“Game On: Savannah James Hints at LeBron James and Sons Teaming Up in NBA’s Upcoming Season”

It seems as though LeBron James might not be retiring from the NBA anytime soon. A recent advertisement by Beats By Dre suggested that the 38-year-old Lakers player could potentially play for three more seasons. The ad showcased LeBron and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland receiving motivational speeches from narrators Savannah (LeBron’s wife) and Alfie (Haaland’s father). The main message of the video was that even though Haaland is just starting his career, LeBron still has a lot to give. There was a touching moment in the advertisement where Savannah encouraged her husband to play alongside their sons in the NBA before he retires, emphasizing that LeBron still has a lot left to offer basketball.

Bronny James will play college basketball for the USC Trojans this year

Bryce James currently plays for Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California

News has it that the two offspring of LeBron James, namely Bronny and Bryce James, are likely to make their way to the NBA in the coming years, with Bronny anticipated to join in 2024 and Bryce in 2026.

LeBron James, 38, plans to play in the NBA with his sons Bronny (19) and Bryce (16)

LeBron James, currently 38 years old, has expressed his desire to play alongside his sons, Bronny (19) and Bryce (16), in the NBA. However, under the current regulations, Bryce will not be eligible to join until 2026, coinciding with LeBron’s 42nd birthday. Despite recent concerns about retirement following the Lakers’ exit from the 2023 Western Conference Finals, LeBron has made it clear that he intends to return for his 21st season and fifth with the Lakers. Playing alongside his sons could serve as a perfect conclusion to his illustrious career, including being a four-time NBA Champion, Finals MVP, and holding the all-time scoring record. In a 2022 interview, LeBron confirmed his plans to continue playing, depending on his body and state of mind. Bronny recently underwent successful surgery after suffering cardiac arrest in July.

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