“Fit and Fabulous: 5 Tips from Elizabeth Olsen on How to Stay in Shape like Wanda from the Marvel Universe”

The Multiverse theory has taken center stage in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, thrilling audiences with unexpected surprises and offering new insights into the character of Scarlet Witch (portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen). Elizabeth’s stunning looks and captivating figure have always captured fans’ attention, since her debut as Scarlet Witch in Marvel films back in 2014. Dubbed “the most beautiful villain” by viewers, Elizabeth’s return in Doctor Strange 2 has once again made her the focus of fans’ interest and admiration.

Would you like to know Elizabeth Olsen’s secret to keeping in shape? Check out these helpful tips below! Firstly, instead of sticking to the standard 3 meals a day, Elizabeth consumes up to 7 small meals throughout the day. Her meals are typically high in protein and fiber, and include the following:
– Meal 1: A low-calorie shake, a serving of fruit, almond butter, and water.
– Meal 2: A serving of fruit.
– Meal 3: Salmon salad.
– Meal 4: 12 almonds and a tomato.
– Meal 5: Eggs and tomatoes.
– Meal 6: Tuna with veggies or salad.
– Meal 7: A small portion of fruit or a spoonful of honey.

According to Elizabeth Olsen, consuming 3 liters of water every day can do wonders for one’s metabolism and make them feel fuller. One thing she avoids is drinking water right before going to bed as it may result in edema the following day.

Elizabeth Olsen makes a huge impression as Wanda in the Marvel universe: immediately learn 5 great ways to stay in shape from her - Photo 3.

Elizabeth’s diet mainly consists of foods without gluten and dairy. By doing so, she has successfully lost weight and built muscle, while still maintaining a healthy and balanced physique.

Elizabeth Olsen has a passion for both ballet and yoga, which complement her strict diet for maintaining a desirable physique. Ballet is great for building endurance and toning the body while yoga is an integral part of her exercise routine, practiced five to six times a week. Her dedication to these activities has contributed to sculpting a perfect body curve, evident in her portrayal of Wanda.

Elizabeth Olsen makes a huge impression as Wanda in the Marvel universe: immediately learn 5 great ways to stay in shape from her - Photo 5.

One simple and effective bedtime ritual is to consume a tablespoon of honey, as Elizabeth Olsen shared in an interview. This natural sweetener is packed with essential minerals and vitamin B complex, which can aid in calming the nerves and easing muscle tension. Moreover, honey also possesses antioxidant properties that fight against aging signs and reduces skin issues like wrinkles and melasma.

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