“Gal Gadot Rocks the 90s Trend at Wonder Woman Premiere with Affordable Footwear”

Gal Gadot proves that she is indeed a superhero as she promotes her latest movie, Wonder Woman. Rather than opting for typical high-end designer heels, the Israeli actress chose to wear comfortable flat shoes during her premieres. Her choice of footwear came from popular chain-store brands Rocket Dog and Aldo, making them an affordable option for her fans to emulate.

What lies beneath: Gal was a vision while attending the Mexico City, Mexico, premiere in a black silk-satin gown accented with silver embroidery by Prada. The 32-year-old's stylist Elizabeth Stewart took to Instagram to share a photo of her client, plus reveal her 'lil' secret' Rocket Dog shoes

Gal made a stunning appearance at the Mexico City premiere in a beautiful black silk-satin dress by Prada, embroidered with silver accents. Her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, shared a picture of the 32-year-old actress on Instagram, revealing her little secret – Rocket Dog shoes.

Gal looked absolutely breathtaking in a black silk-satin Prada gown adorned with silver embroidery at the Wonder Woman premiere in Mexico City, Mexico. To complement her stunning ensemble, she wore Anita Ko diamond and plain ear cuffs made of 18k White Gold. Although her shoes were hidden underneath the voluminous gown, Elizabeth Stewart, Gal’s stylist, shared a photo on Instagram revealing that she was wearing Rocket Dog shoes – a brand that was widely known for their platform flip flops during the 90s. Although it is unclear which pair Gal was wearing, the mere thought of the Hollywood star donning any of the contemporary brand’s best sellers makes us feel nostalgic and happy.

Bigtop Webbing Platform Sandal by Rocket Dog, $29.99; urbanoutfitters.com

Rocket Dog’s Bigtop Webbing Platform Sandal is available for purchase at urbanoutfitters.com and is priced at $29.99.

ESXRD Bungalow Platform Flip Flop by Rocket Dog, $85; rocketdog.com

ESXRD Paradise Silver Platform Flip Flop by Rocket Dog, $85; rocketdog.com

Looking for trendy and comfy flip flops? Check out Rocket Dog’s ESXRD Bungalow and Paradise platform flip flops, priced at $85 each and available on their website. The Bungalow design boasts a striking multicolored platform, while the Paradise flip flop is a sleek silver option. Both are perfect for adding some height to any summer outfit while keeping your feet stylishly cool.

High-low fashion: The star offset her Givenchy gown and $47,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry with a pair of $50.00 flat sandals by Aldo

Gal made a bold fashion statement at the Wonder Woman premiere in Los Angeles, California. She donned a stunning Givenchy sequin gown and paired it with luxurious Tiffany & Co. jewelry worth $47,000. However, what caught everyone’s attention were her feet. The actress decided to mix high-end with low-end and completed the look with a pair of chic black flat sandals from Aldo. You can also elevate your fashion game with the ‘Starda’ sandals, which are available for purchase at aldoshoes.com for only $50.00.

Starda sandals by Aldo, $50; aldoshoes.com

Aldo’s Starda sandals are a must-have item for those who want to follow Gal’s trend of walking the red carpet in flats. In an interview with USA Today earlier this year, Gal shared her desire to revolutionize the red carpet scene by ditching high heels for comfort and balance. As much as she loves wearing high heels, she recognizes the strain they can put on one’s body. Therefore, Gal hopes to inspire others to embrace the beauty and practicality of flat shoes. Let’s join her on this journey!

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