Fearful of Outsiders: Cardi B Reveals She Never Hired a Nanny for Daughter Kulture, Preferring Only Relatives to Look After Her

Cardi B recently shared why she hasn’t hired a nanny to look after her daughter Kulture. In an interview with Vogue Singapore, the rapper and singer revealed that she had initially thought of hiring a nanny but ended up changing her mind. Cardi B explained that she didn’t have many examples of artists who had babies early in their careers like she did. She didn’t even have an album out when she found out she was pregnant.

The latest: Cardi B, 29, opened up about why she has never hired a nanny to care for her daughter Kulture, four

Kulture was seen enjoying a trip to Candytopia to celebrate her fourth birthday Sunday

In a recent interview with Vogue Singapore, Cardi B shared why she has chosen not to hire a nanny for her daughter Kulture, who is now four years old. Despite initial plans to have a nanny travel with her, the rapper had a change of heart after giving birth in 2018 and has never hired one. She explained that she was afraid of having anyone else around her child besides her family. Cardi B also revealed that she tries not to rely too heavily on her family for child care.

Cardi and Offset, 30, gave their daughter $50,000 in cash to celebrate her fourth birthday

To commemorate their little one’s fourth birthday, Cardi and Offset generously gifted her with a whopping $50,000 in cold, hard cash.

The Bodak Yellow artist was seen holding her son Wave, ten months, at the venue

During the event, Cardi B was spotted carrying her 10-month-old son, Wave. In a recent interview, the Bodak Yellow rapper shared her thoughts on motherhood and the importance of being present for her children. She emphasized that her responsibility as a mother is to always remain close to her kids, unlike older parents who may not have the same level of energy. Cardi B also expressed admiration for mothers who work hard to provide for their families and acknowledged that raising kids is a challenging task. The Up singer candidly revealed that she’s had a tough time managing her own children’s illnesses lately, having spent sleepless nights taking care of them. Despite the challenges, Cardi B remains dedicated to being a loving and attentive mother to her little ones.

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