LeBron James Takes Lakers to Visit I Promise School and House Three Thirty at Home Court Museum

To demonstrate the impact of our Foundation on the community, LeBron James took his fellow Lakers teammates and staff on a tour of Akron. This was an effort to showcase how we are redefining the notion of community.

LeBron James, the NBA superstar, expressed his pride in the newly opened museum in Akron. The House Three Thirty in Akron was filled with fans who came to learn about the legendary career of the top scorer in the National Basketball Association while the Los Angeles Lakers were preparing to face the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On a sunny Saturday morning, the LeBron James’ Home Court museum officially opened to the public. The museum is located in the old Tangier restaurant building, which underwent renovations thanks to the Akron kid’s foundation.

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, where James gained a lot of fame during his junior year, is located just a short three-minute drive from the venue. The venue itself is conveniently situated near the school.

The venue is situated just about 44 minutes from the Cavaliers’ home arena in Cleveland’s downtown region. This specific arena played a significant role in James’ career, becoming closely associated with the franchise during his 21-year professional stint and again upon his comeback from Miami.

Following the Lakers’ win against the Cavaliers with a score of 121-115 on Saturday night, there was a press conference where LeBron James, who is 38 years old, talked about the museum’s exhibition. As it could have been his last homecoming game, the superstar shared his reflections.

James conveyed his gratitude for the chance to extend his backing for his community and foundation. He delivered an exceptional performance for the Lakers, achieving a career-high score of 22 points, securing six rebounds, and distributing six assists in their triumphant 10-7 game against the Cavaliers (8-8).

Visitors who wish to enter the museum can purchase admission tickets for $23, a nod to James’ famous jersey number. In addition, House Three Thirty offers employment training programs to those affiliated with the I Promise School, creating opportunities for work.

House Three Thirty will benefit from the sales as individuals such as children, parents, instructors, and other family members purchase items. All proceeds will go towards supporting House Three Thirty. The LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools have joined forces to oversee the operations of this school.

He expressed admiration for James’ ability to use his life experiences to positively impact his hometown and create a sense of pride among its residents. Personally, the success of my foundation brings great pride. The museum is just one of the many reasons why my hometown can hold its head high.

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