Insider Tips from J.Lo’s Personal Trainer on Fitness and Wellness

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Jennifer Lopez is not only dominating the entertainment industry, but she’s also committed to maintaining her personal fitness. Known for her intense approach to workouts, J Lo takes her glutes routine seriously, and she supplements it with a well-rounded diet plan. We had the pleasure of speaking to celebrity personal trainer Jay Cardiello, who previously helped Jennifer shape her famous posterior. He shared his tips on how often to train, what to eat, and a unique approach to rest that he recommends. Rather than dedicating each workout to a specific body area like leg day, Cardiello suggests including glute moves in every session, along with working other parts of the body.

According to the trainer, they made sure to target this specific body area during their workouts. However, they didn’t work out every day. To see the best outcomes, he recommends following the program four times a week. J Lo and he took two to three days off each week based on her schedule and workout routine.
To achieve optimal results, Cardiello emphasizes the importance of rapid muscle response training. This technique requires switching up exercises every 30 seconds to trigger your muscles, enhance metabolism and promote fat loss.

According to Cardiello, the workouts he creates are scientifically designed to provide maximum results in a short amount of time. He utilizes a technique called rapid muscle response (RMR), which involves forcing the brain to signal neurons to fire more quickly, resulting in faster muscle activation patterns. This method is extremely effective for building lean muscle mass as it increases the rate at which the brain tells the muscles to contract. J Lo’s training plan consisted of a combination of cardio, strength, agility, and core balance exercises, all based on RMR with 30-second blasts. When it comes to breaks in between exercises, they are only allowed during weighted moves. For bodyweight exercises, there is no rest to burn more fat and sculpt lean muscle, whereas for weighted exercises, 30-60 seconds of rest is necessary to focus on form.

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep cannot be emphasized enough. As a fitness coach, one of my top priorities is ensuring that my clients get at least six hours of sleep before their workout. It’s a non-negotiable aspect of any fitness routine. Another essential element is giving it your all in every workout session. I always tell my clients to push themselves and leave everything on the gym floor. Even when you don’t feel like exercising, it’s important to show up and give it your best effort.

To keep things interesting and effective, Cardiello and Lopez would switch up their workouts in a cycle system. This method was carefully thought out and planned according to a macrocycle, which involved identifying different phases of the workout. For instance, they would start with preparation, utilizing Lopez’s base fitness level, and progress towards the competitive phase where they would go hard and she would be at peak fitness. By keeping a consistent but varied workout routine, Lopez was able to achieve her fitness goals while staying motivated and engaged in her workouts.

On her Instagram account, @JLO, it was revealed that Jennifer Lopez’s trainer, David Kirsch advises the use of a macrocycle and microcycles approach for her workouts. By breaking down her fitness plan into smaller cycles of 1-3 weeks, Kirsch is able to create tailored workout routines for Lopez that are based on her goals and needs. For example, if she needs to increase her training volume, an endurance block could be introduced, or if she needs to build strength, a heavy lifting block might be implemented. Another technique used is the fast flow routine, where workouts are arranged in a way that allows for seamless transitions between exercises, ensuring that no time or energy is wasted. These techniques enable individuals to use their time effectively and work towards their fitness goals efficiently.

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One helpful tip from Cardiello is to group similar exercises together in your workout routine. For instance, you can do all the mat exercises consecutively, followed by the standing moves in a separate segment. Additionally, make sure to include foods from all food groups in your diet. Cardiello recommends using your hand as a guide to portion sizes – one palm for protein, one fist for carbs, two fists for vegetables, and a thumb for fats/oils. This content was first published on Harper’s BAZAAR UK.

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