Gal Gadot’s “Cleopatra”: A Film that Redefines the Queen, Shattering the Stereotypes of a Seductive Leader.

Gal Gadot IS Cleopatra | Кинозвезды, Древний египет, Египет

During a recent chat with Vogue Hong Kong, Gal Gadot spilled the beans about her next film project that’s all about Cleopatra’s life story.

Fan Casting Gal Gadot as Cleopatra VII in Cleopatra The Queen of Egypt  (Biopic Movie) on myCast

Israeli native, Gadot, shared her captivation with the renowned Queen of Egypt and her desire to revolutionize the current portrayal of her story.

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As per Gadot, Cleopatra embodies a powerful female figure in real-life and an exemplar of a narrative that she desires to narrate.

GAL GADOT Faz 38 Anos e Promete Causar como CLEÓPATRA – Cinemarcoblog

The main focus of previous films about Cleopatra has been her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. However, in order to provide a unique perspective, she aims to shed light on the other aspects of Cleopatra’s life.

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