“Kylie Jenner’s Khy Collection Launches in Style, Featuring Sister Kendall and Hailey Bieber as Models”

Kylie Jenner made heads turn when she went out for dinner with her sister Kendall and friend Hailey Bieber to celebrate the launch of her new clothing brand. The 26-year-old entrepreneur looked stunning in a daring black faux leather outfit from her new fashion line, Khy. Her ensemble included a halter zip-up black top that flaunted her toned midriff, matching black pants, and strappy heels. Kylie also enlisted the help of her model sister Kendall, who looked fabulous in a sleeveless skintight black leather dress from Khy and black heels. Meanwhile, Hailey joined the Jenner sisters in a zip-up black leather mini dress adorned with silver zippers and a black turtleneck bodysuit underneath, all from Kylie’s label.

Kylie Jenner had a fun night out with her sister Kendall and friend Hailey Bieber. She looked stunning with her bouncy curls and makeup that included matte pink lipstick, bronze eyeshadow, and blush. Kylie kept her accessories minimal with only a bracelet and black purse. Her sister Kendall also opted for minimal accessories with a black clutch and silver bracelet. Hailey wore black tights, gold hoops, and 90’s style sunglasses with her chic updo. Kylie’s best friend, Stassie, wore a cropped black jacket over a black tee and leggings, paired with black pointed-toe heels. Other friends who joined in included Yris Palmer, who wore a busty black mini dress, and Carter Gregory in a black top and leather pants. It was definitely a memorable girls’ night out!

Sizzling! The makeup mogul, 26, sizzled in a faux black leather look, from her new fashion brand Khy, featuring a halter zip-up black top that gave a peek at her toned midriff

All eyes on Kylie! The star made a grand entrance in her faux leather look

Wow, the makeup mogul, who is only 26 years old, looked amazing in a faux black leather outfit from her own fashion brand Khy! The ensemble included a black halter top that was zipped up and showed off her toned midriff.

Stunner: She wore her raven tresses in bouncy curls for the night out

The beauty turned heads with her luscious black locks styled in lively curls for the evening’s festivities.

Glam gal: As for glam, the lip kit guru sported a matte pink pout, glowing bronze eyeshadow, and a touch of blush on the apples of her cheeks

The fashionable woman looked stunning with a matte pink lipstick, shimmery bronze eyeshadow, and just a hint of blush on her cheeks. She’s definitely got the lip kit game down pat.

Wow factor: The mother-of-two teamed the sexy top with matching black pants and strappy heels

Careful: The star carefully navigated the street in her heels on her way to the restaurant

Impressive detail: The top worn by the mother who has two kids was matched perfectly with black pants and strappy heels, creating a sultry look.

Rocker chic: She let the rocker chic look speak for itself, keeping light on accessories, with only a delicate bracelet and a black purse in her hand

Channeling a rocker vibe, she allowed the edgy style to take center stage while keeping her accessories minimal. A dainty bracelet and a simple black purse were all she needed to complete the look.

New venture: Kylie will begin selling Khy products on the brand's website starting on November 1

Announcement: The makeup mogul announced her new fashion project via her Instagram on Tuesday, with a sizzling snap captioned, 'meet khy'

Exciting news! Kylie is set to kick off a new venture by offering Khy products for purchase on the brand’s official website. This will begin on November 1st, so mark your calendars!

Fashion drama: The upcoming fashion launch hasn't gone off without a hitch, as Jenner has been accused of copying designer Betsy Johnson's ideas for her line

Fashion frenzy: The much-anticipated launch of the latest fashion line has hit a stumbling block, with accusations flying that Jenner may have borrowed too heavily from designer Betsy Johnson’s concepts.

Adjustment: She adjusted her shades while strutting down the street

Matching look: Even her pedicure for the night was black

Modification: As she walked confidently down the street, she gave a quick flick of her wrist to adjust her sunglasses.

Price range: Her collection, designed with an accessible price for consumers, will range from $48 to $198

The selection of products offered by her collection will come at affordable prices for customers, with the range spanning from $48 to $198.

Size inclusive: Sizes will range from XXS to 4X

Previous collab: Though Jenner is most known for her makeup empire, she has previously collaborated with her sister Kendall for a fashion line with PacSun back in 2012.

Our clothing line is designed to be size inclusive, catering to a wide range of body types. You can find sizes ranging from extra extra small (XXS) all the way up to 4X. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their size or shape. That’s why we’re committed to offering a diverse range of sizes in our collection.

From the back: Kylie's top closed with two straps on the back

Kylie’s blouse is held together with a duo of straps at the rear.

Khy models: Kylie recruited her sister, 27, and friend, 26, to model designs from her new clothing label, Khy

Kylie has enlisted her sister and close friend to showcase her newly launched clothing brand, Khy. The two models, aged 27 and 26 respectively, donned the trendy designs for the label.

Proud sister: Kendall wowed in a sleeveless skintight black leather dress from Khy, and a pair of black heels

Toned: The ensemble showed off her toned arms

As a proud sibling, I must say that Kendall looked absolutely stunning in her outfit! She wore a black leather dress from the brand Khy, which was sleeveless and hugged her curves perfectly. Completing her look with a pair of black heels, she definitely turned heads wherever she went.

All the women who attended the event shared photos and videos of their fashionable outfits and fun night on various social media platforms. Kylie Jenner recently shocked her fans with the announcement of her new ‘affordable’ clothing line. However, there have been accusations that she has copied designer Betsy Johnson’s ideas for her line. Johnson claims that Kylie and her team were sent concepts, language, and a line sheet from her label, Products, six months ago. Johnson criticized Kylie’s privileged upbringing and shared a screenshot of her student debt, stating that many working-class individuals had to work hard to realize their ideas. Kylie collaborated with Namilia’s founders, Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, for her first collection, but Johnson called out both Kylie and Namilia for their alleged copying of her ideas, calling it a “trash move.”

Lengthy: The Vogue cover girl's tight gown was cinched in the middle

Lovely: Kendall wore light bronze makeup

The dress worn by the model featured on the cover of Vogue was tightly fitted around the waist.

Minimum: The runway sensation also kept her accessories to a minimum, holding a black clutch and wearing a silver bracelet for the night out

The model who set the ramp on fire also kept it simple with her accessories. She carried a black clutch and adorned her wrist with a delicate silver bracelet for the evening out.

Classy: Bad Bunny's girlfriend paired the outfit with black tights, and had her black strands pinned into a chic updo

Chic: Bad Bunny’s partner combined the attire with black leggings, and styled her black hair into an elegant updo.

On arrival: Kendall and Hailey walked together as they made their way to the famed Italian eatery

As they arrived, Kendall and Hailey strolled in unison towards the popular Italian restaurant.

Good spirits: The girls looked in good spirits as they joined Kylie at the celebratory dinner

The young ladies were in high spirits as they accompanied Kylie to the festive dinner.

Keeping up with the Jenners! Hailey sported a zip-up black leather mini dress adorned with silver zippers, also from her friend's label

Sophisticated: She had on  a black turtleneck bodysuit underneath

Staying trendy like the Jenners! Hailey was seen wearing a chic black leather mini dress with silver zippers, courtesy of her pal’s fashion line. She paired it with a sleek black turtleneck bodysuit for added style.

Epitome of style: Hailey also sported a pair of black tights, and spruced up her look with gold hoops and a pair of 90's style sunglasses

Hailey elevated her fashion game by pairing black tights with her outfit. She added some bling to her ensemble with gold hoops and rocked a pair of sunglasses reminiscent of the 90s era.

Blondie: She had her blonde tresses pulled into a slicked bun for the dinner

Delicate: Hailey wore a touch of delicate bronzer on her cheeks

Blondie opted for a chic look at the dinner by pulling her blonde hair back into a neatly slicked bun.

Close friends: Kendall and Hailey held hands on their way in

Kendall and Hailey, who are very close friends, were seen holding hands while entering a place.

Longtime friends: Justin Bieber's wife has been longtime friends with the Kardashian/Jenner family

Justin Bieber’s spouse and the Kardashian/Jenner family share a long-standing friendship.

Chatting it up: The girls chatted it up on their way in

Having a chat: The ladies had a pleasant conversation while walking inside.

Stay close! Hailey stayed close to Kendall as she navigated the sidewalk in her heels

Stick together! Hailey stuck by Kendall’s side as they walked down the sidewalk, both of them gracefully navigating the uneven pavement despite their high heels.

Leggy! Hailey showed off her endless legs in the sizzling mini dress

Wow, Hailey’s legs are truly something! She looked stunning in that mini dress that perfectly showed off her long and beautiful limbs.

Leaving: Kendall was pictured leaving after the event

Leaving: Kendall was pictured leaving after the event

Departure: Kendall was captured on camera exiting the venue following the occasion.

Departing: Hailey kept her sunglasses on as she departed the dinner

Leaving: Hailey left the dinner while still sporting her sunglasses.

Insiders familiar with Jenner’s brand have revealed to DailyMail.com that she is excited to collaborate with more designers and brands, following the success of her first collection with European brand Namilia. She aims to bring their unique aesthetic to a wider audience. DailyMail.com has reached out to Jenner’s representative for comment. Jenner modeled a stylish $198 faux leather trench coat in a promotional photo shoot for her brand, which features an oversized trench coat version by Products and a similar faux leather “Underworld” trench coat sold by Namilia for $290. The Khy products will be available for purchase on its website from November 1st. Jenner announced her new fashion venture on Instagram with a hotshot captioned, “meet khy.” Initial reactions on social media were negative when users criticized the brand’s supposedly low price point. In an interview with WSJ, Jenner expressed her strong creative vision for her brand and personal style. She emphasized that no one dictates what she wears or does creatively.

BFF: Kylie's best friend Anastasia 'Stassie' Karanikolaou, 26, also joined in on the fun

Kylie’s BFF, Anastasia aka ‘Stassie’, aged 26, also participated in the enjoyable activity.

All black: The Instagram model wore a cropped black jacket over a black tee, and matching black leggings

Cool gal: She paired the outfit with pointed-toe black heels

The Instagram influencer donned an all-black ensemble consisting of a stylish cropped black jacket partnered with a matching black tee and leggings.

Whole gang's here! A number of her other pals also joined in, including Yris Palmer who rocked a busty black mini dress

Looks like the entire squad has arrived! A bunch of her buddies decided to show up too, with Yris Palmer looking stunning in a tight black mini dress that showed off her curves.

Kylie's inner circle: Her friend Carter Gregory also made it to the dinner in a black top and leather pants

Kylie’s closest companions were present at the gathering, including her pal Carter Gregory who sported a chic black top and leather pants.

Despite some items being priced lower than competitors, Kylie Jenner faced backlash from fans and critics over the high prices of her clothing line, which could go up to $200. Fans also criticized her lack of creativity in the designs, pointing out the similarity between a pair of Khy gloves worn by Kylie in a Wall Street Journal feature and a cheaper version sold on Amazon. While some users questioned what Kylie considered affordable, others felt that debuting the line in the Wall Street Journal was evidence that it was not meant to be affordable. Some even accused Kylie of copying the minimalist style of The Row, founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

TikTok: Kylie also shared a TikTok clip from the night

Kylie uploaded a TikTok video from the event as well, showcasing some highlights of the night.

All angles: She struck a pose next to a 'Khy' sign at the start of the video

In the beginning of the video, she confidently posed beside a sign that read ‘Khy’ from all angles.

A glass of wine: Meanwhile in the next shot Kendall and Hailey were seen enjoying a glass of wine

In the following scene, Kendall and Hailey were spotted sipping on some wine, casually unwinding and enjoying each other’s company.

Taking the plunge! Yris showed off her busty dress

Yris flaunted her daring outfit, showing off her ample curves.

Cute: Kendall also modeled the look on her Instagram Stories

Adorable: Kendall showcased the style by modeling it on her Instagram Stories as well.

Showing off: She proudly showed off her sister's fashion vision

Boasting: She happily boasted about her sister’s keen sense of fashion.

Close-up: Hailey also shared a video from the night as she showed off her flawless makeup

Hailey posted a video from the event where she flaunted her impeccable makeup skills. One commenter criticized Kylie’s lack of dedication compared to the Olsen twins who have earned respect in the fashion industry. Some people speculated that Kylie was in a race against Sofia Richie to launch her own fashion line. The collection, reasonably priced between $48 and $198, will offer sizes ranging from XXS to 4X. Although Kylie is popular for her cosmetics business, she previously partnered with Kendall for a fashion line for PacSun in 2012.

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