“JLo and Ben Affleck Show Off Matching Tattoos as a Symbol of Love on Valentine’s Day”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have shown their love for each other with matching tattoos on their sides. In a Valentine’s Day post, the singer and actress revealed that the tattoos symbolized their ‘Commitment ♾️’ and featured an infinity symbol to represent their unwavering love. The announcement comes after the couple was seen having a heated argument at the Grammy Awards, but the tattoos show that their relationship is stronger than ever. Lopez also shared throwback photos of the two from their first relationship and hinted at more updates in her newsletter, using hashtags that reference both their history and her upcoming album.

Making it permanent! Their date night came just hours after Jennifer revealed that she and Ben had gotten matching tattoos, as she posted a snap of her ink on her torso

Jennifer Lopez, aged 53, and Ben Affleck, who is 50, recently showed off their matching tattoos as a symbol of their affection and dedication to one another on Valentine’s Day.

The Air star and director had a pair of overlapping arrows under his armpit area with the letters J and B between them

The blog post showcases a snapshot of Ben’s ink, which depicts a unique pattern, yet shares the same arrow motif to represent affection, as well as the initials of the couple.

Affleck and Lopez, 53, were seen on Instagram celebrating their first Valentine¿s Day since their wedding last summer with matching ink.

Enthusiastic: One of the pictures capturing the romance between Ben and Jennifer showed a fun moment where Ben held Jennifer’s toned behind while she sported a yellow bikini on a boat.

Jennifer shared a photo of her tattoo located on her ribcage just below her bust. The infinity symbol design had ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Ben’ written across the loops, signifying their eternal love. An arrow was shot through the figure, and there seemed to be additional text or design obscured by a glare on the protective clear bandage. Ben’s tattoo was similar, with two crisscrossing arrows tied at the center and their initials in between. His extreme closeup made it difficult to determine the location, but it appeared to be in a similar spot. The post highlighted their love story over the years, from their first try to their recent success. Other photos showed the couple smiling and looking sultry while on a yacht in matching yellow bikinis.

Elegant: Ben's tattoo design was similar, though not identical. His had two crisscrossing arrows that appeared to be tied together at the center with string, and the couple's initials were nestled in between the arrows

Casual: Ben’s tattoo was quite similar, but not exactly the same. It had two arrows that intersected and seemed to be connected by a string in the middle. Their initials were placed between the arrows.

Cute couple: The post also served to highlight his and Jennifer's romance over the years, before from their first try at love and their more recent success with it. Another photo showed Jennifer beaming with closed eyes as she nuzzled her face against a grinning Ben

Lovely pair: The post was also a tribute to the enduring love story of Ben and Jennifer, from their first attempt at romance to their current happiness. An additional picture captured Jennifer’s joyful expression with closed eyes while she snuggled her face against a smiling Ben.

Stunner: She looked more sultry in a photo taken on the yacht with the same bikini. She sat on Ben's lap while gazing into the camera and wearing amber-tinted aviator sunglasses

She appeared absolutely gorgeous in the picture captured on the yacht, flaunting the same swimsuit. She was sitting comfortably on Ben’s lap, exuding a mysterious aura as she stared straight into the lens. The amber-colored aviator sunglasses added to her overall charm.

The star of Hustlers recently shared a casual photo of her and her love enjoying a meal at a table decorated with flowers. Jennifer smiled for the camera as Ben buried his head in her chest. In another black-and-white photo, Jennifer rested her perfectly made-up face on Ben’s shoulder while he wore a stylish gray suit and she donned a plunging white dress. Jennifer also included two throwback photos of her and Ben from their first engagement that highlighted their enduring love and good looks. While Ben’s newest tattoo may be his most romantic, it is not his most well-known. That title belongs to his famous phoenix back tattoo, which was first spotted partially in 2015 and completely in 2018. The tattoo covers nearly his entire back and features a rainbow-colored phoenix rising into the air. Though fans have mocked the tattoo’s size, Ben defended it during a 2019 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, calling it “meaningful” to him.

Loved-up: The Hustlers star embraced her love in another casual photo that showed them dining at a flower covered table

Smitten: The star of the movie Hustlers was spotted in a cozy photo enjoying a meal with her significant other at a beautifully adorned table with flowers.

Gorgeous: A black-and-white photo also featured her leaning her impeccably made-up face against on Ben's shoulder, while he sported a classy gray suit and she wore a plunging white dress

Stunning: A mesmerizing black-and-white image showcased her resting her flawlessly made-up face on Ben’s shoulder, while he looked dashing in a grey suit and she wore a striking white dress with a deep neckline.

Famous for: Ben’s recent tattoo may be the most lovey-dovey one he has, but it’s not the one that caught people’s attention the most. That title goes to his phoenix tattoo, which was first seen partially in 2015 and fully revealed in 2018.

Not a fan: In 2016, Jennifer said on Watch What Happens Live that she thought the phoenix was 'awful' and had 'too many colors,' while Ben's tattoos 'always had too many colors'; seen in 2018

Jennifer expressed dislike for the phoenix tattoo back in 2016 during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. She had mentioned that she found it ‘awful’ and felt that it had ‘too many colors’. Similarly, she also shared her opinion about Ben’s tattoos, stating that they always had too many colors. This was observed during their appearance together in 2018.

Back for more: Ben and Jennifer were inseparable when they arrived for dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica later on Tuesday. He wore a blue three-piece suit, an overcoat and suede shoes, while she was stunning in a sheer pink-and-white dress with gold platform heels

Ben and Jennifer were seen together again at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica for dinner. They seemed to be very close and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Ben looked dapper in a blue three-piece suit with an overcoat and suede shoes, while Jennifer was absolutely gorgeous in a sheer pink-and-white dress matched with stunning gold platform heels. They definitely turned heads with their stylish outfits and undeniable chemistry.

He expressed that the tattoo holds significance to him and he has no intention of keeping it private. Despite going against popular opinion, he is content with his ink. However, his wife does not share the same sentiment towards the tattoo. During a 2016 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she openly admitted that she found the phoenix to be unappealing, describing it as “awful”. She further expressed her dislike for the multitude of colors used in the tattoo, stating that tattoos should have a cooler and less colorful appearance.

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