“LeBron James Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Son Bronny on His Birthday: A Special Message from NBA Legend”

Last Friday, Bronny James reached the age to start his first year at USC. As expected, his father LeBron James had a chat with him over Instagram.

The mere sight of it fills you with excitement. Last summer, Bronny suffered from a cardiac arrest during a Trojans practice, which was a terrifying incident. However, the youngster is showing promising signs of recovery and may return to the court this season. During Media Day, LeBron provided an optimistic update on his son’s health, stating that he is working hard in rehab to rejoin his USC Trojans teammates. He had a successful operation, and his prospects are looking positive.

After going through such a challenging experience, LeBron has decided to dedicate the 2023-24 NBA season to his child. The 2022-23 Lakers came very close to winning the NBA championship but were eliminated by Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.

Bronny’s participation in the upcoming college season will determine whether or not he will be selected in the 2024 NBA Draft, given his health concerns. In most drafts, he is expected to be selected late in the first round.

LeBron has publicly expressed his desire to play alongside Bronny in the NBA before his son retires, and he is willing to make roster changes if necessary to achieve this goal. The image of a father and son playing basketball together at the professional level would be a unique and special sight to behold.

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LeBron James and his loved ones

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