J-Lo Shows Off Svelte Figure Leaving Gym with A-Rod, Amidst Controversy Over Motown Performance at Grammys.

Last week, Jennifer Lopez wrapped up her 10-day diet that excluded both sugar and carbs. Despite indulging in a pizza and chicken wings feast to celebrate the end of the regime, the 49-year-old World Of Dance celebrity maintained her svelte figure as she exited a Miami gym with her partner, Alex Rodriguez. However, the singer stirred up a controversy online when reports suggested that she would be performing a Motown tribute during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday – which happened to fall during Black History Month in February.

Maybe she's hungry again? Jennifer Lopez touched her tummy as she left a gym in Miami on Wednesday

Jennifer Lopez was spotted leaving a gym in Miami and was seen touching her tummy, prompting some to speculate she may be hungry. Social media users are not pleased with the recent ceremony as no musician from the record company was chosen to celebrate the label’s 60th anniversary. Famous artists who have worked with the prestigious firm, responsible for legendary soul musicians such as The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and The Supremes, have reportedly been overlooked. While J-Lo is predominantly known for her Latin pop music, a commercial promoting her performance aired on CBS on Monday, but the Recording Academy has yet to confirm the announcement.

Good form: As she left the gym, Jenny opted for a bright red crop top that stopped short just below her chest. Her abs were on display proving that even though 50 is around the corner she looks more like 30. Seen with Alex

Jenny chose a vibrant red crop top that ended just below her chest as she departed from the gym. Her toned abs were visible, demonstrating that despite approaching 50, she appears much younger, almost like she is in her 30s. Alex was spotted accompanying her.

Feeling down? That same day she sparked outrage online after it was claimed she will be performing a Motown tribute at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday. February is also Black History Month

Not feeling your best? There’s some news about a controversial performance at the upcoming 61st Annual Grammy Awards that caused quite a stir online. Apparently, there are reports that a particular artist will be paying tribute to Motown music, which has sparked outrage among some people. It’s worth noting that February also happens to be Black History Month.

After finishing her workout, Jenny decided to wear a striking red crop top that revealed her toned abs, proving that despite approaching 50, she appears much younger. To complete her look, the Shades Of Blue star chose red and blue patterned leggings and black-and-white sneakers. Her large hoop earrings provided a touch of Bronx flair, while her sleek pulled-back hairstyle added elegance. Accompanying her was her partner A-Rod, who opted for an all-black outfit with black sneakers and white soles, along with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The couple appeared to be in a great place, as evidenced by the 43-year-old athlete’s tribute to his girlfriend of two years, shared on Monday.

No ring: Fans expected  Rodriguez to propose to Lopez on their two year anniversary of dating. But on Monday the 43-year-old athlete threw cold water on those hopes with his Instagram tribute to the 49-year-old singer whom he calls Macha 13

Despite fans’ expectations of a proposal on their second anniversary, Rodriguez, 43, poured cold water on those hopes with his Instagram tribute to his 49-year-old partner, Lopez, whom he affectionately calls Macha 13.

Alex can do better: The former baseball star said he didn't know where the future took them: 'Where this road will take us next is unknown but there is no one else I would rather have by my side'

Alex has room for improvement: The ex-baseball player expressed uncertainty about their future, stating that he doesn’t know where their journey will take them. However, he acknowledged that he couldn’t imagine going through life without his partner, Macha 13, who he’s been with for two years now. Despite the short duration of their relationship, Alex feels like they’ve been together for a lifetime and believes that they’re meant to be. They’ve shared many experiences together, from watching baseball games to traveling the world and attending shows in Las Vegas. Alex treasures every moment spent with Macha 13 and is excited about what lies ahead for them, even though it’s uncertain. He’s looking forward to embarking on this new journey with Macha 13 by his side.

He is being cautious: Though his tribute overall was very sweet and loving, he made it clear he didn't know if wedding bells were in the future or not. Seen with his two daughters and her twins

He’s playing it safe: Even though his tribute was full of affection and tenderness, he made it evident that he’s not sure if marriage is on the horizon. He was spotted with his two daughters and her twin babies.

So much family fun: When not working, the stars spend a lot of family time together

The stars not only work hard but also enjoy quality family time together. Macha’s dedication and hard work are truly admirable, inspiring her partner to be a better person every day. Their bond is truly special, and words cannot express the love and gratitude they have for each other. The couple recently shared photos of themselves and their children, showcasing their love and affection for one another. Jennifer also shared a photo collage on Instagram, expressing her love for her partner and the beautiful memories they’ve shared together.

'So much love': Lopez couldn't contain her emotion as she marked two years with boyfriend  Rodriguez

Lopez was overflowing with emotions as she celebrated her two-year anniversary with her boyfriend Rodriguez, exclaiming how much love they share.

Could it be? With her hashtag, the star wrote 'a tap on the shoulder' which could appear to hint at how they first met, or how they began their now-romance

Is it possible? The celebrity used a hashtag and wrote ‘a tap on the shoulder’ which could suggest how they initially crossed paths, or how their current relationship began.

She started her message by stating that she had spent two years filled with laughter, fun, adventures, growth, and learning. She also mentioned the presence of true friendship and an abundance of love that made her world a beautiful and secure place. Despite the constant changes and movements in their lives, her partner made her feel like a teenager experiencing new things once again. She expressed her surprise at how he never failed to amaze her, reminding her of how lucky she was to have found him at this specific moment in time. She ended her message with the words “Te Amo Macho” and included the hashtag “a tap on the shoulder,” which could possibly allude to the way they met or how they started their romantic relationship.

Memories: The singer's shared a photo collage, which also included a snap of their blended families during Christmas. Both have two children each, of whom they share with others

Recollections: The songbirds uploaded a collection of pictures that captured their lovely moments together. The compilation even featured an adorable shot of their combined families celebrating Christmas. Each of them has two kids, but they share custody with their respective ex-partners. The series began with a close-up photo that showcased the couple’s affectionate gaze towards one another. Moreover, Jennifer seemed to have taken some stunning snapshots of her dashing beau, which were also part of the collage.

Her hot bod: She just came off a 10 day diet. Diddy, her ex, said OMG at this image while AROD said, 'Lucky me'

After following a strict 10 day diet, Jennifer Lopez is flaunting her impressive figure in a photo that made her ex, Diddy, say “OMG” and her current beau, AROD, exclaim “Lucky me”. Despite being married thrice to Ojani Noa, Chris Judd, and Marc Anthony respectively, JLo was also engaged to Ben Affleck and had a long-term relationship with former backup dancer, Casper Smart. Meanwhile, AROD was previously married to Cynthia Scurtis from 2002-2008 and has dated high-profile women such as Anne Wojcicki, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson. In exciting news, Jennifer has been announced to perform a tribute to Motown during the upcoming Grammy Awards.

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