“Legs for days: Taylor Swift flaunts toned pins in shorts during NYC girls’ night out, later donning a prim dress”

Taylor Swift appears to be moving forward despite her mother’s battle with cancer. The pop star was spotted in New York over the weekend, rocking a bold and eye-catching outfit that showcased her toned legs. Taylor donned a pair of tiny shorts in a unique pattern that resembled a magic eye picture, along with a coordinating jacket. She definitely made an impression on those passing by. Later on, Taylor switched things up and opted for a powder blue mini-dress that continued to flaunt her long legs. Check out the video below for more.

Taylor Swift looked absolutely gorgeous in New York on Saturday when she flaunted her remarkably toned legs in a pair of shorts. The talented musician added a vibrant pop of color to her outfit by pairing it with jade green heels and a matching handbag. Staying true to her trademark style, Taylor continued to rock her classic red lip. She let her honey-colored hair hang loosely around her shoulders, with side-swept bangs framing her beautiful face. Her almond eyes looked even more stunning with the addition of eyeliner and mascara.

Ladies night: The 25-year-old Style singer met up with gal pal Camila Cabello (behind) of the pop group Fifth Harmony for dinner

Girls’ night out: Taylor Swift, the 25-year-old Style singer, had a fun night with her gal pal Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. The two lovely ladies enjoyed dinner at the Spotted Pig. Taylor’s boyfriend Calvin Harris couldn’t join them because he was dealing with food poisoning. Meanwhile, Taylor is also dealing with some heavy news – her mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

She left her honey-toned hair to hang loose at shoulder length with side flicked bangs framing her pretty face

Her almond eyes were emphasised by a flick of eye-liner and mascara

Looking stunning in her eye-catching patterned teeny tiny shorts and a matching jacket, Taylor definitely turned heads as she walked by.

Vivid: She added a bright splash of colour with jade green heels and a matching handbag

She brought a pop of vibrant color to her outfit by wearing jade green heels and carrying a coordinating handbag.

Star-power: Taylor joined Hillary Clinton and Kanye West on Time's list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World this week

Taylor Swift made it to Time’s list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World, alongside famous personalities like Hillary Clinton and Kanye West. This is a testament to her star-power and impact on the global stage.

Tough-times: Taylor is also coping with the news that her mom has been diagnosed with cancer

Taylor is facing a difficult period as her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. However, the 31-year-old DJ from Scotland has been showing support to the pop star during these tough times. Taylor has been included in Time’s list of the top 100 Most Influential People in the World alongside Hillary Clinton and Kanye West. Recently, she was seen filming a music video with Zendaya, which has sparked rumors of a possible collaboration between the two artists. Later on, Taylor ditched her shorts and opted for an elegant pale blue dress and an alice-band in her hair, giving off a charming 1950s vibe.

New look: Later the Blank Space singer changed out of her shorts and channeled the 1950's with a prim pale blue dress

A fresh appearance: After some time, the renowned artist of the hit song Blank Space transformed her outfit into a more classic style reminiscent of the 1950s. She donned a lovely pale blue dress that exuded a refined and elegant vibe. The demure ensemble showcased her slender physique, complemented with a charming yellow bag slung over one arm and peach-colored low-heeled footwear. With her flawless red lipstick still in place, she gave off a stunning impression of a quintessential 50s housewife as she entered a residence in Tribeca.

Prim: The star popped an alice-band in her hair, and let her bangs hang loose

Prim added some flair to her hairstyle by placing an alice-band in her hair, and allowing her bangs to flow freely.

made the most of her slim frame

adorable peach-coloured low-heeled shoes

Brights: With her demure ensemble, she casually slung a sunny yellow bag over one arm.

She sported a dark manicure

The star had sweet daisy earrings to complete her look

With her demure appearance, the gorgeous actress exuded an aura of a classic 1950s homemaker, perfectly capturing the essence of a sweet and innocent housewife in her charming yet straightforward dress.

Pucker pout: Naturally Taylor kept her perfect bold red lip intact, as she headed into a house in Tribeca

As she made her way into a house located in the trendy neighborhood of Tribeca, Taylor maintained her flawless bold red lip, giving her a sultry pucker pout.

Pals: The Love Story hit-maker enjoyed hanging out with her gal pal Camila Cabello of the pop group Fifth Harmony - pictured together on a night out in Los Angeles last month

Friends: The artist behind the hit song Love Story had a great time spending time with her buddy Camila Cabello from the popular band Fifth Harmony. They were recently seen together having fun on a night out in Los Angeles.

Blank space: The Fearless singer headed to the city without boyfriend Calvin Harris and dined at the Spotted Pig in the West Village

Taylor Swift, the bold artist, ventured into the city on her own and didn’t bring along her beau, Calvin Harris. She enjoyed a meal at the Spotted Pig located in the West Village.

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