J-Lo Bares All in Behind-the-Scenes Snap with Cardi B for Hustlers Film Debut

In the upcoming movie, Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez is set to portray her most daring character yet. The highly anticipated film will be released on September 13th and will feature an all-star female cast including Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, and Cardi B. On Monday, the 50-year-old actress took to Instagram to post a behind-the-scenes photo of her first scene with Cardi.

Behind the scenes: Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram Monday sharing a behind-the-scenes image of her first scene with Cardi B in Hustlers

On Instagram, Jennifer Lopez recently shared a sneak peek of her first scene with Cardi B in the upcoming film Hustlers. In the behind-the-scenes photo, J.Lo can be seen wearing a purple bra, sheer black panties, and sky-high platform stilettos while sitting on the edge of a stage watching Cardi show off some moves. Cardi looked stunning in a sexy black mini-dress and a pink Von Dutch trucker hat. The caption teased a new trailer for the movie set to come out the following day as a Labor Day surprise.

Like a pro: She recently showed off her impressive pole dancing skills in a new teaser for the film, which dropped Friday

She just flaunted her remarkable talent in pole dancing in a sneak peek of the movie, which was released last Friday. She’s definitely a pro!

Master class: In the clip, the Get Right artist looks sensational as her character Ramona teaches Destiny (Constance Wu) how to contort her body on the pole

In this video, the talented Get Right performer portrays the character of Ramona, who impressively instructs Constance Wu’s character, Destiny, in pole dancing techniques. The artist looks stunning while demonstrating these moves.

Novice dancer: Destiny is left overwhelmed by Ramona's moves as she protests: 'I can't do that. What if you don't have muscles to do that?'

Destiny, a beginner in the world of dance, was taken aback by Ramona’s impressive moves. She expressed her disbelief by stating that she couldn’t possibly perform such complex movements herself. Destiny even questioned whether she had the necessary physical strength to execute them.

Work the pole: To which Jennifer hits back with: 'You can do that, you're going to do that. You have muscles to do this. Every girl has muscles to do this!'

Jennifer Lopez showcased her pole dancing skills in a recent teaser for her upcoming movie. The clip features the star in the character of Ramona, who teaches Destiny (played by Wu) how to perform pole dancing. The Get Right artist executes a range of contortions on the pole to Chopin’s music, including the carousel, Peter Pan, fairy sit, stag, reverse stag, scissor sit, table top, and martini. Jennifer responded to Destiny’s protests with encouragement, stating that every girl has muscles to perform pole dancing.

It takes skill: The singer previously said of her pole dancing moves: 'It's actually really difficult to do these [moves]. It takes skill. It's not like any person can just jump up there and do this... I had a lot of bruises and things'

According to the singer, pole dancing is not something that anyone can easily do as it requires a certain level of skill. She has personally experienced bruises and other physical challenges while mastering the moves.

After confessing her nerves about giving Jennifer a lap dance, Cardi B revealed that the key to giving a successful lap dance is to “rub your vagina on them” in order to earn more money. Jennifer responded by assuring Cardi that every girl has the muscles to perform the dance, but admitted that her own pole dancing skills were challenging and required skill. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Cardi expressed her anxiety about dancing for J.Lo, confessing that her heart was pumping fast.

Squad goals: Lopez stars in the movie as Ramona, a stripper who leads a group of girls in duping Wall Street men out thousands of dollars

Let’s talk about #squadgoals! Jennifer Lopez takes the lead role as Ramona in a thrilling film where she plays a dancer who leads her team of ladies to scam loads of cash from wealthy Wall Street men.

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