“Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Enviable Figure In A Black Bikini While Grooving To Sister Noah’s Latest Music”

In a recent TikTok video, Miley Cyrus flaunted her stunning physique in a sleek black bikini while promoting her younger sister Noah Cyrus’ latest EP, The End of Everything. The Wrecking Ball singer shared that it was her first time wearing a bikini since the quarantine period began. She captioned the video with a playful nod to the current situation. In the footage, the 27-year-old celebrity can be seen seductively dancing to the melancholic track Ghost. Starting from the steps of her backyard, she moved her hips and hands in a slow and graceful motion.

Supportive: Miley Cyrus showed off her sensational figure in a tiny black bikini as she promoted her little sister Noah Cyrus' The End of Everything EP

Miley Cyrus proudly flaunted her stunning physique in a small black bikini while promoting her younger sister Noah Cyrus’ latest EP, The End of Everything. Using various split-screen effects on the trendy video-sharing app, she was able to appear in multiple frames simultaneously. Besides experimenting with different filters, the former Disney star also showcased her brand new ‘pixie mullet’ hairstyle, which had been expertly executed by her mom Tish Cyrus with the help of hairdresser Sally Hershberger, who supervised the process remotely through FaceTime.

'Seeing myself in a bikini for the first time since quarantini,' the Wrecking Ball hitmaker captioned a new TikTok video of dancing seductively to the melancholic track Ghost

The popular singer Miley Cyrus recently shared a TikTok video of herself dancing in a bikini, which she claimed was the first time since the pandemic began. In response to her haircut, the stylist said that Miley had sent her an inspiration picture, but the final result turned out to be quite different from the original idea. The stylist referred to the haircut as a continuous creative process and expressed satisfaction with the final outcome. Miley also loved the new look and felt that it perfectly captured her sense of style by combining two different styles into one unique look.

Clones: She used a number of split-screen effects on the popular video-sharing app, which allowed her to appear simultaneously in multiple frames

Duplicates: Utilizing various split-screen techniques on the widely used video-sharing platform, she was able to make appearances in several frames at once.

According to the stylist, the mother and daughter were able to successfully achieve their desired haircut despite the closure of salons in California due to the pandemic. The stylist also predicted that the daughter, Tish, would start receiving requests for virtual haircuts soon. She has previously provided virtual haircut guidance to Miley Cyrus through a FaceTime call. The stylist’s list of celebrity clients includes Meg Ryan, Jimmy Fallon, and Tom Cruise.

Feeling good: As the Grammy nominee strutted down the steps of her backyard, she swayed her hips and hands in a slow motion

Experiencing happiness: With a Grammy nomination under her belt, Miley confidently descended the stairs in her backyard, gracefully swaying her hips and hands in slow motion. She recently encouraged her fans to listen to her younger sibling’s new music, which comes after Noah expressed the challenges of living in the shadow of her famous sister. Noah shared that being known as “Miley’s sister” stripped her of her individual identity in the past. During an interview with Rebecca Judd on Apple Music, she spoke about how this affected her and how it made her feel like no one cared about her as an individual.

Under pressure: Noah said being Miley's sister 'stripped her of her own identity' when she was younger during an interview with Rebecca Judd on Apple Music

According to Noah, she felt the pressure of having a famous sister like Miley, and it made her feel like she had lost her own sense of identity. She opened up about this during an interview with Rebecca Judd on Apple Music.

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