Golden Gal Gadot Shines in Sexy Corset and Ombre Skirt While Filming Wonder Woman Rescue Scenes with Chris Pine at Secret Italian Beach Spot

On Thursday, Gal Gadot was spotted filming scenes for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie on an Italian beach. The 30-year-old actress looked stunning as she prepared to film battle scenes alongside Chris Pine. She wore a gold one-shoulder corset top paired with a chiffon mini skirt and gladiator sandals, perfectly embodying the role of the iconic superhero. Watch the video below for more glimpses of her on set.

Power to her: Gal Gadot proved she is the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie when she was pictured filming action scenes for the 2017 movie on an Italian beach on Thursday

Having a giggle: Looking every inch the silver screen goddess, she dazzled in a gold one-shoulder corset top which was teamed with a flimsy chiffon mini skirt and statement gladiator sandals

Gal Gadot has proven herself to be an excellent choice for the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie, as evidenced by recent photos of her filming action scenes on an Italian beach. Wearing oversized metal cuffs and sporting a simple ponytail, she fully embodied the famous heroine’s persona. Alongside co-star Chris, she was seen venturing into the sea during certain takes, and was attended by a hair and make-up stylist during breaks to ensure her golden skin looked perfect for the camera. Despite being barefoot, Gal held her own and showed off her true power as Wonder Woman.

Love interest? The action heroine filmed scenes with co-star Chris Pine who was decked out in military-style attire 

Is there a romantic storyline? In the latest action-packed scenes, our heroine was spotted filming alongside Chris Pine, who was dressed in military gear.

Getting along nicely: The pair's costumes complemented one another's as the cameras continued to film

Handsome: Chris cut a handsome figure as he stood tall in his khaki gear

The duo’s outfits harmoniously matched, as they were captured by the ongoing cameras.

It's no easy job: The pair got rather wet as they filmed scenes in the ocean for the highly-anticipated film

It was quite a challenging task: They ended up getting drenched while shooting scenes in the sea for the much-awaited movie.

Don't leave me: She looked as though she was trying to revive her co-star following an accident

Doing her thing: She carefully caressed his body as she made sure he was OK.

Please don’t abandon me: The actress appeared to be attempting to resuscitate her co-star after an on-set mishap. Additionally, she was caught laughing as a crew member poured water over her from an orange container to ensure that she stayed wet for continuity purposes, as the sun was causing her to dry too fast. In other sequences, she showed off her flawlessly coiffed curly locks while chatting with a fellow cast member who was perched on horseback. Wonder Woman chronicles the tale of an Amazonian princess who departs her homeland to discover the world and becomes one of the most legendary female heroes of all time.

Making waves: The star whipped off her shoes as she got stuck into her scene and tended to her co-star while moving him back to dry land

Creating a stir: The famous celebrity took off her footwear as she immersed herself in her performance and took care of her fellow actor, guiding him towards safety on the shore.

One second, please: Gal was regularly doused with water to make sure she continued to look like she had just stepped out of the water, despite the sunshine drying her off 

Super star: In between takes, the beautiful star was tended to by a hair and make-up stylist, who spritz and dabbed her golden skin to make sure it was camera ready

Wait a moment: Gal was frequently sprinkled with water to maintain her appearance as if she had just emerged from the water, even though the heat had already dried her up.

Having a blast: Gal broke out some jokey moves in between takes as she showed that she was really enjoying the day

Having a great time: Gal entertained everyone with her humorous dance moves and playful behavior during breaks, proving that she was thoroughly enjoying the day.

Golden girl: At points, she looked a little pensive as she no doubt got into character while walking along the shoreline

The stunning Gal Gadot has recently graced the big screen as Wonder Woman in the latest superhero flick, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. However, fans of the Israeli actress have another reason to rejoice as a new image of her upcoming 2017 spinoff has been released by Entertainment Weekly. In the photo, Gal is joined by her co-stars Loven Kongsli, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright. Directed by Patty Jenkins, who is known for the movie Monster, this female-helmed superhero film is already generating buzz. Adding to the excitement, Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the popular 1970s TV series, expressed her approval of the new incarnation of the iconic character, saying, “It’s cool, it’s very cool. It just adds to the charm and the legend.” During a recent beach stroll, Gal was spotted looking pensive, possibly getting into character for the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman spinoff.

The actress, Gal Gadot, expressed her enthusiasm for the potential comeback of Lindsay Lohan in the entertainment industry. She stated that she has been trying to keep the talented actress’s career alive for a long time and hopes to see her reemerge. Gal, who plays the role of Wonder Woman, also shared her experience as a parent to her four-year-old daughter. She mentioned that her daughter is fond of dressing up as princesses and is not fully aware of her mother’s character’s significance yet. However, Gal believes that her portrayal of a strong and brave female figure will serve as a positive example for her daughter and other young girls. One incident that made her feel good about playing Wonder Woman was when her daughter expressed her observation that princesses tend to do nothing while the prince saves the day, highlighting the need for more empowering female characters in media.

Getting the light just right: Mother-of-one Gal and Chris looked every inch the true professionals as they went through the motions

Gal and Chris, who are a mother-of-one, appeared to be experts as they perfected the lighting for their project.

Moving on: Further scenes saw her sporting perfectly styled curly hair as she talked to a fellow co-star who sat upon a horse

In the following scenes, she was seen chatting with a cast member who was sitting on a horse while flaunting her curly hair that was perfectly styled.

Troubled times: A battle scene ensues as a group of soldiers appear to attack them 

Amidst difficult circumstances: The situation becomes intense as a troop of soldiers approaches to launch an assault on them.

Scary times: The soldiers wielded their guns in Wonder Woman's direction as they walked along the sand

Frightening moments: As they strolled across the beach, the soldiers aimed their firearms at Wonder Woman.

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