Impressing her man! J.Lo, 47, flaunts her lingerie in see-through emerald attire during night out with A-Rod, 41, in Miami.

Jennifer Lopez, the star of Shades Of Blue, appeared stunning despite her age of 47. She made sure to let her partner know this when they went out for dinner in Miami on Friday. The actress wore a green dress with a sheer top that exposed her white satin bra. Despite this, the World Of Dance star didn’t seem to be uncomfortable and refused to cover up with a jacket or scarf while exiting Casa Tua with her partner hand-in-hand.

Look at me! Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress which had a top portion that was so sheer it showed off her white satin bra underneath when out to dinner on Friday

Hey, check this out! Jennifer Lopez rocked a gorgeous green dress during her dinner on Friday. The top part of the dress was so see-through that it revealed her classy white satin bra underneath.

Her new guy: The 47-year-old star was holding hands with Alex Rodriguez

JLo was spotted with her new beau, Alex Rodriguez, as they walked hand-in-hand. The talented star flaunted a stunning gown that turned heads. The ensemble had a sheer top and a long sheer skirt that accentuated her toned dancer’s legs. She completed the look with a sleek top bun and a pop of bright red lipstick. It’s safe to say that JLo’s style game is still going strong.

Lovely: Lopez's gown was quite the show stopper. In addition to the sheer top, it had a long flowing skirt that was also sheer, showing off her toned dancer's legs

Wow! Lopez’s dress was truly stunning and breathtaking. The top part was made of sheer material which caught everyone’s attention, and the long skirt was also made of sheer material, showcasing her perfectly toned legs, which are a testament to her dancing skills.

Dressed up: Rodriguez, who used to play for the New York Yankees, looked dapper in a blue suit with shirt opened

Sporting a smart suit with an unbuttoned shirt, former New York Yankees player Rodriguez presented himself in a stylish manner. Meanwhile, the glamorous diva elevated her petite stature by seven inches through the use of platform heels. It seemed that Rodriguez was pleased to see his new companion garnering attention and enjoying the limelight.

The next day: The AKA singer hit the gym in Miami with A-Rod close behind

The following day, the talented AKA vocalist was spotted working out at a gym in Miami, with A-Rod right behind him.

Work it: The World Of Dance star looks to be thinner than ever

Let’s discuss the World Of Dance star who appears to have lost weight recently. As he stepped out of the restaurant, fans gathered around hoping to get a glimpse of his girlfriend who graced the cover of Vogue. It’s worth noting that Alex has a track record of dating strong and influential women. One of his previous high-profile relationships was with actress Cameron Diaz during the peak of her career.

They love to sweat together: The two have been hitting the same gym nearly every day

They love to sweat together: The two have been hitting the same gym nearly every day

They enjoy working out in each other’s company: Both of them have been consistently visiting the gym together on a daily basis.

Done! An hour later the star walked out of the fitness center holding only her phone

After an hour of sweating it out at the gym, the celebrity emerged from the fitness center clutching only her trusty mobile device.

The sportsman’s romantic history includes a relationship with Madonna, who supposedly introduced him to the Kabbalah. His most recent partner was Anne Wojcicki. However, he has been seeing Jennifer for some months now and their kids have already had the chance to meet each other.

Friendly: Here H-Lo is seen shaking the hand of a trainer as another trainer looks on

In this photo, we can see H-Lo exchanging greetings with one trainer while another trainer observes. Lopez is a proud parent of twins Max and Emme, who are currently eight years old, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Alex also has two daughters, Natasha and Ella, aged 12 and nine respectively, whose mother is Cynthia Scurtis. Cynthia and Alex were married from 2002 to 2008.

Making new friends in Florida: The star seems to be fitting right in with Alex's pals

It appears that the celebrity is integrating well with Alex’s group of friends in Florida, and they are becoming new acquaintances.

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