“Used To Be Young” is a song containing many confessions from Miley Cyrus when looking back on her rebellious youth.

After a period of silence, Miley Cyrus made a grand comeback in 2023, starting with the song Flower which reached 1 billion streams on the Spotify platform in just 112 days since its release. This achievement helps her become the artist with the fastest song to reach 1 billion streams in Spotify history. After that, Miley Cyrus caused a media storm again when she released a new song – called Used to be Young – on August 25, coinciding with Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.

Miley Cyrus looks back on wild youth in Used To Be Young


Sharing on her personal page, the star born in 1992 said she composed this song 2 years ago, during a time when she felt misunderstood. Miley said:

“I have spent the past 18 months painting a sonic picture of my perspective to share with you. The song is truly perfect for me. Even though my work is finished, this song will continue to be written every day. The fact that the song isn’t finished yet is part of its beauty. That’s also my life at the moment… unfinished but complete

This song is about honoring who we were in the past, loving and honoring who we will become. I feel proud when thinking about the past and optimistic when thinking about the future.”


The song was released on Miley Cyrus’ special day

The female singer also shared the reason why she released Used To Be Young on August 25. For her, this is a particularly important day for the singer’s personal and musical career.

The song was released on the 10th anniversary of Miley’s memorable performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, where the female singer performed the extremely rebellious song We can’t stop alongside the male singer. Robin Thicke. This is the moment that Miley herself said haunted her for years to come.

In particular, August 25 also coincides with her father’s 62nd birthday and is the same day the female singer confirmed her divorce from her ex-husband, actor Liam Hemsworth.

Notably, the MV for the song Used To Be Young has many similarities with the Wrecking Ball MV with the image of Miley Cyrus standing in front of the camera, emotional as she sings each lyric. The chorus of Used To Be Young is also a confession about the female singer’s rebellious period in the past:  I know I was crazy. I know I had fun. You say I was once wild. I said I was once young.”

In the past, Miley Cyrus had a period that was remembered for countless rebellious moments, from revealing clothes on stage, inappropriate behavior in public to being nude in MVs.

Now, the former Disney star is 30 years old, entering a new phase in life and is no longer as wild as before. However, when looking back at her youth, the female singer still affirms that she is always proud of this “crazy” period. And Used To Be Young is the song that Miley dedicates to her loyal fans: “I love you because I love every version of me,” the Flowers hitmaker shared.

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