“Isiah Stewart shoves LeBron James, earning him his first flopping tech of the year”

LeBron James received his first-ever flopping technical penalty during the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday. The incident occurred in the third quarter of the game when James tried to depose Isiah Stewart.

As soon as Stewart noticed James preparing for a charge, he decelerated his movement. James collapsed onto the ground following a gentle push from the Pistons’ player. This resulted in the four-time MVP being penalized for flopping since the referees were unaware that it was an authentic offensive move.

It’s worth noting that there is some bad blood between Isiah Stewart and LeBron James. This stems from a violent altercation they had two years ago, which resulted in Stewart getting a gash above his eye. During the scuffle, Stewart had to be restrained by players, referees, and security guards while blood dripped down his forehead after he tried to attack James, who was playing as the point guard at the time. As a consequence, both players were ejected from the game and subsequently suspended.

During Wednesday’s game, there was a lot of pushing and shoving between the players. It seems like James got the upper hand in his latest encounter with Stewart, as the Lakers have managed to take a 20-point lead by the end of the third quarter and send him off to the bench. The Lakers seem poised to win against the struggling Pistons, with LeBron James leading the charge.

LeBron James and the Lakers had a tough start to the week, suffering their worst loss ever against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday. However, they bounced back with an easy win against the struggling Pistons on Wednesday, who have now lost fourteen games. The Lakers dominated the game, leading 101-76 with a quarter remaining thanks to impressive performances from James, Anthony Davis, and D’Angelo Russell, who currently leads the team in scoring with 29 points. If they win their next game against the OKC Thunder, the Lakers will improve to 11-8, while the Pistons will remain at 2-16.

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