“J.Lo Shines in Dazzling Semi-Sheer Gown During American Idol Finale Performance with Co-Judges”

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez is an expert when it comes to delivering an amazing performance. During the American Idol finale, she wowed the audience with her rendition of Rihanna’s hit song, Diamonds, while donning a stunning, sparkly gown that left little to the imagination. The 45-year-old singer and actress shared the stage with fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., both of whom are also in their late 40s. Check out the video below to see her incredible performance for yourself!

Putting on a show! Jennifer Lopez dazzled the crowd at the American Idol finale with a cover of Rihanna's song Diamonds

Jennifer Lopez stole the spotlight at the American Idol finale with her stunning performance of Rihanna’s hit song, Diamonds. The audience was left in awe as Jennifer took the stage, holding a microphone that glittered under the bright lights. Her co-judges, Keith and Harry, played their part as she belted out the lyrics with her mesmerizing voice. While they stuck to their matching black outfits, Jennifer oozed glamour in a sparkling dress and oversized hoop earrings. Her sleek hair cascaded down her back, and her face was radiant with loads of smoky eye shadow. It was a show-stopping performance that left everyone wanting more.

Stealing the show: The 45-year-old singer wowed in a barely-there semi-sheer gown

With all eyes on her, the 45-year-old vocalist stunned the crowd in a revealing semi-transparent dress.

Not alone: J.Lo was joined on stage by fellow judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban

J.Lo had some company while on stage – her fellow judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban joined her.

Bold move: The dramatic number highlighted the star's toned curves in all its glory

Impressive move: The stunning figure accentuated the celebrity’s fit physique in a spectacular manner.

Cheeky! The star delighted her loyal fans with both her vocals and her aesthetic

Cheeky! The star delighted her loyal fans with both her vocals and her aesthetic

Sassy! The celebrity pleasantly surprised her devoted followers with not only her singing abilities but also her overall appearance.

Doing her thing: The singer powered through some of her high notes during the live gig

Performing with ease, the songstress effortlessly hit some of her most challenging high notes during the live concert.

Very pleasing: The stars got the glittering crowd to their feet with their performance 

The audience was thrilled as the stars took the stage and delivered a captivating performance that got them all on their feet. Jennifer’s rendition of a popular pop song set the tone for the night, and when Keith chimed in with his powerful voice, the atmosphere became electric. Their talent shone throughout the evening, and they continued to impress the crowd with their musical prowess. Jennifer even swapped her elegant gown for a stylish black mini dress to join Pitt Bull and Prince Roy on stage for a lively rendition of “Back It Up.” The backup dancers added to the spectacle, while Pitt Bull looked sharp in his signature ensemble of beige slacks, a handsome blazer, and shades. Overall, it was a delightful and unforgettable night of entertainment.

Dream team? The superstar and Keith perfected their harmonies together for audience

Could this be the ultimate dream team? The superstar and Keith have seamlessly blended their voices together, creating perfect harmonies that are sure to captivate any audience.

Passionate: The Waiting For Tonight songbird had a deep in her facial features

Enthusiastic: JLo, the songstress behind Waiting For Tonight, had an intense expression in her face.

Sharing the spotlight: After Jennifer performed Diamonds, Keith opened up a cover of Bruno Mars' song Locked Out Of Heaven

Let’s talk about sharing the stage! Jennifer wowed the audience with her rendition of Diamonds and then Keith took over with a cover of Bruno Mars’ hit Locked Out Of Heaven. It was a great collaboration between the two performers.

Coming through: Jennifer happily strutted her lean and slender frame on stage

Moving forward: With a wide smile on her face, Jennifer confidently walked onto the stage, displaying her toned and slender physique.

Diamonds: J-Lo worked her magic while Keith strummed the strings of his guitar

J-Lo and Keith collaborated to create a magical moment as she dazzled with her diamond jewelry and he played the guitar.

Soulful: Jennifer was clearly putting her all into the stirring performance

With such intense fervor and passion, it was evident that Jennifer was pouring her heart and soul into the mesmerizing display.

Moment of truth: Harry remained seated at the back of a Baby Grand piano

Truth be told: Harry chose to stay put on the rear end of a Baby Grand piano.

Showing what they've got: The judges happily joined forces for the series finale

The finale of the series witnessed judges coming together to showcase their talents with enthusiasm.

All together now: Jennifer and Keith belted out the lyrics to the 2012 pop hit

In unison, Jennifer and Keith enthusiastically sang the words to a popular pop song from 2012.

Doing her thing: Keith happily let the songstress take centre stage

Keith was content to watch the songstress shine as she took the spotlight and performed her heart out.

Showing what he's got! Keith also performed Even The Stars Fall For You 

Keith showed off his talent by performing Even The Stars Fall For You at the American Idol finale, where a line-up of star-studded performances took place. Steven Tyler made a comeback and sang Love Is Your Name and Piece Of My Heart with contestant Jax. Fall Out Boy rocked the stage with finalists Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham by singing Centuries, while Jamie Foxx wooed the crowd alongside Rayvon Owen. The event was also graced by New Kids On The Block and Janelle Monae, who donned a gold tiara and danced with her team of back-up dancers. In the end, the winner was the handsome rocker Nick, who triumphed over Clark to become the newest American Idol.

Here she comes: Jennifer looked flawless in a stunning black lace gown as she made her grand entrance

Suddenly appeared the gorgeous Jennifer, who looked absolutely flawless in her stunning black lace dress as she made her grand arrival.

Fan friendly: The mother-of-two happily greeted some of her loyal fans

Approachable to admirers: With joy, the mother of two warmly welcomed a number of her devoted supporters.

A beauty: With her long blonde locks tied up, the singer drew attention to her facial features with well-defined eyes and a slick of pink lipstick

A beauty: With her long blonde locks tied up, the singer drew attention to her facial features with well-defined eyes and a slick of pink lipstick

The gorgeous singer had her beautiful long blonde hair styled in an updo, allowing her stunning facial features to take center stage. Her eyes were defined flawlessly, and she completed the look with a touch of pink lipstick.

But first... the American star stopped to take a selfie on her phone

Before anything else, the popular American celebrity paused to snap a quick self-portrait using her mobile device.

Passion: Jennifer performed Prince Royce's latest single Back It Up alongside Pitt Bull

Jennifer showed her love for music by taking the stage and performing Prince Royce’s newest hit, Back It Up, with the help of Pitt Bull.

Sultry: The singer nuzzled her nose against the heartthrob

With a sultry move, the vocalist pressed her nose against the heartthrob.

Showing what she's got! The singers grooved to the tune of the music as a bevy of back-up dancers frolicked beside them

The female singers danced along to the rhythm of the music, accompanied by a group of backup dancers. Nick was at a loss for words when he won and decided to interrupt his first single performance to embrace and kiss his family in the audience. Hailing from Guildford, Connecticut, the Adam Levine doppelganger was the likely favorite to win the competition based on the judges’ critiques throughout the season. However, during the live finale event, Nick became completely overwhelmed as his name was announced as the winner, in front of an audience that included Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and former Idol judge Steven. He was surrounded by fellow contestants from Season 14 and when asked for his reaction, he confessed that he couldn’t even process his thoughts.

Rock on! Steven Tyler jumped onto stage in a festive ensemble 

Awesome! Steven Tyler made an energetic entrance on stage in a colorful outfit.

Wowing the crowd: The rock star was clearly in the moment as he belted into the microphone

Impressing the audience: The musician was fully present as he sang passionately into the mic.

Her time to shine too! Former contestant Jax jumped in to sing as well

It’s her moment to step forward and show her talent! Jax, who previously participated in the competition, joined in and showcased her vocals too.

What a show: He was warmly greeted by Miss Lopez, who was standing by the stage

The performance was quite a spectacle as Miss Lopez welcomed him with open arms while standing near the stage.

Beaming: The star certainly appeared to be in his element

Radiant: The celebrity seemed to be fully immersed and comfortable in his surroundings.

Stirring: Jamie Foxx and contestant Rayvon Owen shared the spotlight for a soulful song 

The stage was ignited as Jamie Foxx and Rayvon Owen worked together to deliver a moving performance. They harmonized perfectly for a soulful song that left the audience in awe.

All eyes on him: Jamie was poised as he sat behind the piano in a sharp suit

Everyone’s attention was on Jamie as he sat elegantly at the piano, dressed in a sleek suit.

Livening up the show: Fall Out Boy belted out beside finalists Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani 

Adding some excitement to the performance, Fall Out Boy jammed alongside finalists Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani.

Taking the stage: New Kids On The Block had the audience in the palm of their hand as they took centre stage

As they stepped onto the stage, New Kids On The Block effortlessly captured the attention of their audience, holding them in the palm of their hand throughout their performance.

Wowza: Janelle Monae wore a gold tiara as she performed beside her team of back-up dancers

Oh my goodness: Janelle Monae rocked a stunning gold tiara during her performance with a group of backup dancers.

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