“J.Lo’s Effortless Style Shines in Five Outrageous Outfits at Star-Studded Concert for Puerto Rico Relief”

Jennifer Lopez’s roots trace back to Puerto Rico, which motivated her to spearhead the fundraising efforts for the hurricane-ravaged island at the One Voice: Somos Live Concert. The multi-talented 48-year-old donned five different costumes throughout the event, impressing the audience with her stage presence as well as her philanthropy.

It's personal: Jennifer Lopez led the charge to raise money for the storm damaged territory at the One Voice: Somos Live Concert on Saturday night

Jennifer Lopez spearheaded the effort to collect funds for areas affected by the storm at the One Voice: Somos Live Concert on Saturday. She kicked off the night in a glitzy outfit adorned with sequins, tassels and long sleeves, accompanied by sparkly tights and silver thigh-high boots to complete her sparkling ensemble. Her caramel locks were parted in the middle and left to flow beyond her shoulders. Later, when she took over as the host for the event, she swapped her attire for a black strapless top, accented with a black belt and a sizeable watermelon-hued skirt that flowed freely.

This glamorous woman began her night in a dazzling silver ensemble adorned with sequins, tassels, and elegant long sleeves.

Complementary: Matching sparkly tights and thigh high silver boots completed her shimmering ensemble

To complete her dazzling outfit, she wore some shiny tights and silver boots that perfectly matched.

Eye-catching: When she transitioned into hosting the event, she underwent a wardrobe change that saw the Grammy winner don a black strapless top, black belt and huge, billowy watermelon skirt

Interesting: As she took over the hosting duties, the famous singer changed her outfit into a stunning black strapless top, paired with a black belt and a beautiful watermelon skirt that flowed gracefully around her. The intricate tropical floral pattern on the billowy skirt added more charm to her appearance, as it diagonally slashed down the garment. Later, she also appeared in another costume for her second performance. This outfit was a dazzling red sequined leotard, which flaunted a massively plunging neckline, grabbing everyone’s attention instantly.

Glittering gal: Her final costume consisted of a brilliantly gleaming red sequined leotard, which included a massively plunging neckline

Sparkling lady: For her ultimate outfit, she wore a stunningly bright red leotard adorned with sequins, and featured an incredibly deep v-neckline.

Leggy: Silver tights and silver high heel booties rounded out the memorable look

Leggy had a memorable outfit that consisted of silver tights and matching high heel booties.

Passionate: J Lo looked like she was enjoying herself on stage

Passionate: J Lo looked like she was enjoying herself on stage

Enthusiastic: Jennifer Lopez appeared to be having a great time while performing on stage.

Toning it down: A thigh high split was the main feature of her navy blue number

Taking it easy: The standout feature of her navy blue outfit was a thigh-high split that added some extra flair.

Business casual? A white jumpsuit with sheer panels at the shoulders was her final look

For a more laid-back office dress code, how about trying a stylish white jumpsuit with see-through shoulder panels? This unique fashion choice was the last outfit worn by the lady in question.

Slick: Ex Marc Anthony, 49,  opted for white shirt and blue trousers

Marc Anthony, who is a former partner of Jennifer Lopez, made a fashion statement by wearing a white shirt and blue trousers with silver tights and high heel booties. He also wore a navy blue dress with a slit on the left leg and a white jumpsuit with sheer panels at the shoulders. He was joined by his new beau, Alex Rodriguez, who wore a blue velvet blazer. The duo spent time together during the event.

Unique: Demi Lovato, 25, took the stage at one point, and belted out one of her hits in a pink lace frock with baggy sleeves

Original: Demi Lovato, the famous 25-year-old singer, rocked the stage with one of her popular hits while wearing a stylish pink lace dress featuring loose-fitting sleeves.

Back to basics: Fellow pop sensation Selena Gomez, 25, kept things far simpler, opting for an oatmeal-hued sweater and dark bluejeans for her appearance

Let’s talk about simple fashion choices. Selena Gomez, a well-known pop star at the age of 25, kept it basic for her public appearance by wearing an oatmeal-colored sweater paired with dark blue jeans.

All crossed up: Selena did her best behind the phones

Selena gave it her all while managing phone calls and handling the workload.

Steely: Mary J Blige, 46, wowed in a silver number with a plunging neckline and matching scarf

Mary J Blige, who is 46 years old, looked stunning in a silver outfit that featured a deep neckline and a coordinating scarf.

Ageless: As usual Gwen Stefani, 48, turned some heads thanks to her multicolored tassel-heavy shirt, black miniskirt and black thigh high combination

Ageless: As usual Gwen Stefani, 48, turned some heads thanks to her multicolored tassel-heavy shirt, black miniskirt and black thigh high combination

The evergreen Gwen Stefani, who is 48 years old, once again caught everyone’s attention with her vibrant tassel-laden shirt, black mini skirt, and black thigh-high boots. The fundraising event was graced by several other high-profile celebrities, including Demi Lovato, who sang one of her hits in a baggy-sleeved pink lace gown. Selena Gomez, on the other hand, kept it simple yet elegant, wearing an oatmeal sweater and dark blue jeans. Mary J Blige looked stunning in a silver outfit that featured a plunging neckline and matching scarf.

Impeccable style: Reality queen Kim Kardashian, 36, also kept things reasonably simple with a grey ribbed spaghetti strap dress

Stylishly simple: The famous reality star, Kim Kardashian at 36 years of age, opted for an elegant yet understated look in a grey, ribbed spaghetti strap dress.

Friends: High School Musical star Hudgens (right), 28, also kept things simple with a white blouse with a v-neck

Buddies: The well-known actress from High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens (at the right), opted for a straightforward approach by wearing a white top that had a v-shaped neckline.

Happy to help: Actress Ruby Rose, 31, chose a white piped blazer for her turn behind the phones

Actress Ruby Rose, aged 31, was more than willing to assist and picked a white blazer with piping details for her stint at the phones.

Pretty pairing: Ciara and Heidi Klum shared a laugh on the phones

Themed: Body Party songstress Ciara, 31, looked relaxed in a white tank and pink kimono with an undersea design. She was accompanied by husband Russell Wilson

Ciara, the artist behind the hit song “Body Party,” caught the eye of onlookers with her casual yet chic attire consisting of a white tank and a pink kimono adorned with an underwater design. Her husband, Russell Wilson, accompanied her to the event. The ever-stylish Gwen Stefani, at 48 years old, donned a tasseled multicolored shirt, a black miniskirt, and black thigh-high boots that added to her edgy look. Reality star Kim Kardashian opted for a simple grey ribbed spaghetti strap dress that complimented her curves. Actress Ruby Rose, who manned the DJ booth, wore a sophisticated white piped blazer. Meanwhile, Vanessa Hudgens kept it sweet and simple with a white v-neck blouse.

Studious: Avatar beauty Zoe Saldana, 39, kept things low key in a black tank top and stylish red specs

Charming star Zoe Saldana, known for her role in Avatar, chose a casual look with a black sleeveless top and trendy red glasses.

Rebel with a cause: The multi-talented Jared Leto, 45, brought some intensity to the proceedings, choosing to brood in a moody leather biker jacket, flannel shirt and jeans

Jared Leto, a versatile artist at the age of 45, added some drama to the event by opting for a sulky look with a stylish leather biker jacket, paired with a flannel shirt and jeans. He is a rebel with a purpose!

Meaningful: Gina Rodriguez, 49, was no doubt very moved by the scene, as she also has family of Puerto Rican descent

Touching: The sight must have deeply affected Gina Rodriguez, aged 49, because she also comes from a background with Puerto Rican roots.

For a good cause: Actor Jesse Williams was one of the many celebs manning the phones

Doing their part for a charitable purpose, Hollywood star Jesse Williams joined fellow celebrities in answering phone calls. Ciara, known for her hit song “Body Party,” donned a white tank top and a pink kimono featuring an underwater design, looking at ease. Meanwhile, Project Runway’s Heidi Klum was seen in a chic black and gold outfit with sheer details, exuding elegance at the event. Avatar actress Zoe Saldana chose to keep it simple yet stylish with a black tank top and trendy red glasses.

Favorite look? Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel, 50, chose a classic black v-neck and black trouser mix

What’s Vin Diesel’s go-to style? The 50-year-old Fast and the Furious actor prefers a timeless combination of a black V-neck shirt paired with black trousers.

Participant: Victoria Justice, 24, looked as though she enjoyed being part of the effort

Victoria Justice, aged 24, seemed to relish the opportunity to be part of the event, while seasoned performer Jared Leto, 45, added a touch of gravity by donning a moody leather biker jacket, flannel shirt and jeans. It is likely that Gina Rodriguez, aged 49, was moved by the scene, given her familial ties to Puerto Rico. Finally, Vin Diesel, aged 50, kept it classic with a black v-neck and black trousers.

Old School: Mary Steenburgen, husband Ted Danson and TV vet Debra Messing were on hand

Rewritten: Mary Steenburgen, along with her spouse Ted Danson and television veteran Debra Messing, made an appearance.

That charity show! Wilmer Valderrama 37, chose a shirt emblazoned with a tiger 

Oh my goodness, did you catch that charity event? Wilmer Valderrama, who’s 37 years old, sported a pretty cool shirt with a tiger on it.

Not normal: Funnywoman Ellen DeGeneres, 59 looked somewhat somber for the show

Unusual: Ellen DeGeneres, the hilarious comedian at 59 years old, appeared more serious than her usual self on the show.

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