JLo unleashes her fierce side in leopard print and fringe during The Mother movie promotion in New York City

On Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez made a bold fashion statement by wearing an outfit featuring leopard print. The singer and actress has been busy promoting her new movie titled The Mother, and she confidently showed off her style in a tunic with fringe detailing on the sleeves, paired with cheetah print leggings and heels. To complete the look, she carried a small animal print purse and wore her hair down in loose waves, with some sections pinned back to highlight her stunning features. JLo accessorized with gold hoop earrings, stylish sunglasses, and impeccable makeup. As she stepped out into the sunny day, a crowd eagerly awaited her arrival, and she greeted them with a friendly wave.

Wild thing! Jennifer Lopez was decked out in leopard print as she stepped out in New York on Wednesday

Jennifer Lopez made a wild fashion statement in New York on Wednesday as she strutted her stuff in a head-turning leopard print outfit.

Jennifer Lopez shared three pictures of her new look on Instagram in support of her upcoming action film The Mother. In the Netflix movie, the singer plays an assassin who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter from danger. During her promotional tour, she spoke about her husband Ben Affleck on Today and her mother Guadalupe made a brief appearance, revealing that she had always hoped the couple would get back together after their split in 2004. Despite Jennifer’s playful reaction, her mother’s prayers were eventually answered when the couple reunited in 2021 and got married in 2022.

If you've got it! The superstar, who has been promoting her new film The Mother, strutted her stuff in a spotted tunic with fringe on the sleeves and cheetah print leggings and heels

Added extras! She carried a dainty cheetah print purse

You betcha! The celebrity, who’s been hyping up her latest flick The Mother, confidently showed off her fashion sense in a tunic covered in spots and fringed sleeves, paired with cheetah print leggings and high heels.

Fan favorite! The On The Floor singer flashed a friendly wave

The beloved performer, known for her hit song “On The Floor,” greeted her fans with a warm wave.

Looking good! The outfit accentuated her dance-honed body

A-list! JLo, 53, rocked gold hoop earrings, sunglasses worthy of a pop star, and a perfect face of makeup

She looks great! The attire really highlights her toned physique from all that dancing.

Jennifer expressed her admiration for Ben’s parenting skills during her interview with Today. She referred to him as a great father figure to her 15-year-old twins, Max and Emme. According to her, Ben is an amazing dad who has been able to create a special bond with her children. He takes his role seriously, and the kids adore and respect him. Jennifer also appreciates how he has embraced his responsibilities towards them. His own three children also make it easy for him to relate well with her twins.

Mom and me! JLo was also seen out with her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez that day

My mom and I had a lovely day out, and we even spotted JLo with her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez.

Prayers answered! Her mother Guadalupe also made a brief appearance during the Today interview, sharing that she had always hoped Jennifer and her now-husband, 50-year-old Ben, would get back together after the high-profile couple split in 2004

Good news for Jennifer Lopez fans! During a recent interview on Today, the singer’s mother, Guadalupe, revealed her happiness about Jennifer’s reunion with her former partner Ben Affleck. According to Guadalupe, she had always wished for the pair to reconcile after their split in 2004.

Check it out! She promoted her new film The Mother as she dropped three images of her look

Hey guys, have you seen this yet? She’s been promoting her latest movie, The Mother, and shared three pictures of her outfit for the occasion.

Fierce! The star looked iconic in the snaps

The celebrity appeared absolutely stunning and legendary in the photographs.

Love story! While promoting her new film on Wednesday, the actress appeared on Today - where she found some time to gush about her husband Ben Affleck

A romantic tale! During a recent appearance on the Today show to promote her latest film, an actress took a moment to express her admiration for her husband, Ben Affleck. Earlier in the interview, the singer mentioned how her perspective on love had transformed after going through various life experiences and recognizing what truly matters to her. She revealed that since having children and getting married, she has re-evaluated her priorities and asked herself important questions such as the value of work. The couple’s love story began when they met on the set of Gigli in 2001, but their engagement did not last beyond 2004. However, their love reignited almost two decades later in 2021, and they tied the knot last summer.

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