“Gal Gadot’s Retro Blast from the Past: A Peek into Wonder Woman 1984 Set in Pink Hue”

Wonder Woman 1984, the latest blockbuster starring Gal Gadot, has been making waves at the box office. To celebrate the success, the Israeli actress decided to share a fun video on TikTok, taking us behind the scenes of the movie set. In the clip, she can be seen dancing with her hair and makeup team to the iconic tune, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. Dressed in a pink sweater dress and flashy neon accessories, Gal looked stunningly chic and embodying the 80s fashion. She also revealed that it was her first time dancing on TikTok, adding to the excitement of her fans.

Goofing off: Gal Gadot shared her first dancing TikTok on Tuesday, posting a fun behind-the-scenes moment from the set of Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot took a well-deserved break from her busy schedule and surprised her fans by sharing her first-ever TikTok dance video on Tuesday. In the video, she gave a sneak peek of the fun she had on the set of Wonder Woman 1984. Gal seemed to be having a blast while being pampered by a team of three professionals, who were all following COVID-19 safety protocols by wearing face shields. To ensure everyone’s safety, her dressing room was located outside in the open air rather than in a cramped trailer. As she lip-synced to the music, her hair and makeup crew couldn’t help but join in the fun and bust a move. Despite being seated, the superheroine put her hands up in the air and danced along to the catchy beat.

Totally rad! The Israeli actress, 35, was the epitome of 80s-chic as she donned a pink sweater dress and neon accessories while rocking out to the Cyndi Lauper classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with her hair and makeup team

Wow, isn’t this amazing! This Israeli actress, who is 35 years old, had an utterly cool appearance that seemed to be straight out of the 80s. She wore a pink sweater dress and paired it with some striking neon accessories that were eye-catching. While getting her hair and makeup done by the crew, she was grooving to Cyndi Lauper’s famous hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Glad squad: Gal looked like she was having a blast as she sat down and got glam from a trio of pros wearing face shields to combat the spread of coronavirus

Safety protocol: Adding another layer of safety, the star's dressing room was a outdoors in the fresh air, instead of inside a stuffy trailer

A team of experts donned face shields as they assisted Gal in preparing for her fabulous appearance. Gal seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she sat back, taking in the experience. The professionals’ use of safety measures reflects their awareness and care towards preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Irresistible: As Gadot lip-synced her hair and makeup team got down to business, but they couldn't help but break into dance once the famous chorus came

As she got ready for her performance, Gadot’s charm was undeniable as she mouthed the lyrics to the song. The catchy chorus proved too irresistible for her and her hair and makeup crew, who ended up breaking into a dance. Later, Gal shared some exciting behind-the-scenes photos of her TikTok dance on Instagram, where she jokingly admitted that it was her first time dancing on the platform. She also encouraged her followers to watch her new video. With the recent news of her movie’s success, earning a whopping $16.7 million in North America despite the pandemic, it’s safe to say that Gal is having a great time.

Teaser: Gal teased the silly moment on Instagram, posting similar behind the scenes snaps of her funky look.

Gal amused her followers on Instagram by displaying her unique fashion sense with some amusing behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Silly stuff: She poked fun at herself in the caption, writing: 'My first time dancing on Tiktok! Never knew the day would come but here it is - me - dancing - on tiktok. Go check it out!'

With a playful tone, she poked fun at herself in the caption of her TikTok video, admitting it was her first time dancing on the popular platform. Despite her initial reservations, she gave it a try and thinks you should check it out! Despite earning less than its predecessor, Wonder Woman 1984 is still considered a success by Warner Bros. due to the limited number of open cinemas in the US. The studio has already announced plans for a third installment of the franchise with the same lead actress and director. While the streaming numbers for HBO Max have not been released, most ticket sales were for private watch parties with customers renting out cinema screening rooms for around $100 according to Variety. With $16.7 million earned during the Christmas weekend in North America and a global total of $85 million, Wonder Woman 1984 has become the most successful theatrical release of the pandemic era. Although it was projected to earn close to $1 billion at the box office, it is now expected to make around $180 million due to the ongoing pandemic.

The numbers:  While it's a drop in the ocean compared to the $100m opening generated by the original 2017 Wonder Woman film, it's still judged a success. Warner Bros.  announced Sunday it's fast tracking a third Wonder Woman film with Gadot and director Patty Jenkins returning

Despite not matching the initial box office performance of the first Wonder Woman movie released in 2017, the sequel’s earnings are still impressive. It is deemed as a triumph, and Warner Bros. has publicized that there will be a third part of the franchise. Both Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins will make a comeback for this next installment.

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