the industry. Ridloff, who is deaf like her character Makkari, expressed her enthusiasm for representing diversity on screen, while Chan commended Marvel for its global diversity portrayal in movies.

Winning praise: Killing Eve star Jodie is complimented by her co-stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in the issue for her portrayl in new film The Last Duel, where she plays a woman who accuses her husband's best friend of rape

Jodie, the star of Killing Eve, has received compliments from her co-stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in the latest issue. The praise is for her outstanding performance in the new movie The Last Duel, where she portrays a woman who accuses her husband’s close friend of rape.

Taking a stand: Gal Gadot reflects on her decision to publicly speak out against mistreatment she endured on set

Gal Gadot, the Justice League star, is featured in the Women in Hollywood issue where she reflects on her decision to publicly speak out against mistreatment that she experienced on set. In addition to the Eternals cast, the issue also features Jodie Comer, who receives a glowing review from her co-stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for her role in The Last Duel. Comer’s ability to enhance the filmmaker’s writing with her portrayal of a character is noted by Damon, while Affleck expresses his admiration for her career. Gadot discusses how her confidence has grown over the years and shares the lessons she has learned in the film industry while posing for playful snapshots. She also speaks out about the mistreatment she endured on the set of the 2017 release of Justice League and her decision to speak out against it. Gadot accuses director Joss Whedon of verbally abusing her on set and threatening her career, although he has not commented on any allegations of mistreatment and abuse.

Standout: Gadot catches the eye in a striking yellow outfit for her cover shot

Head-turner: Halle Berry is sophisticated in a tailored white waistcoat and matching suit trousers in hers

Impressive: Gadot is a real head-turner with her bold yellow outfit for the cover shot, while Halle Berry exudes elegance in a white waistcoat and matching suit pants on hers.

Tough: Berry - who is the only Black woman to have won the Best Actress Academy Award - reveals what it was like to start her 30-year career at a time when Black women 'didn't have a prominent place' in the film industry

Berry, the sole Black woman to have received the Oscar for Best Actress, opens up about how it felt to embark on her three-decade-long journey in a time when Black women were not given as much recognition in the film industry.

Iconic: Jennifer Hudson reveals what it was like to land the part of Aretha Franklin in the legendary singer's biopic and shares how Aretha had personally hand-picked her for the role

Jennifer Hudson discusses her experience landing the role of Aretha Franklin in the singer’s biopic, revealing that Aretha had personally selected her for the part. She reflects on whether she would have been treated the same if she were a man and feels compelled to address the issue publicly to show that such treatment is unacceptable. Meanwhile, Halle Berry shares how she started her film career when Black women had little representation in the industry, inspiring her to tell stories of her own. Hudson also talks about her cover photo for the magazine, featuring her in a leopard print swimsuit and color block blazer. Rita Moreno, the first Latina to win an Oscar, speaks out against ageism in Hollywood and typecasting of older actors and actresses.

Wow factor: Jennifer Hudson stuns in a revealing leopard print bodysuit and colour block blazer

Wow factor: Rita Moreno wows in floor-length black gown as she calls out ageism in Hollywood with her interview

Jennifer Hudson and Rita Moreno were the center of attention as they made their fashion statements at an event. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning in a leopard print bodysuit paired with a color-block blazer. Meanwhile, Rita turned heads with her floor-length black gown. During an interview, Rita spoke out against ageism in Hollywood.

The latest issue features nine remarkable women who are being celebrated for their efforts in advocating against global injustices and breaking barriers. Among them are Angelina Jolie, who has been working closely with the UN to support refugees as a Special Envoy since 2012, and Salma Hayek, who is an influential voice in the fight against domestic violence.
Additionally, Gemma Chan launched the #StopESEAHate campaign earlier this year in response to the rise of hate crimes against Asian communities in the UK. She expressed her concerns on social media about the safety of her family members, who have been subjected to verbal assaults. Chan highlighted the need for increased awareness and support for grassroots organizations that help ESEA and other communities. The reported incidents are just the tip of the iceberg as many go unreported both in the media and to the police.

Doing their bit: All nine women included in ELLE's stunning issue are praised for 'breaking barriers' and using their fame to actively campaign against important global issues and injustices - Chan (pictured above) launched her own campaign #StopESEAHate to stamp out racial hate towards Asian communities in the UK

ELLE magazine has celebrated the achievements of nine remarkable women who are using their fame to advocate for important causes and fight against injustices. One of these inspiring women is Chan, who has launched her own campaign called #StopESEAHate to address racial discrimination towards Asian communities in the United Kingdom.

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