Maine Is For Hikers: Hike The State’s Most Beautiful Spots

There's no denying that Maine is the perfect place for hikers, and these treks are showing them the most beautiful locations in the state.

Maine’s reputation as Vacationland is certainly not undeserved—long regarded as a top tourist destination and summer escape, the state is positively bursting with an eclectic array of vacation spots perfect for an idyllic retreat. Whether it’s on one of the state’s top beaches burgeoning with warm temps and bustling with travelers keen for a sojourn to the seaside, or a secluded spot amid Maine’s untamed wilderness, there’s something for everyone looking to explore this wonderfully scenic northeastern state.

And while Maine is known (especially in summer), for its picturesque coastal towns, there’s also a plethora of outdoor adventures throughout this sprawling state that makes it an ideal spot for those that want to strap on those hiking shoes and enjoy a trek into the forest. True outdoor escapes await the intrepid traveler looking for a bucolic getaway in the Maine woods—and the best way to experience the state’s natural beauty is undoubtedly by tackling some of its most beautiful hikes. With trails for everyone from hiking newbies and casual strollers to expert and experienced backpackers looking for a challenge, Maine’s best hikes are some of the most scenic ways to see this famed seaside state.

Beauty And The Beach Meet In Acadia

While Maine’s Acadia National Park is known for its challenging hikes, it is possible for less experienced trekkers to score some of the state’s top forest (and coastline!) views, too—and Acadia’s Ocean Path is by far the best way to it. Chock full of some of Vacationland’s loveliest views, the Ocean Path is the best of both worlds, wending its way through the woods and along the scenic coastline, too. There are also plenty of scenic stopping points along the way for those looking for a relaxing stroll full of amazingly epic views

Where To Find Wooded Hikes And Ocean Views

A relatively short and moderate hike awaits more experienced hikers at the Mount Battie Trail outside of Camden. perfect for those looking for some time in the Maine woods with an added bonus of some spectacular sea views; this hike near Penobscot Bay is an idyllic way to spend an outdoorsy afternoon soaking up the scenery.

Choose Your Adventure At Grafton Notch

Located in scenic Grafton Notch State Park is the Table Rock Trail, a choose your own adventure trail with clearly marked offshoots that allow hikers to choose their hike based on experience. However, one of the best options is the loop which combines both the orange and white trails; a moderate to challenging route with some steep spots. Hikers should be sure to dress accordingly (including proper footwear) before attempting this popular yet slightly difficult hike that’s known for its wonderful views.

While Maine is a famed seaside retreat packed with summer resort towns along its scenic shores; it’s also the perfect state to explore the great outdoors through a number of picturesque hikes known for their wooded wonders and spectacular views of the stunning Vacationland scenery.

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