“Fit and Fabulous: Jennifer Lopez Shows off Chiseled Abs in Stylish Workout Attire alongside Alex Rodriguez in LA”

On Friday, Jennifer Lopez was spotted on her way to a workout in Westwood, California accompanied by a bodyguard. The 49-year-old multi-talented celebrity flaunted her toned abs in a bra top and leggings from her own Niyama Sol line while wearing a cropped hoodie. Her partner, Alex Rodriguez, was also present but contrary to rumors, they are not engaged despite the diamond ring worn by Lopez the previous night.

Gotta get her crunches in: Jennifer Lopez was seen heading to a workout in Westwood, California on Friday with a bodyguard in tow

Jennifer Lopez was spotted on her way to a workout session in Westwood, California last Friday. Accompanied by a bodyguard, the singer and actress seemed determined to complete her crunches.

What a waist! The 49-year-old dancer wore her own designs for Niyama Sol as she flashed her washboard abs in a bra top and leggings, adding a very cropped hoodie

Oh my, look at that waist! The talented dancer who’s just shy of 50 years old was sporting her own clothing line from Niyama Sol. She flaunted her toned abs in a stylish bra top and leggings, completing the look with a cute cropped hoodie.

SMOOCH! Later Jenny and Alex went to lunch at a Noah's bagel shop and shared a kiss outside

Jenny and Alex indulged in a romantic lunch at Noah’s bagel shop, and as they stepped out, they shared a sweet and affectionate smooch.

The artist behind NuiT Ni Yo was spotted wearing a stylish yellow crop top hoodie that flaunted her perfectly toned abs and bra top. She paired it with vibrant leggings and tied up her hair in a chic top knot. Completing her look were oversized sunglasses and a fresh-faced makeup-free appearance. Shortly after, her companion Alex joined her, donning a smart dark blue ensemble.

She can't keep her hands off the guy: The ex of Ben Affleck fussed over her man

There’s no denying that the former flame of Ben Affleck is completely smitten with her current beau. She was seen fussing over him and couldn’t seem to keep her hands off the lucky guy.

So much to talk about: The night before the two were in the press for speculation they may be engaged already

There’s a lot to discuss regarding the recent news about the two. They were making headlines the night before due to rumors that they might have already gotten engaged.

They eat carbs? It seems they noshed on bagels and had Starbucks coffee to go

Do they consume carbohydrates? It appears that they indulged in bagels and sipped on Starbucks coffee to take away.

Bye! They had more than one bodyguard as they left Noah's Bagels; it looked as if the baseball vet carried with him some bagels to take home to Max and Emme

Farewell! When leaving Noah’s Bagels, the baseball icon was accompanied by multiple bodyguards and seemed to be carrying some bagels for his little ones, Max and Emme. Additionally, on the same day, Jennifer Lopez posted a steamy photo on her Instagram account. The picture shows her closing her eyes in pleasure while pulling up her briefs. She has long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and is adorned with layers of gold necklaces, including one that reads “Jenny.” The talented actress and singer was promoting her collaboration with Bad Bunny, called JLO X Bad Bunny.

Let's get loud (colors): The NuiT Ni Yo hitmaker had on a yellow crop top hoodie that showed off her bra top and ripped abs. And the Amor Amor Amor singer added colorful leggings

It’s time to make some noise with the colors! The star who gave us NuiT Ni Yo tune rocked a vibrant yellow crop top hoodie, flaunting her toned abs and bra top. To add more vibrancy, the singer of Amor Amor Amor paired it up with eye-catching colorful leggings.

Ready to pump it up: The Fly Girl held onto her cell phone which had a photo of A-Rod on it

She also seemed to be completely makeup free; her glasses were by Privé Revaux

All set to get going: The Fly Girl clutched onto her mobile phone, showcasing a snap of A-Rod. Interestingly, she appeared to have ditched her makeup completely.

Repeat offender: When the Maid In Manhattan star left the gym she flashed her abs again

The actress from Maid In Manhattan was caught on camera once again showing off her toned abs as she left the gym. It seems this isn’t the first time she has been seen flaunting her fit physique.

They left together: It appeared as if the couple had stopped by LA Fitness which is just blocks from UCLA

The couple was seen leaving together from LA Fitness, which is located only a few blocks from UCLA. Despite some rumors of engagement, a reliable source informed DailyMail.com that the couple is currently not engaged and is focusing on enjoying their dating life for the time being. The source indicated that both individuals have been previously married, and they are in no rush to take things to the next level. Nonetheless, they are having a great time together and have already made plans for various holiday trips with their children. The couple has been dating since March 2017.

Does she ever drive anymore? Jenny got out of the back of an SUV as a guard helped her out; she was in Niyama Sol

Is Jenny still driving these days? Recently, she was seen exiting the back of an SUV with assistance from a guard while wearing Niyama Sol attire. At game two of the World Series, Lopez sported a noticeable ring that had fans intrigued. During the game at Fenway Park, Alex posted a short video of JLo trying to imitate baseball coaches’ hand signals with a caption that asked what sign she was giving. However, it was the massive diamond sparkler that drew the most attention.

A 10 at 49: Lopez shared a very revealing photo to Instagram on Friday. The World Of Dance star, 49, looked toned in a yellow bikini that did little to cover her body

On Friday, Jennifer Lopez shared a photo on Instagram that left little to the imagination. The 49-year-old World Of Dance celebrity flaunted her toned physique in a bright yellow bikini that showed off her curves.

Another look: Here the star is seen talking to a man who could have been the photographer for the shoot

In this photo, the celebrity is shown conversing with a man who might have been responsible for taking the picture. Despite the ring not being positioned on the traditional finger to suggest an engagement, admirers still speculated about its importance due to its large size. Allegedly, a friend of the couple named Kimberly fueled the rumors by commenting “the sign I see is engagement” in reaction to the playful post. Though Alex didn’t directly address the comment, he did acknowledge knowing the commenter by saying “Hi Kimberley!! Miss you guys.”

Interesting: Lopez started tongues wagging by flashing a massive diamond sparkler during the game at Fenway Park

Fascinating: Lopez caused quite a commotion when she unveiled a colossal diamond ring at Fenway Park.

The ring that Jennifer was seen wearing recently was not a new one as she had worn it before in September. Despite the rumors and claims from an Us Magazine source stating that the couple is already acting like they are married, Jennifer and her partner have not commented on the matter. The source had previously mentioned that the couple has combined their finances, implying their strong commitment to each other and their families, which they value the most.

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