“Inside Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Dreamy Wedding: A Collection of Unreleased Photos Shared by the Singer in Celebration of Valentine’s Day”

In late December, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married in secret. However, not many photos from their private wedding were shared. But, on Valentine’s Day, Miley posted several black and white wedding photos on social media to celebrate their love. The first caption read, “My Valentine every single day ❤️ @liamhemsworth.”

NEW! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth wed in secret in late December but not too many photos were shared from their intimate nuptials. That changed on Thursday

Exciting news! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot in a private ceremony last December, but they kept it pretty hush-hush and didn’t share many pictures. However, that all changed on Thursday.

Happy bride: The outspoken singer posted several images to social media to wish her husband a happy Valentine's Day. Next to an image of her looking at her wedding cake, it read, 'L❤️VE YOU Valentine'

A cheerful newlywed shared some lovely photos on her social media account to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her beloved husband. One of the pictures displayed her admiring their wedding cake, while her caption read, “Valentine, I love you to bits!”

Cute: Next the Hannah Montana star wrote, 'Thank you for always bending down to hug me ... I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine!'

Adorable: Then, the famous personality from Hannah Montana expressed her gratitude by saying, ‘I appreciate you for always making an effort to hug me even when I need to tip-toe … I vow to join you halfway on my toes! Happy Valentine’s Day, love!’

After that, the famous Hannah Montana actress expressed her gratitude towards her loved one by stating how much she appreciates them for always showing their affection through hugs. She then added that she promises to always meet them halfway by standing on her tiptoes. In another post, she shared a photo of herself gazing at her wedding cake with the caption “L❤️VE YOU Valentine.” Additionally, she posted three colorful images of herself, one where she held onto her flower bouquet while standing in front of a fireplace adorned with flowers.

Happy Mrs Hemsworth: Then there were three images of Cyrus in color. In one she held on to her bouquet of flowers as she stood in front of a fireplace which had flowers along the edge

Joyful Mrs. Hemsworth: The collection included three colored photos of Cyrus, one of which showed her clutching her bouquet of flowers in front of a fireplace adorned with floral arrangements.

Elegant: Her silk dress came in at the waist and was off the shoulders with a V-neck design

Chic: The waist-hugging silk dress was an off-shoulder style with a V-neckline.

Boogie wonderland: Next she opened her mouth as she danced while being photographed from above

Entering the realm of boogie wonderland, she moved to the rhythm and allowed her voice to escape her lips as the camera captured her from a bird’s eye view.

The images she shared earlier were not a sharp. She was seen kissing Liam after they said I do.

And they were also seen in a close embrace as man and wife

After: The pictures that she previously posted were not very clear. They captured moments of her embracing Liam right after their wedding ceremony and sharing a kiss. Additionally, she also shared a video of herself dancing at the celebration.

No shoes, no problem: Miley danced around in her dress for this video shared earlier

Miley Cyrus was captured dancing in a video she shared recently, showing off her moves whilst wearing only a dress sans shoes. Another photo captured her mid-dance with her mouth wide open as she was being photographed from above. The Last Song actress was seen beaming at the photographer in the last image. The earlier images that she shared were not as clear; one showed her hugging Liam after their wedding and another featured a video of her dancing at the celebration. Recently, Miley also shared a meme featuring a photo from her 2014 performance at the 02 in Dublin where she was lying on the hood of a car with her legs spread in the air.

Valentine's Day message: Cyrus sent out a provocative photo to husband Hemsworth just before Valentine's Day; pictured 2014 in Dublin

Cyrus decided to spice things up with her husband Hemsworth before Valentine’s Day by sending him a suggestive photo. The photo was taken back in 2014 during their visit to Dublin.

Miley Cyrus recently shared a meme on Twitter to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her husband, Liam Hemsworth. The meme featured a photo and the caption read, ‘When it’s Valentine’s Day and bae says hi:’ with Miley tagging Liam and expressing her love for him. Liam responded with a simple ‘Love you.’ Unfortunately, Liam has been dealing with some health issues lately and had to miss the premiere of his new movie, Isn’t It Romantic due to kidney stones. Miley attended in his place and showed support for her husband during this difficult time.


Cheeky: And the former Disney star shared a snap of herself standing in front of one of the movie posters of her beau playing saxophone with the racy caption: 'Getting sick blows. But so do I. Get well soon babe. I love you. Play that sax you sexy f**k.'

The mischievous ex-Disney star uploaded a picture of herself standing before a movie poster featuring her partner playing the saxophone, along with a suggestive message: ‘Being unwell is the worst. But so am I. Get better soon, darling. I adore you. Keep playing that sax, you sexy beast.’ Cyrus also shared a snapshot of her appearance at the MusiCares Person of the Year event, wearing a tight-fitting, gleaming black dress. Liam responded to the photo by commenting, “Wow,” followed by a hands-raised emoji on her Instagram.

Happily ever after: Just a few days before Miley's Valentine's Day tweet, Liam left a rather flirty comment on Cyrus' Instagram; pictured March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Wallis Annenberg Center

A short while before Miley’s lovely Valentine’s Day message on social media, Liam made a playful remark on one of her Instagram posts. This happened back in March 2018 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills.

The love story between Cyrus and Hemsworth began in 2010 while working together on the movie The Last Song. Their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing, as they experienced an engagement in 2012 that ultimately ended in 2013. However, sparks flew once again in January of 2016 when rumors circulated that they had rekindled their romance and engagement. Miley confirmed the news during a guest appearance on the Ellen show in October of 2016. The couple finally tied the knot on December 23, 2018, in a cozy ceremony at their home in Franklin, Tennessee.

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