“J.Lo celebrates her 52nd birthday in style with Ben Affleck on a luxurious Saint-Tropez getaway aboard a $130M mega-yacht”

Ben Affleck has taken his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez on a lavish birthday vacation to Saint-Tropez after making their reunion official on Instagram. The couple, also known as ‘Bennifer,’ arrived on a private jet, believed to be a Bombardier Global 7500, which cost around $200,000. They then boarded the Valerie, a $130M mega-yacht in the Mediterranean, where they openly displayed their affection. Lopez celebrated her 52nd birthday by flaunting her figure in a bikini and flowing beach wrap on the yacht’s sun deck. Although it is unclear who paid for the trip, Affleck’s net worth is estimated at $150m, and Lopez’s net worth is approximately $400m.

It came just days after the newly reunited couple went 'Instagram official'

Ben Affleck has taken his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez on a romantic birthday trip to Saint-Tropez, shortly after making their reunion public on Instagram.

Affleck, 48, appears to have splurged mightily on the birthday getaway for JLo, who celebrates her 52nd birthday on Saturday, sparing no expense as the couple openly displayed their affection

Ben Affleck, who is aged 48, seems to have gone all out to make Jennifer Lopez’s 52nd birthday celebration a memorable one. The couple were seen openly displaying their affection, and it appears that Affleck spared no expense on the birthday getaway.

Ben Affleck has whisked his sweetheart Jennifer Lopez off for a romantic birthday getaway in Saint-Tropez

As they gazed into the horizon from their opulent $130 million yacht in the South of France, the pair snuggled up to one another.

After flying in to the French Riviera on a private jet, the couple known as 'Bennifer' were quickly whisked away to a luxury mega-yacht in the Mediterranean

Following their arrival via private jet on the French Riviera, the famous duo nicknamed ‘Bennifer’ were promptly taken to a lavish mega-yacht in the Mediterranean.

The $130million yacht is currently on the market and is being rented by Ben Affleck and J.Lo as part of her 52nd birthday celebrations. Pictured is one of the seven bedrooms on board the vessel

Currently up for sale, the luxurious $130 million yacht is being rented by celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in honor of J.Lo’s 52nd birthday festivities. One of the vessel’s seven bedrooms is shown in the image.

A table for 14 is no problem on the boat's deck with open air on three sides to allow warm sea breezes to flow through

Enjoying a meal with a large group of 14 people is not an issue on the boat’s spacious deck. With open air on three sides, you can relish in the warm sea breeze as it flows through.

Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 52nd birthday on a luxury yacht, named Valerie, in St-Tropez with Ben Affleck and family

Jennifer Lopez marked her 52nd birthday by indulging in luxury onboard a yacht named Valerie while in St-Tropez. The star was accompanied by her partner Ben Affleck and their family, making for a celebratory and memorable occasion.

The loved up couple were spotted exchanging kisses and tender embraces on the sun deck

The affectionate duo was seen sharing sweet kisses and fond embraces on the deck basking in the sun.

Singer and actress Jenifer Lopez and boyfriend Actor Ben Affleck pictured packing on the PDA while on a romantic cruise aboard a yacht in the south of France

Jenifer Lopez, a well-known singer and actress, and her boyfriend, actor Ben Affleck, were spotted getting cozy while enjoying a romantic cruise on a yacht in the southern part of France. The couple was seen packing on the PDA, indicating their love and affection for each other.

Lovebirds Affleck and JLo flew into the south of France on Saturday, which marks JLo's 52nd birthday

Affleck and JLo, who are deeply in love, arrived in the south of France on Saturday to celebrate JLo’s 52nd birthday.

Lopez recently rekindled her romance with Affleck - whom she previously dated back in the early 2000s

Lopez has reignited her love affair with Affleck, with whom she had a previous relationship in the early 2000s.

The celebrity couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who have recently confirmed their rekindled romance, will be spending their time together on a luxurious yacht called the Valerie. The yacht, which is currently being sold by Dynamiq Brokerage for $130M, has seven bedrooms spread across six decks for the couple to enjoy. Its theme of wellness is evident through its steam room, Hamman, massage rooms, beauty treatment spaces, gym with a panoramic view of the ocean, and outdoor dining space with a light-up fountain. The vessel, which can accommodate up to 14 guests and is served by a crew of 27, has an onboard pool, Jacuzzi, and elevator. It also has a lounge, cinema, and several cabins across its upper decks. The owners of the boat emphasize privacy and discretion as the design’s core elements to shield guests from prying eyes. The couple arrived in the Riviera on a Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft, which can cover 8,860 miles without refueling and can accommodate up to 19 passengers. An executive shuttle service then transported them to the waiting yacht. In contrast, JLo’s ex, Alex Rodriguez, was seen in the same area on a different yacht with bikini-clad women. Rodriguez and Lopez officially ended their four-year relationship in March, before she rekindled her romance with Affleck, whom she previously dated back in the early 2000s.

A sumptuous birthday cake for JLo is seen ahead of her celebrations with Affleck on Saturday

A lavish birthday cake has been spotted in anticipation of JLo’s upcoming birthday celebration with Affleck on Saturday.

Now making no secret of her rekindled romance with Affleck, the triple-threat entertainer also posted an Instagram photo showing her exchanging a passionate smooch with the two-time Oscar winner

The triple-threat performer has openly revealed her reignited romance with Affleck and even shared a picture on Instagram that displays the couple passionately kissing each other.

Holy moly: Lopez looked positively sensational wearing a red and yellow triangle top with a matching pair of bottoms resting below her hips

Wowza! Lopez appeared absolutely stunning in a triangle top that was a combination of red and yellow, along with a matching pair of bottoms that gracefully rested below her hips.

Dressed to impress: Her impressive abs were on display in the cheeky number as an intricate Dolce & Gabbana robe draped down across her arms

Looking stylish: She rocked a daring outfit that showcased her well-defined abs while donning an elegant Dolce & Gabbana robe that flowed down gracefully from her arms.

Statement pieces: JLo added intrigue to her ensemble with a host of golden necklaces draped down her neck, including a key charm to match a few chains

JLo elevated her outfit by incorporating eye-catching jewelry pieces. She adorned her neck with multiple golden necklaces, featuring a charming key pendant that perfectly complements the rest of the chains.

She tied back her caramel colored hair into a loose bun and let wispy tendrils frame her face while wearing a pair of hot pink wedges on the yacht

As she boarded the yacht, she gathered her caramel-colored locks and fashioned them into a casual bun. A few delicate strands of hair were left loose to gently caress her face. Her feet were adorned in bright and bold hot pink wedges, adding a pop of color to her outfit.

Bennifer enjoyed the sun and cool Mediterranean breeze as they lived it up on the luxury yacht

Bennifer relished the warmth of the sun and refreshing Mediterranean wind while indulging in a lavish yacht experience.

Affleck and JLo are pictured on a romantic cruise aboard a yacht in the south of France on Saturday

On Saturday, Affleck and JLo were spotted enjoying a cozy cruise on a luxurious yacht in the beautiful southern region of France.

Earlier this week it was claimed by People that Lopez is 'madly in love' with on-again beau Affleck and feels they will be together from now on

According to a recent report by People, Jennifer Lopez is deeply in love with her on-again partner Ben Affleck and believes that they will remain together for a long time.

Ben snapped some shots from the yacht with his cell phone's camera while Jennifer looked on

As Jennifer watched, Ben used his cellphone camera to capture a few pictures from the yacht.

The couple have quickly fallen back in love after reuniting just months ago

The duo has rekindled their romance in a short span of time since they got back together a few months ago.

Aboard the ship, the couple got romantic as they celebrated Jennifer's 52nd birthday while a ship employee looked on

While on the ship, the couple enjoyed a romantic moment while celebrating Jennifer’s 52nd birthday. A staff member was present to witness their affectionate display.

Jennifer and Ben stroll the ship before setting sail for the celebration of her 52nd birthday as the couple gets back together

Jennifer and Ben take a leisurely walk around the ship before embarking on their journey to celebrate Jennifer’s 52nd birthday. The couple has reunited, adding to their excitement for the trip.

The massive yacht gave them plenty of room to party as they celebrated JLo's birthday

JLo had an epic birthday celebration on a huge yacht where there was plenty of space for partying. According to People magazine, JLo is head over heels in love with her on-again partner, Affleck, and believes that they will be together forever. The couple has rekindled their romance just a few months ago and is now reportedly fully committed to each other. However, they have both agreed that they don’t need to rush into getting married again yet. A second source revealed that the couple is slowly integrating their lives and families and doesn’t feel the need to get engaged or tie the knot anytime soon.

The couple flew in on a Bombardier Global 7500 - a revolutionary, luxury private jet costing around $200,000. The jet can cover 8,860 miles without refueling and it can be configured to include a double bed (pictured)

The pair arrived via an extravagant private jet, the Bombardier Global 7500, which boasts unparalleled luxury and a price tag of approximately $200,000. This remarkable aircraft has the ability to travel up to 8,860 miles without needing to be refueled and can even be customized to include a cozy double bed (as seen in the image).

The plane has only been in service since 2018 but is top of the range when it comes to luxury and on board amenities

Although the aircraft is relatively new, having entered service in 2018, it boasts exceptional levels of opulence and onboard facilities.

Every seat has an extra-large window and the ambient lighting simulates daylight across time zones to encourage sleeping patterns that will keep jet lag at bay 

Each chair comes equipped with a spacious window, while the gentle lighting mimics natural daylight to help regulate sleep and ward off jet lag, regardless of the time zone.

Entertainment on board is top drawer. Even the standard configuration comes with a TV suite (pictured) that contains a 4K 40-inch high-definition screen, high fidelity speakers and a three-seat divan 

The onboard entertainment is absolutely fantastic. Even the basic setup includes a TV room (as shown in a picture) with a 40-inch HD screen in 4K, top-notch speakers, and a comfortable three-person sofa.

The bathroom that comes with the plane is a cut above the average plane toilet 

The restroom facilities on airplanes are often quite basic, but there are some that stand out in terms of quality. The bathroom that is provided onboard certain aircraft is definitely one of those that exceeds expectations!

Bombardier's designers were able to produce a layout that's an industry first – a cabin with four separate living spaces

The innovative team of designers at Bombardier succeeded in creating a one-of-a-kind interior layout for their latest project. They managed to create a cabin that features not one, not two, not three, but four distinct living spaces. This is a groundbreaking achievement in the industry and truly sets their design apart from others on the market.

'The Global 7500 business jet has proven itself as the highest-performing aircraft in the industry and promises to revolutionize the market and significantly change the business aviation landscape,' says Michel Ouellette, Senior Vice President, Global 7500 and Global 8000 Program

According to Michel Ouellette, Senior Vice President of Global 7500 and Global 8000 Program, the Global 7500 business jet has established its position as the top-performing aircraft in the industry. The plane is set to transform the market and have a substantial impact on the world of business aviation.

Once they boarded, the couple walked around the mega-yacht - with Jennifer in a gorgeous dress and Ben more casual

After getting on the mega-yacht, the couple strolled around while Jennifer flaunted her stunning dress and Ben opted for a more laid-back look.

The couple appeared to be telling each other sweet nothings as they boarded the ship on the French Riviera

As they got on board the ship along the French Riviera, it seemed as though the pair were whispering loving words to each other.

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers greeted the couple at the docks where they boarded the mega-yacht

As they stepped onto the mega-yacht, the couple was welcomed by a stunning arrangement of flowers that adorned the dock.

The couple walked the decks of the ship before setting sail. The arrived to celebrate Jennifer's 52nd by private jet

Before embarking on their journey, the couple strolled through the ship’s decks. They had arrived via private jet to commemorate Jennifer’s 52nd birthday.

Jennifer surveyed the surroundings after boarding the boat with Ben before setting sail along the French Riviera

As soon as Jennifer and Ben got onto the boat, she took a moment to take in the beautiful scenery around her. They were about to embark on a sailing adventure along the gorgeous French Riviera.

The couple wasn't shy about expressing their feelings for one another as the ship was in port - and they were embraced

As the ship docked, the couple openly showed their affection for each other without any hesitation and were seen hugging tightly.

Ben gave Jennifer a tight hug as they boarded the ship and engaged in some PDA ahead of their journey

Jennifer and Ben shared an affectionate moment of hugging tightly as they embarked on their ship, expressing their love for each other through public displays of affection before setting off on their adventure.

A zoomed-in view of Jennifer's hands shows the gorgeous jewelry she was wearing

Taking a closer look at Jennifer’s hands, one can appreciate the stunning jewelry adorning them.

The couple appeared to really enjoy each others' company as they chatted on the deck of the ship before setting sail

The pair seemed to be having a great time conversing on the ship deck prior to embarking.

'They are madly in love' one source said of the couple that's back together after being together in the 2000s

According to a source, the couple who had previously been together in the 2000s has once again rekindled their romance and are now deeply in love.

Ben looks to the shore as the couple boards and gets loved-up before setting sail

As the couple climbs aboard and starts getting cozy, Ben gazes wistfully at the coastline before they embark on their journey.

The couple enjoys the views of the French Riviera before setting sail on the mega yacht

The pair takes pleasure in admiring the picturesque scenery of the French Riviera prior to embarking on their journey aboard the extravagant mega yacht.

Jennifer's mega heels stand out as the 52 year old celebrates her birthday with the trip arranged by Ben

Jennifer is turning 52 and she’s celebrating in style with a trip arranged by Ben. Her mega heels are the talk of the town and make her stand out even more on her special day.

'Bennifer' is back - and a source says they are 'madly in love' and want to 'make this work' after getting back together

According to insiders, ‘Bennifer’ is making a comeback and they are deeply in love and committed to making their relationship work this time around.

Ben snaps pictures as ship staff look on - and Jennifer stuns in her patchwork dress aboard the yacht

As the ship crew watched on, Ben captured some photos while Jennifer wowed in her unique patchwork dress during their yacht outing. A source revealed that the couple is fully committed to making their relationship work and are deeply in love. Furthermore, Affleck, who has faced rehab struggles, admires Lopez’s healthy lifestyle and sees her as a positive influence. According to the same source, she is “wonderful” for him. It seems that Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, are taking their time getting to know their mom’s new partner, who happens to be the former star of Batman.

After flying in to the French Riviera on a private jet, the couple known as 'Bennifer' were quickly whisked away to a luxury mega-yacht in the Mediterranean

Following their arrival at the French Riviera via a private jet, the famous duo ‘Bennifer’ were promptly taken to a lavish mega-yacht in the Mediterranean.

Affleck and Lopez arrive in the French Riviera on Saturday

Affleck and Lopez arrive in the French Riviera on Saturday

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made their way to the stunning French Riviera over the weekend.

On Saturday, the couple arrived in the Riviera on a private jet, and an executive shuttle service whisked them to the waiting yacht

On Saturday, the couple arrived in the Riviera on a private jet, and an executive shuttle service whisked them to the waiting yacht

Over the weekend, the pair made their way to the Riviera via a personal aircraft and were promptly chauffeured to their luxurious yacht by an exclusive shuttle service.

They presumably flew in from Los Angeles, where Lopez was spotted sporting a beaming smile outside her offices in West Hollywood earlier this week

It is assumed that they traveled via airplane from Los Angeles. Recently, Lopez was seen smiling with joy outside her offices located in West Hollywood.

Singer and actress Jenifer Lopez and boyfriend Actor Ben Affleck arrive in the French Riviera on Saturday

On Saturday, Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted in the French Riviera, where they arrived to spend some quality time together.

After disembarking from the private plane, Ben and Jennifer boarded a Mercedes van to the ship. Ben wore a ball cap

Upon arrival from their private plane, Ben and Jennifer hopped into a luxurious Mercedes van that took them to the dock where the ship was waiting. Ben donned a casual ball cap for the excursion.

Ben had a tote bag in tow as he walked down the stairs of the private jet and was met by its staff

As Ben descended the stairs of the private jet, a tote bag was slung over his shoulder. The staff warmly welcomed him and eagerly assisted with his belongings.

Jennifer gets to the landing of the stairs in a gorgeous patchwork dress, with Ben just behind, before setting off for the ship

As Jennifer reaches the landing of the stairs, she looks stunning in her lovely patchwork dress while Ben follows closely behind. They are ready to embark on their journey towards the ship.

Ben carries a backpack and wears khakis as he walks to the red Mercedes van that will take him and Jennifer to the yacht

Ben is walking towards a red Mercedes van, wearing khakis and carrying a backpack. He is about to join Jennifer on their way to the yacht. On the other hand, ARod is chilling on a yacht in St. Tropez with some beautiful women in bikinis, seemingly unaware of ‘Bennifer’s’ arrival. Despite his recent breakup with Lopez, the MLB legend seems to be having a good time as he celebrates his upcoming 46th birthday. In fact, he even joins two of the ladies in an outdoor shower after trying out the inflatable slide on the yacht. Page Six reports that Rodriguez and his group will be staying in Europe for a few more weeks, so he has the perfect distraction from his heartbreak.

Meanwhile, the potential for an awkward encounter hung in the air, after JLo's ex Alex Rodriguez was spotted in the exact same area on Friday, cavorting with a bevy of bikini-clad women on a different yacht

As the day progressed, there was a possibility of an uncomfortable situation arising as JLo’s previous partner, Alex Rodriguez, was seen in the same vicinity on Friday. He was enjoying the company of several women in swimsuits on a different vessel.

Rodriquez was seen enjoying the cool waters on his European vacation, perhaps unaware that the new couple would soon be descending on the area

Rodriquez appeared to be relishing the refreshing waters during his trip to Europe, without any knowledge that the recently formed couple would soon be arriving in the vicinity.

The group will be travelling to Monte Carlo and Ibiza, and there will no doubt be a number of attractive women vying for Rodriguez's affection, given that he is now an eligible bachelor

As the team makes their way to Monte Carlo and Ibiza, it’s inevitable that many gorgeous ladies will catch Rodriguez’s eye. After all, he’s recently become single and ready to mingle.

He's mine: Jennifer Lopez cuddled up to Ben Affleck looking fiercely protective of her man in a photo shared by Leah Remini taken at the actress' 51st birthday party in June

Leah Remini shared a photo on social media from Jennifer Lopez’s 51st birthday party in June, showing the singer cuddled up to Ben Affleck while giving a fiercely protective look. Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez is set to travel to Monte Carlo and Ibiza with a group of friends, where he is expected to attract attention as an eligible bachelor. This yacht outing comes shortly after Lopez and Affleck were seen snuggled up together in a photobooth, with Lopez pressing her body against Affleck’s and giving a stern look at the camera. Affleck had his arm wrapped around her, pulling her close.

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