“J-Law’s triumphant comeback: Actress rocks new blonde look in daring outfit for upcoming R-rated comedy, just months after welcoming her bundle of joy!”

On Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence made an appearance on the set of the R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings in Long Island, New York, looking absolutely stunning. The star of The Hunger Games, who is 32 years old, showed off her toned body and ample bust in a hot pink mini dress while shooting scenes with her co-star Andrew Barth Feldman, who is 20 years old. It’s worth noting that Jennifer gave birth to her and husband Cooke Maroney’s first child in February of this year.

Back in action! Jennifer Lawrence looked better than ever as she stepped on set of the R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings in Long Island, New York on Thursday

Wow! The Hunger Games star, 32, flaunted her ample bust and trim frame in a hot pink mini dress while filming scenes with co-star Andrew Barth Feldman, 20

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted on set of the R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings in Long Island, New York looking stunning as ever. The 32-year-old Hunger Games star donned a hot pink mini dress that accentuated her ample bust and trim figure while filming alongside co-star Andrew Barth Feldman, 20. The blonde beauty rocked a sun-kissed look and strutted around in silver heels while her long golden locks cascaded down her chest in loose curls. Her makeup was minimal yet had an ethereal glow thanks to peach blusher and dewy complexion products.

New mama: Back in February, Jennifer gave birth to her and her art dealer husband Cooke Maroney's first child

As a fresh mommy, Jennifer welcomed her first little one with Cooke Maroney, an art dealer, in February.

Glowing: The blonde bombshell rocked a sun-kissed glow and paraded around in a pair of sky-high silver heels

Radiant: The attractive blonde flaunted her sun-kissed complexion as she strutted in a stunning pair of towering silver heels.

Blondie: Her lengthy golden tresses flowed down her chest in loose curls

Radiant: As for makeup, the Academy Award-winner had an ethereal glow achieved with a generous dusting of peach blusher and dewy complexion products

Glammed up and gorgeous, she wore her golden locks in loose curls that cascaded down her chest. To achieve her ethereal glow, the Academy Award-winning actress applied a peach blush and used dewy complexion products.

Jennifer sported a glossy pink lip and heavily mascared lashes, paired with a bedazzled pink choker and silver pendant necklace to complete her stunning appearance. Her co-star Andrew, on the other hand, opted for a more casual look with a white graphic tee and pale yellow shorts. Despite his laid-back outfit, Jennifer still managed to steal the spotlight.

Confidence: Jennifer commanded attention beside co-star Andrew, who was dressed casual in a white graphic tee and pale yellow shorts

Jennifer exuded confidence as she stood next to her co-star Andrew, who opted for a more laid-back look with his white graphic tee and pale yellow shorts. Her presence demanded attention and captivated the eyes of those around her.

Decked out: Jennifer accessorized her sexy look with a jeweled pink choker and a silver pendant chain necklace

Minimalist: Her pout was drenched with a shiny pink lip gloss and her lashes were loaded up with black mascara

Jennifer completed her sultry ensemble by embellishing it with a dazzling pink bejeweled choker and a sleek silver pendant chain necklace.

And action! For the day's shoot, the duo filmed a scene outside of the NYC pet rescue center, North Shore Animal League

Let’s roll! The dynamic duo spent the day shooting a scene outside of North Shore Animal League, a pet rescue center in NYC. Despite wearing heels, Jennifer’s character was tasked with lifting a mountain bike and tossing it into a turquoise van. During breaks, the talented actress was seen smiling brightly at the crew. While there are limited details available about No Hard Feelings, Jennifer’s upcoming comedy, it has been labeled as a ‘hard’ R-rated comedy, which is uncommon as studios are currently prioritizing superhero blockbusters over comedies.

Superwoman! Despite being the one in heels, Jennifer's character picked up a mountain bike with ease

Wow, Jennifer is a real powerhouse! Even though she was wearing heels, she effortlessly lifted a mountain bike.

Camera rolled as Jennifer lugged the bike to a nearby van

Jennifer was captured on camera as she carried the bicycle towards a van located nearby.

Bye bye! She threw the mountain bike into the back of a turquoise van

Farewell! With a quick toss, she loaded the mountain bike into the rear of a charming turquoise van.

The popularity of R-rated comedies has declined and given way to PG-13 films that have a wider appeal. No Hard Feelings, a comedy based on a Craigslist ad by a mother looking for a date for her son before he heads off to college, has been described as similar in tone to Harold and Maude. While the details of the plot are still a mystery, the cast featuring Jennifer’s co-stars have already been confirmed.

R-rated: Few plot details have been released about Jennifer's comedy No Hard Feelings, though it has been described as a 'hard' R-rated comedy, which is a bit of a rarity now as studios have eschewed comedies in favor of big-budget superhero films

No concrete information has been revealed about the plot of Jennifer’s upcoming comedy movie titled “No Hard Feelings”. However, it has been rumored to fall under the category of ‘hard’ R-rated comedies, which are relatively uncommon in today’s film industry dominated by superhero blockbusters.

Double duty: In addition to playing the lead in the project, Jennifer is also one of its producers; Jennifer seen in October

Not only is Jennifer taking on the lead role in the upcoming comedy project, she’s also one of its producers. Fans will recognize her co-star Ebon Moss-Bachrach from popular shows like Girls and The Bear, while Matthew Broderick, Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, Kyle Mooney, and Laura Benanti round out the talented cast. No Hard Feelings began filming in September and promises to be a hilarious addition to Jennifer’s already impressive repertoire.

Revealed: Seven months after giving birth, the acclaimed actress finally revealed in September that she and husband Cooke had welcomed a baby boy named Cy; pregnant Jennifer seen in December 2021

Unveiled: In September, the celebrated actress shared the news that she and her spouse Cooke had become parents to a charming baby boy named Cy, seven months after his arrival. Jennifer, who was pregnant at the time, was spotted in December 2021.

In September, the celebrated actress made an announcement that she and her husband Cooke had become parents to a baby boy named Cy, seven months after giving birth. In Vogue’s October edition, she openly talked about motherhood for the first time. Despite some apprehensions, Jennifer shared with the magazine that the moment her child was born felt like a new beginning in her life.

Motherhood: She spoke for the first time about motherhood in Vogue's October issue . Despite initial fears, Jennifer told the outlet that the moment her son was born felt like 'day one of my life'; Jennifer seen in September

In the October issue of Vogue, Jennifer finally opened up about her experience with motherhood. Although she was initially afraid, she shared that the moment her son was born felt like a new beginning – “day one of my life,” as she described it. Jennifer was spotted last September looking happy and content with her family.

All love: The new addition has also strengthened her love for husband Cooke, who she married back in 2019 following a whirlwind romance; the couple seen in August

After giving birth to her new baby, the celebrity felt like a new chapter of her life began. She was overwhelmed with love and adoration for her newborn baby. This experience also made her realize how much she loves babies in general. Additionally, having a child has also strengthened her love for her husband, whom she married in 2019 after a quick courtship. The new addition to the family has expanded her heart in ways she never thought possible, including her love for her partner.

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