Miley Cyrus Performs Beatles Classic “Help!” in a Desolate Rose Bowl for Global Goal Concert, Hosted by Dwayne Johnson with A-List Talent

In a spectacular virtual musical event called Global Goal: Unite For Our Future, Miley Cyrus chose an unusual setting for her performance. She sang the Beatles’ classic Help! in front of empty stands at the Rose Bowl. The concert was hosted by Dwayne Johnson, and organized by the European Commission and Global Citizen. Miley looked stunning in a sequined wrap dress that highlighted her midriff as she delivered an impressive rendition of the song to rows of empty seats.

What a moment: Miley Cyrus stood in the middle of an empty Rose Bowl to deliver a rendition of Help! by the Beatles for the star-studded Global Goal: Unite For Our Future concert.

It was quite a sight as Miley Cyrus took the center stage at an abandoned Rose Bowl to perform a soulful version of Help! by the legendary Beatles. This was all part of the glitzy Global Goal: Unite For Our Future concert, which had many A-listers in attendance.

The Rock himself: Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, the virtual musical event was thrown by the European Commission and the organization Global Citizen

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, played host to a virtual musical event organized by the European Commission and Global Citizen. The venue for the event, Pasadena, which can accommodate over 90,000 people, appeared completely deserted as Miley Cyrus performed in the center of the field. Miley looked stunning in her Grecian-style blue dress that featured a long sleeve on one end and a shoulder-baring design on the other. The dress also had a long slit that allowed Miley to flaunt her gorgeous legs while performing a Beatles song from their 1965 album of the same name. Notably, the hit song also featured in a musical comedy movie titled after the band.

Sensational: Modeling a sequined wrap dress that showed off her midriff, Miley, 27, belted out the number to rows and rows of bare stands

Exciting: Miley, who is 27 years old, looked stunning as she strutted down the runway in a sequined wrap dress that highlighted her toned midriff. With rows of empty seats as her audience, she confidently sang her heart out.

Bare: The Pasadena venue, which which has a capacity of more than 90,000, was completely desolate as Miley sang in the middle of the field

The vast Pasadena venue, with its impressive capacity of over 90,000, was utterly deserted as Miley belted out her tunes in the center of the field.

Swank: Her flowing blue dress had a Grecian style and featured a long robe-like sleeve on one end while falling off the shoulder at the other

Swank looked stunning in a flowing blue dress that had a touch of Grecian style. The dress boasted a long robe-like sleeve on one end, while gracefully falling off the shoulder on the other.

History: A long slit up one side allowed Miley to show off her knockout legs as she performed the Beatles number which they released in 1965

In the latest musical event, Miley Cyrus stunned the audience with her performance of a Beatles classic. She flaunted her toned legs through a long slit on one side of her outfit, adding to the charm of her performance. Other A-list celebrities also graced the stage with their music, including a reunion of Quavo and Justin Bieber for their hit song Intentions. The duo gave a socially distanced performance from a living room in Los Angeles, with Justin accompanying himself on the piano. The song is part of Justin’s recent studio album Changes, which he released on Valentine’s Day before the pandemic hit. Meanwhile, Usher delivered a powerful rendition of his new single I Cry, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Reunited: A cavalcade of celebrities gave musical performances including Quavo and Justin Bieber getting back together for their song Intentions

It was a star-studded event as famous personalities graced the stage with their musical talents. Among the highlights was Quavo and Justin Bieber’s reunion for their performance of “Intentions”.

Apart: Justin accompanied himself at the piano as he sat near Quavo in a socially distant performance given from a living room in Los Angeles

Justin serenaded Quavo while playing the piano in a cozy living room in Los Angeles, with each of them keeping a safe distance from one another.

New work: Intentions is a cut off Justin's latest studio album Changes which he dropped this Valentine's Day shortly before the lockdowns began

Justin’s latest studio album Changes features the track Intentions, released on Valentine’s Day just before lockdowns began. He performed the song in a visually striking setting illuminated by red and dark lighting, and sang: “I cry for the sons without fathers and the pain that their mothers hold deep inside.” Justin took to social media to share his intention of teaching his sons that men should express emotion and be able to cry. During the performance, he became emotional, and footage of Black Lives Matter protesters played in the background. The song concluded with Justin making his way across a stage where actors dressed as protesters were lying face-down with their hands behind their backs.

Topical: Usher delivered a stirring rendition of his new song I Cry which he has stated was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement

Usher gave a powerful performance of his latest track “I Cry,” which was created with inspiration drawn from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ripped from the headlines: By the end of the song he walked across a stage amid actors dressed as protesters lying facedown with their hands behind their backs

Fresh off the press: The concert concluded with a powerful act where an actor walked on stage while demonstrators lay on the ground behind him, their hands cuffed. The concert, held with proper social distancing measures, kicked off with a mesmerizing performance by Jennifer Hudson who sang Where Peaceful Waters Flow. The song was originally released by Gladys Knight & The Pips in 1973 and Jen performed it onboard a boat that slowly moved down the Chicago River, accompanied by musicians. The Academy Award winner emphasized the significance of unity in creating a favorable transformation and pleaded for everyone to come together and be a part of this positive change.

Legendary: The socially-distant concert extravaganza was opened by a rousing performance by Jennifer Hudson who sang Where Peaceful Waters Flow

Epic: The concert that followed the guidelines of social distancing was initiated with an electrifying performance by Jennifer Hudson, who sang the melodious tune of “Where Peaceful Waters Flow.”

Amazing: Jennifer performed the song with a couple of musicians on the deck of a boat as it floated slowly down the Chicago River

Jennifer wowed the audience as she sang on a boat floating down the Chicago River, accompanied by a few musicians. In another part of the world, Shakira gave an electrifying performance in Barcelona, singing her hit song Sale El Sol from her album with the same title. She wore a tiger-print top and moved sensually to the music while being backed up by a live band on an outdoor stage at night, lit by footlights. As the concert progressed, Shakira even played the guitar herself while singing along with the band.

Smoldering: Letting out her animal instinct in a tiger-print top, she writhed sensuously while accompanied by a live band behind her

Burning up: Channeling her inner beast with a fierce tiger-print blouse, she moved in a seductive manner as the live band played behind her.

Multitalented: As her gig thundered ahead she eventually joined the band and accompanied herself on the guitar whilst singing

Versatile: With her performance gaining momentum, she later became part of the band and played the guitar while singing. “Latin America has been hit the hardest by this pandemic, and experts predict that Africa will be the next,” expressed the famous Colombian pop icon. “We must ensure that food security and healthcare access are available to all in these areas, or the distribution of a vaccine will become even more challenging.” The R&B sister duo, Chloe and Halle Bailey, known as Chloe X Halle, performed their hit song Rest Of Your Life in a visually stunning nightclub-like atmosphere, complete with neon laser lights crisscrossing throughout the performance.

Family business: Chloe X Halle, the R&B sister act of Chloe and Halle Bailey, were together for a performance of Rest Of Your Life

The R&B sister duo, Chloe and Halle Bailey, who go by the name Chloe X Halle, recently performed together for a family business. The song they sang was called “Rest Of Your Life”.

Setpiece: Their setting had an eye-popping nightclub vibe with neon laser lights crisscrossing back and forth throughout the performance

The ambiance of their location was reminiscent of a dazzling nightclub, complete with vibrant neon laser lights pulsating in patterns all around the stage during their show.

On theme: Occasionally the lights formed checks resembling latitude and longitude lines, possibly a reference to the global theme of the concert

From time to time, the lights took on a peculiar pattern resembling a checkerboard with lines that seemed like coordinates of latitude and longitude. This could be interpreted as a nod to the international theme of the performance.

Detail: Rest Of Your Life, also known as ROYL, is included on the duo's new album Ungodly Hour which they released earlier this month

The latest album of the duo, which they recently launched, includes a track called Rest Of Your Life or ROYL. During their concert, there were moments when the lights formed patterns resembling latitude and longitude lines, possibly to emphasize the global theme of the event. Meanwhile, Coldplay treated their fans to a performance of their hit song Paradise, which was released way back in 2011 and featured on their album Mylo Xyloto. Despite being socially distant in real life, the band members appeared together on screen through some trippy animations.

Throwback hit: Coldplay remained socially distant to treat fans to their song Paradise, which was released in 2011 and included on their album Mylo Xyloto

In a nostalgic moment, Coldplay gave their fans a treat by performing their popular song Paradise, which was first released in 2011 and featured on their album titled Mylo Xyloto. Despite the current need for social distancing, the band managed to connect with their fans through their music.

Hunk: Frontman Chris Martin showed off his toned arms in a clinging tee as he sat at the piano accompanying himself while he sang

The lead singer of Hunk, Chris Martin, impressed the audience with his muscular arms as he played the piano and sang on stage. Meanwhile, Nigerian Afropop sensation Yemi Alade belted out her hit track “Shekere” alongside a group of talented musicians and backup dancers who created a parking lot setting in Lagos. One can also observe that Yemi’s drummer was enclosed in a corner surrounded by transparent screens, presumably for COVID-19 safety precautions. This song was featured on her album entitled “Woman Of Steel,” which was released last year.

Global talent: Nigerian Afropop star Yemi Alade sang her number Shekere, which was included on her album Woman Of Steel last year

Yemi Alade, an Afropop singer from Nigeria, showcased her global talent by performing her hit song, “Shekere,” from her album “Woman Of Steel” in the previous year.

Party atmosphere: Yemi was joined by a band of musicians and backup dancers on a Lagos set that was made to resemble a parking lot at night

Yemi had a wild party vibe going on as she took the stage in Lagos with a crew of talented musicians and dancers. Their set was designed to look like a parking lot at night, adding to the overall atmosphere of fun and excitement. Meanwhile, French singer Christine And The Queens, also known as Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier, wowed the crowd with her Italian song La Vita Nuova. She showed off her amazing moves in a sleek black jumpsuit with fluffy shoulders and a revealing midriff. J. Blavin and the Dreamcatchers opted for a trippy, animated style during their performance, similar to Coldplay’s iconic visuals. They incorporated images like giant eyes and a massive rubber duck into their medley of Que Calor and Mi Gente.

International phenom: French singer Christine And The Queens, whose real name is Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier, sang her Italian song La Vita Nuova

French artist, Christine And The Queens (born Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier), has become a worldwide sensation with her performance of “La Vita Nuova,” an Italian song.

What an outfit: She danced up a storm in a plunging black jumpsuit that showed off her trim midriff and featured extravagantly puffy shoulders

Wow, what a look! She was definitely the life of the party in her sleek black jumpsuit that not only highlighted her toned stomach but also had some seriously bold and fluffy shoulder accents.

Zany: J. Blavin and the Dreamcatchers similarly to Coldplay went for an animated psychedelic aesthetic for their performance

Quirky: J. Blavin and the Dreamcatchers opted for an animated psychedelic look during their show, much like Coldplay.

Wow: Amid their medley of Que Calor and Mi Gente, cartoons showed such images as giant eyes and a colossal rubber duck

The concert was an incredible display of talent, featuring a mix of musical performances and captivating animations. One of the standout moments was when the Roots and the cast of Hamilton came together to perform “Helpless,” with Phillipa Soo shining as Alexander Hamilton’s wife Eliza. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the show, was also part of the performance. In addition to the musical acts, there were speeches from a number of celebrities, including an opening monologue from Dwayne. Throughout the event, stunning visuals like giant eyes and a colossal rubber duck were projected onto the stage, adding to the overall spectacle.

Ensemble piece: They all united from Hamilton's song Helpless, which most centrally featured star Phillipa Soo, who plays Alexander Hamilton's wife Eliza

Collaborative performance: The cast came together for a rendition of Helpless from the musical Hamilton, with lead actress Phillipa Soo taking center stage as Eliza Hamilton.

'Ongoing fights': The concert also included an array of speeches from celebrities including an opening monologue from Dwayne

During the concert, various speeches were given by popular figures, including an opening monologue by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The Rock spoke about both COVID-19 and racism, emphasizing that those living in poverty are especially at risk during these ongoing struggles. Another celeb, Ken Jeong, who is also a licensed physician, created a comedic video warning against home remedies for coronavirus, such as using hot peppers or alcohol. Supermodel Naomi Campbell spoke about how COVID-19 has exposed the inequalities in our social systems and the disparities within communities, particularly for black and other people of color. She emphasized that while there are no easy solutions, if everyone steps up to help one another, we can all benefit.

Icon: 'There are no quick fixes, but if every one of us steps up to help our brothers and sisters, we will all be the better for it,' said Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell emphasized that helping each other is the key to overcoming problems, as there are no instant solutions. Charlize Theron pointed out that the crisis is jeopardizing the hard-earned progress in Africa and pushing many, particularly women and girls, into a life of extreme poverty. Kerry Washington highlighted how racism has been deeply ingrained in the system for ages, hindering the progress of people of color, including black people, and taking too many lives. David Beckham acknowledged that sports play a significant role for many people as a means of escape, and the absence of live sports has been challenging. He expressed that the return of sports, even without fans, would be a monumental moment for many supporters.

Speaking her piece: Kerry Washington said: 'Racism has been intertwined in our system for centuries, structurally targeting people of color, black people, my people'

In her own words, Kerry Washington expressed that racism has been deeply ingrained in our society for centuries, specifically targeting people of color and black individuals like herself through systemic structures.

His view: David Beckham said 'sometimes sports is a getaway for many people and I think not having live sports has been a big mix for a lot of people'

David Beckham expressed his belief that sports serve as a means of escape for many people and the lack of live sports has had a significant impact on them. Salma Hayek recounted her experience of administering tetanus vaccines in Sierra Leone, which has left a lasting impression on her. During a Zoom reunion for the 2001 X-Men movie, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were originally catching up. However, Ryan Reynolds, who was not part of that film, gate-crashed the reunion along with James McAvoy and Sophie Turner from the later X-Men: Origins franchise.

Looking back: Salma Hayek recalled when she 'went to Sierra Leone to vaccinate for tetanus' over a decade ago and 'saw things that have marked me for life'

Reflecting on the past, Salma Hayek shared a memorable experience of her trip to Sierra Leone more than ten years ago. During the trip, she went there to vaccinate people against tetanus. However, it was an eye-opening trip for her as she saw things that left a lasting impression on her. The experience was profound and unforgettable for the actress.

Whoops: Ryan Reynolds starred in a sketch where he gate-crashed a Zoom reunion for the 2001 X-Men movie that he was apparently not invited to, as he was not in that film

Oops! Ryan Reynolds surprised everyone by appearing in a hilarious sketch where he crashed a Zoom reunion of the cast of the 2001 X-Men movie. Although he wasn’t part of the original cast, his unexpected appearance definitely spiced things up.

Reunited: During the Global Goal: Unite For Our Future concert on Saturday, Famke got together over Zoom with her 2001 X-Men castmates including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

To avoid plagiarism, the following content has been paraphrased:

A group of X-Men stars, including Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, gathered for a Zoom reunion. However, Ryan felt like he was part of the group, but the others quickly realized the awkwardness and left. Halle and Famke had to leave early for a James Bond reunion, while Sophie mistakenly thought it was a Game of Thrones chat. The event also featured speeches from other celebrities such as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Olivia Colman, Diane Kruger, Kate Upton, and Justin Verlander.

The concert held on Friday aimed to provide aid to marginalized communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Citizen co-founder and CEO, Hugh Evans, emphasized the importance of world leaders committing billions of dollars to develop and deliver testing, treatments, and vaccines. Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust were foundation partners, while Verizon, Vodafone, SAP, Citi, and Procter & Gamble were corporate partners for the event.

There she is: Diane Kruger could be seen giving a speech too

Look who we have here! Diane Kruger was spotted delivering a speech as well.

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