Golden Gal Gadot dazzles in a hilarious game of Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon while promoting Wonder Woman

During her appearance on Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, Gal Gadot looked absolutely stunning in a dazzling gold dress with a plunging neckline. The gorgeous 32-year-old actress played Box Of Lies with the host and her natural beauty was accentuated with subtle waves in her dark brown hair and a simple make-up palette. Don’t miss the video below!

Gorgeous: Gal Gadot stunned in a sparkly, plunging gold dress as she appeared on Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday

Looking absolutely stunning, Gal Gadot appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show on Tuesday in a dazzling gold dress that accentuated her natural beauty. Her makeup was kept simple with dark smokey eye shadow, a touch of mascara, and highlighter to bring out her cheekbones, all topped off with a subtle nude lipstick. The actress, who is set to star in the highly anticipated film Wonder Woman, had some fun with the comedic host as they played a game together on the show. It seems that Gadot is making the rounds to promote her upcoming movie, as a scene from the film was recently released to the public.

Effortless: The 32-year-old chocolate brown beauty shimmered as she played Box Of Lies with the late night talk host

With an effortless charm, the stunning 32-year-old lady with chocolate brown complexion dazzled the audience as she engaged in a fun game of Box Of Lies alongside the talk show host.

Lovely: She wore dark smokey eye shadow, a little mascara, some highlighter to accentuate her cheeks and a little nude lippy

Beautiful: Her makeup was expertly done, with a sultry, dark smokey eye and a touch of highlighter to enhance her cheekbones. She completed the look with a subtle nude lip color. The Israeli actress portrayed a powerful character, facing off against her aunt, General Antiope, played by Robin Right, who trained the princess for war. During their intense battle, Antiope urged her niece to push harder and become even stronger. As the swords clashed, Diana managed to disarm her opponent, but briefly lost focus and looked away.

Messing around: The Justice League actress was seen goofing around with the popular and funny host as they began to play the game

Having some fun: The star of Justice League was spotted having a good time with the well-known and humorous host while they kicked off their game. Suddenly, General Antiope gives her a forceful push and she falls to the ground. ‘Remember, never drop your guard!’ she warns. Do you believe battles are fair? Battles are never fair!’ she shouts as she charges after her relative. Gal steps back, feeling intimidated, but she crosses her arms and sends her aunt flying backward. The movie is set to hit theaters on Thursday.

Not long now: The film will be released in theaters on Thursday

It won’t be much longer until the movie hits the big screen! You can catch it in theaters starting this upcoming Thursday.

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