J.Lo Sparkles in New Promise Ads: How Her Family Fuels her Success at 50

Jennifer Lopez is currently promoting her latest fragrance, Promise, which comes almost two decades after the successful launch of her first scent, Glow, in 2002. The inspiration behind the perfume’s name came from a valuable piece of advice she received from billionaire Warren Buffet years ago; that her brand represents a promise to her loyal fans. In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com on Wednesday, the 50-year-old superstar discussed her personal life and the vital role her female family members play in inspiring her to persevere and keep pushing forward.

Sensational: Jennifer Lopez is plugging her new fragrance after launching her first scent, Glow, in 2002. The perfume is called Promise, which was inspired from the advice financier Warren Buffet gave her years ago: that her brand is a promise to her fans

Exciting news! Jennifer Lopez has announced the release of her latest fragrance, following the success of her debut scent, Glow, back in 2002. The new perfume is called Promise and it was inspired by financier Warren Buffet’s counsel to J.Lo that her brand is essentially a promise to her devoted fans.

Girl power: On Wednesday the 50-year-old siren talked exclusively to DailyMail.com about her life behind that 'promise' as she admits it is the women in her family that give her 'strength' and make her want to 'keep going'

In an interview with DailyMail.com on Wednesday, the famous 50-year-old celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, expressed her admiration for the women in her family who provide her with inspiration and strength. She mentioned that their resilience is what keeps her going every day. When asked about who inspires her, Lopez didn’t hesitate to name her mother, sisters, and daughter. Her mother Guadalupe, now 73 years old, raised her in the Bronx, while her sister Lynda used to work as a journalist but now works for Jennifer. Her other sister Leslie is a homemaker, and her daughter Emme is 11 years old. Moreover, Lopez helps co-parent her boyfriend Alex’s daughters Ella and Natasha, whose mom is Cynthia Scurtis, A-Rod’s ex-wife.

Sister Lynda: Here the star is seen with her sibling in April

Sister Leslie: Jenny put her hand on he sister's tummy in 2004

In April, the renowned World of Dance celebrity was seen alongside her sister Lynda. Additionally, a snapshot from 2004 captured her with another sister named Leslie.

Her mommy! With mother Guadalupe on ABC's The View in 2018

Oh wow, look at her mom! Guadalupe appeared on ABC’s The View back in 2018 alongside her daughter.

All getting along: Here Jennifer is seen with fiance Alex Rodriguez as well as his ex Cynthia and her new beau. The children are: Jen's two kids Max and Emme and Alex and Cynthia's daughters Natasha and Ella

In the photo, Jennifer can be seen with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, his ex-partner Cynthia, and her new partner. The blended family includes Jen’s two children, Max and Emme, and Alex and Cynthia’s daughters, Natasha and Ella. When Jennifer first started her career in Hollywood, she faced challenges and turned to her mother and sisters for support. She considers being a mother to her two children as her most important role and is willing to prioritize them even if it means traveling extensively. Jennifer is supportive of her daughter Emme’s singing aspirations and wants her to feel empowered to achieve anything she sets her mind to. The proud moment of performing a duet with her daughter during her tour exemplifies the endless possibilities that await Emme.

Girls rule: Jennifer also said that the people who inspire her most are in her family: ' My mother, sisters, and daughter. 'The strength I see in each and every one of them every day is what keeps me going'

According to Jennifer, girls are in charge! She shared that her biggest inspirations come from her own family members, including her mother, sisters, and daughter. Observing their daily display of inner strength motivates her to keep pushing forward.

Family is everything: And when she had a tough time in her 20s when starting out in Hollywood she turned to them. 'I leaned on my family,' said the siren, whose breakout role was Selena

Family is the backbone of our lives, and during her initial days in Hollywood when she faced challenges in her 20s, she found solace in her family. The stunning actress, who rose to fame with her role as Selena, revealed that she relied on her loved ones for support.

Thanks Warren! As far as her latest perfume, she was careful with choosing the name. 'When we started to think of the concept for my next perfume I kept going back to the phrase “a brand is a promise” something that Warren Buffet told me at dinner a few years back'

Warren’s words were greatly appreciated by the Amor Amor Amor singer when it came to naming her latest perfume. She wanted a name that promised something special to her customers. Speaking about her work ethic, she emphasized the importance of hard work and perseverance to her children, adding that setbacks are only opportunities to grow. The Dinero singer also revealed that she viewed reaching 50 as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. She is currently shooting a movie alongside Owen Wilson titled Marry Me.

Motto: And she wants her kids to know that doing a good job is a priority. 'Hard work pays off. Find something you love doing and are passionate about, and don’t stop until you accomplish your goals. It is OK to make mistakes, but it’s how you come back from them and grow that makes it all worth it in the end,' said the pinup

The pinup wants her children to understand the importance of hard work and the rewards it can bring. She advises them to find something they love and are passionate about and not to give up until they achieve their goals. Although she acknowledges that making mistakes is inevitable, she emphasizes that it’s how one learns from them and grows that matters in the end. Looking forward, she is excited about her future as both a career woman and a mother. In choosing the name for her latest perfume, she was inspired by a phrase she heard from Warren Buffet: “a brand is a promise.” With this in mind, she named her fragrance Promise, believing that everything she puts out into the world should represent a pledge to her fans.

A stretch: Jenny talked the bottle's design. 'The bottle is inspired by the many facets in a woman’s life. There are so many strong women that juggle being entrepreneurs, moms, wives, daughters, and so on, so we designed the bottle to reflect this'

Jenny discussed the inspiration behind the design of the bottle, highlighting how it represents the different roles that women play in their lives. She also emphasized the fragrance’s appeal, which combines floral and woodsy notes to create a feeling of sexiness and beauty. When asked about her beauty essentials, Jenny pointed out the importance of moisturizer, especially when traveling frequently. She revealed that her preferred moisturizer is always on hand to combat any dryness caused by traveling.

At the big launch: She wore a white suit to celebrate Promise

During the major launch event, Promise was celebrated by the actress who donned a stunning white suit. Apart from this, the nominee for Independent Spirit Award also spoke about her involvement in the film Hustlers. She shared that filming Hustlers had been such a remarkable and empowering experience for her. It was a different kind of role that demanded her to appear nearly naked in front of a room full of crew and extras and dance. However, putting herself out there both physically, emotionally, and psychologically had been a liberating experience for her. She further added that working with Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and Cardi B was so much more powerful and unique than any other movie she had worked on. With diversity both in front of and behind the camera, the stage had been set for them to bring this incredible story to life.

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