LeBron James sports comfortable sweatpants during a laid-back coffee run

Not only is he a skilled basketball player, but he also has a great sense of fashion. However, LeBron James opted for a more casual look during his recent trip to a coffee shop in Beverly Hills. The 31-year-old athlete sported a black long-sleeved shirt and tight grey sweatpants that perfectly highlighted his toned and muscular legs.

LeBron James was recently spotted in Beverly Hills on a casual coffee run, wearing an athletic outfit that exuded a relaxed vibe. Along with his outfit, he also donned a trendy cap, black sneakers, and chic sunglasses. While strolling alongside his companion, LeBron looked calm while enjoying his coffee. Perhaps this stroll was necessary after his team’s recent victory over the Lakers with a score of 120-108. Additionally, LeBron is a doting parent to his two sons, LeBron James Jr., aged 11, and Bryce Maximus James, aged 8, alongside his wife Savannah Brinson.

Hanging out with a friend, the famous basketball player was spotted looking fit and sporty in his tight top, grey pants, and sneakers. He tied the knot with his wife back in 2013 after being engaged for two years. Interestingly, the athlete confessed to being incredibly nervous before proposing to her. In fact, he compared it to how he feels before a crucial basketball game. To keep the proposal a surprise, he even had his colleague Dwayne Wade carry the ring for him, as he was worried his fiancee would notice it on him.

After his team’s victory against the Lakers with a score of 120-108, the 31-year-old decided to take a relaxing walk through Beverly Hills. At midnight, he proposed to his significant other, stating “You ready?” to which she responded, “If you don’t give me that ring right now, I won’t do it!” According to him, the proposal had been on his mind for some time and finally came to fruition one day. The woman he proposed to has been a constant support to LeBron, accompanying him through both the good and bad times. LeBron is also a devoted family man, raising two children, LeBron James Jr. aged 11 and Bryce Maximus Jr. aged 8, alongside his wife Savannah Brinson.

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