“J Lo’s Gym Style: Blue Crop Top and Leggings Combo Showcases Her Fit Figure in NYC”

Despite rumors of her partner’s infidelity, Jennifer Lopez remains unfazed and confident. The 49-year-old actress was spotted heading to a gym in New York City looking absolutely fabulous.

Beautiful in blue: Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely fabulous as she headed to the gym in New York City on Thursday

On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez was spotted heading to the gym in New York City and she looked stunning in blue. She confidently showed off her well-toned body by wearing a royal blue crop top and leggings combination that perfectly matched. Completing her outfit were her favorite black Nike Presto sneakers, which were in sync with her designer aviators. She tied up her highlighted brown hair in a messy bun and went au naturel with no makeup, highlighting her natural beauty.

Wow factor: The 49-year-old actress proudly put her toned torso on display

Stunner: She sported a matching royal blue crop top and leggings combination

Impressive: Displaying her well-toned physique, the 49-year-old actress confidently flaunted a stylish royal blue crop top and leggings ensemble.

Rocking it: J-Lo finished off the look with a pair of her favorite black Nike Presto sneakers which matched her designer aviators

Looking fly: To complete her outfit, J-Lo opted for her go-to black Nike Presto kicks that perfectly complemented her high-end aviator shades.

Jennifer was spotted on the set of her upcoming movie Hustlers, where she plays a stripper. The actress opted for a relaxed style and wore a matching grey sweatsuit while enjoying a cup of coffee. To complete her look, she paired the sweatsuit with black leather boots and accessorized with designer mirrored shades and gold hoop earrings.

Pretty: Her highlighted brunette tresses were put up in a messy bun as she let her natural looks show by going make-up free

The girl looked beautiful with her messy bun and natural appearance, showcasing her highlighted brown hair without any makeup.

Hanging out: She was joined by a gal pal on the outing

Chilling: A female friend accompanied her during the excursion The celebrity appeared to be in a cheerful mood when she arrived at the venue, riding in the back seat of a black SUV with its windows down. She was seen flashing a big smile on her face and taking selfies. On the other hand, Alex has been under suspicion of infidelity towards his newly engaged partner Jennifer just a few weeks before he popped the question. It was on March 9 when Alex proposed to J-Lo with a stunning $4.5 million ring, which the talented singer and actress accepted without any delay.

Making money moves: She was later seen arriving on set of her new stripper movie Hustlers

Generating cash flow: She was spotted arriving at the filming location of her upcoming film Hustlers, where she will play the role of a stripper.

Chill: Jennifer was in the mood for matching two-piece get-ups as she sported a grey sweatsuit while sipping on coffee

Jennifer chose to wear a cozy grey sweatsuit and enjoy her coffee while sporting a matching two-piece outfit. However, since then, two women have come forward accusing Alex Rodriguez of infidelity leading up to his proposal to Jennifer. Shortly after the proposal, Jose Canseco alleged that Rodriguez had an affair with his ex-wife Jessica Canesco, who divorced Canseco in 1999. Canseco took to Twitter on Sunday to voice his cheating allegations against Rodriguez, claiming that he is currently cheating on Jennifer with his ex-wife Jessica.

Fun times: The star definitely seemed in good spirits

Having a blast: The celebrity appeared to be in great moods.

Happy: She was spotted arriving in the back of a black SUV which had the windows down

Glowing: She sported a huge smile on her face and snapped selfies

The content reports a recent incident involving Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, and two women who claimed to have had affairs with the former baseball player. The first woman, Jessica, was accused of having an affair with Rodriguez by Jose Canseco, but denied the allegations. The second woman, British Playboy model Zoe Gregory, claimed that Rodriguez pursued her and asked for a threesome. These accusations come amidst rumors of infidelity on Rodriguez’s part, which Canseco condemned as “cheating on Jennifer Lopez.” Despite these claims, neither Rodriguez nor Lopez have publicly commented on the situation.

Trouble in paradise? Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez  been accused of cheating on his new fiance Jennifer just weeks before making his grand proposal

Is there a bump in their love journey? Recently, rumors have been circulating that Alex Rodriguez allegedly cheated on his newly engaged partner, Jennifer, just a few weeks before he got down on one knee to propose.

Bling bling: Alex proposed to J-Lo on March 9 with a $4.5million ring, with the singer and actress not hesitating in saying yes

Alex proposed to J-Lo on March 9th with a ring worth $4.5 million and she happily accepted. However, there have been rumors of infidelity as alleged texts between them have surfaced. Despite this, neither of them have addressed the allegations. Instead, Alex shared an Instagram post praising Jennifer for her hard work as she starts to shoot her latest movie, Hustlers. The film is based on a New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler called The Hustlers At Scores.

British Playboy model Zoe Gregory steps out after accusing Alex of sexting her before proposing to singer; she is seen in Los Angeles on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Zoe Gregory, a British Playboy model, was spotted in Los Angeles following her accusation that Alex had sent her explicit messages before proposing to a singer.

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