“Jennifer Garner Spotted Behind the Wheel in LA Following Ben Affleck’s Secret Wedding to J.Lo”

Over the weekend, Jennifer Garner was seen cruising around Los Angeles in her sleek black BMW sedan. The 50-year-old actress looked effortlessly cool with dark shades and her long brown hair flowing as she drove her luxurious vehicle. This sighting comes after her former spouse, Ben Affleck, recently married Jennifer Lopez, whom he was previously engaged to before their nuptials in 2005.

Keeping busy: Jennifer Garner was spotted driving her black BMW sedan around Los Angeles over the weekend

Staying active: Jennifer Garner was seen cruising through Los Angeles in her sleek black BMW sedan during the weekend.

Moved on: The outing comes after her ex-husband Ben Affleck tied the knot with Jennifer Lopez, who he was engaged to before they wed in 2005

Following her ex-husband Ben Affleck’s recent marriage to Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner was spotted driving alone with bare nails on Sunday. Although her children – Seraphina, Violet, and Samuel – had attended their father’s wedding with Lopez in Las Vegas the previous night, Garner seemed to have spent the day by herself. The 2005 engagement between Affleck and Lopez had taken place before their marriage, and their children Emme and Max had also joined the celebration.

The 50-year-old actress wore dark sunglasses and let her brunette hair hang loose as she navigated her luxury car

As she drove her fancy car, the actress of 50 years donned some cool shades and let her brown locks flow freely.

Out and about: Jennifer kept both hands on the wheel as she drove

Exploring the town: Jennifer maintained a firm grip on the steering wheel while cruising around.

Out and about: Garner steered the vehicle with nude nails and appeared to be driving by herself on Sunday

Garner was spotted driving alone with her bare nails on Sunday, suggesting that she was on a solo trip. The actress spent her weekend at Lake Tahoe, which is several hours away from Los Angeles. She took to Instagram to share a brief video clip of her feet hanging over the lake, accompanied by Post Malone’s heart-wrenching breakup song, Circles. Despite the melancholic tune, Garner seemed to be in high spirits as evidenced by a second post on the app’s Stories, where she was seen smiling.

A break from the city: Garner kept herself busy over the weekend as she enjoyed a trip to Lake Tahoe, hours away from Los Angeles

Looking for some respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, Garner decided to take a refreshing break last weekend. She ventured out to Lake Tahoe, a scenic destination that’s several hours away from her home in Los Angeles. The trip definitely kept her occupied and offered a much-needed change of pace.

Quiet time: Taking to Instagram, she shared a short video snippet of her feet dangling over the lake

On Instagram, the celebrity posted a brief video of her feet resting over the calm waters of a lake. Despite this tranquil moment, Jennifer was also busy promoting her brand, Once Upon a Farm, on social media. In a fun and engaging post, she showcased her culinary skills by creating a satisfying lunch consisting of popcorn, a toasted sandwich, and a smoothie mix. Her comfortable attire, leggings, and sweatshirt, along with her pulled-up hair, added to the cozy vibe of the video. The caption read, ‘Lunchbox handled. (with @onceuponafarm!).’

Music choice: A video clip was soundtracked by the emotional 2019 breakup song Circles by Post Malone

The video clip had the emotional 2019 breakup song Circles by Post Malone playing in the background. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently got married, almost two decades after they broke off their engagement because of excessive media attention. Back then, they even hired decoy brides to throw off the paparazzi. This time around, they kept it low-key and went away with their kids for an intimate ceremony. According to an insider, they both found it fun and casual to tie the knot this way.

It's official: Affleck's and Lopez's wedding comes nearly 20 years after the couple called off their engagement due to 'excessive media attention'

It’s confirmed – Affleck and Lopez are getting married, almost two decades after they broke off their engagement because of too much media scrutiny.

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