“Miley Cyrus Shines in Glittering Minidress at Chris Cornell Tribute Event as She Dismisses Pregnancy Speculations with Laughter”

Miley Cyrus shut down speculations of her pregnancy with husband Liam Hemsworth through a fun tweet. Following this, the 26-year-old singer performed at the I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornel concert held at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Wednesday night. Alongside prominent musicians like the Foo Fighters and Metallica, the event honored the memory of Audioslave and Soundgarden lead vocalist, who passed away on May 17, 2017, at 52 years old.

Taking to the stage: Miley Cyrus was one of the featured performers at the event 

Miley Cyrus graced the stage at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Wednesday night for the I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell concert.

Miley Cyrus, known for her pop music, stood out among the rock legends in a tribute to the late Chris Cornell. She delivered a powerful performance of As Hope And Promise Fade, proving her vocal prowess. Putting to rest any pregnancy rumors, Miley donned a navy dress with sparkling silver boots. After the concert, she expressed her gratitude on Twitter, saying that the experience was heavenly and that Chris’s spirit filled the room with overwhelming love. Miley considered the night an honor and a fitting tribute to Chris Cornell.

Impressing the crowd: Despite being the only mainstream pop act among rock legends, Miley braved the crowd to pay tribute to the star

Standing out from the crowd: In a sea of rock legends, Miley Cyrus fearlessly honored the star as the only mainstream pop act.

Impressive: She commanded attention as with her strong vocals during her rendition of As Hope And Promise Fade

Impressive: She commanded attention as with her strong vocals during her rendition of As Hope And Promise Fade

She definitely made an impact with her powerful singing skills while performing As Hope And Promise Fade.

Not expecting: Putting the pregnancy rumours to rest once and for all, the star donned a glittering navy minidress and a pair of sparkling silver boots

Surprising everyone, the celebrity debunked the pregnancy rumors by donning a striking navy minidress and shiny silver boots. The concert at the renowned LA venue saw former members of Chris’s bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, along with big names like Foo Fighters, Metallica, and Ryan Adams performing to honor his memory. Sadly, Chris lost his long battle with depression and took his own life in May 2017 after a show in Detroit with Soundgarden. He was just 52. Surviving him are his wife Vicky and their three children – Lillian, Toni, and Christopher.

Tragic: Following a lifelong battle with depression, Chris tragically took his own life on May 18, 2017 in Detroit, shortly after performing at the city¿s historic Fox Theatre with Soundgarden hours earlier. He was 52 

Sad: After struggling with depression for many years, Chris sadly passed away on May 18, 2017 in Detroit. He had just finished performing at the iconic Fox Theatre with Soundgarden a few hours before. He was 52 years old.

Quick change: Miley also rocked a baggy white top and a pair of leather trousers 

Miley Cyrus pulled off a speedy wardrobe transformation by swapping her outfit to a baggy white top and leather pants.

Taking the mic: The star wowed the crowd with her gravelly vocals 

The famous singer recently captivated the audience with her raspy singing voice during a concert that aimed to raise funds for two organizations: the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation, which supports underprivileged children, and The Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. This performance by Miley Cyrus occurred shortly after she dismissed rumors of a pregnancy. She used a play on words in a tweet to clarify that she was not expecting a baby, but that she was looking forward to the next stage of her life.

Emotional: Following the gig, Miley took to Twitter, writing: 'Say Hello to Heaven.... had a heavenly experience with you tonight, Chris

Feeling: After the concert, Miley posted on her Twitter account saying: ‘Just had an amazing time with you tonight, Chris. Say Hello to Heaven, my heart is content.’

Speaking out: Her performance came  just after she denied she was expecting a child

Speaking out: Her performance came  just after she denied she was expecting a child

Expressing herself: She took to the stage right after refuting rumors of her pregnancy.

Paying tribute: Miley wore a sweatshirt featuring a picture of the late rock icon

Miley Cyrus paid homage to the late rock legend by donning a sweatshirt that featured his picture. In a photo, she can be seen walking outside with the famous brown egg on her midsection. However, the rumors of her pregnancy are false, as she denied them after OK! Australia reported that she and her husband Liam Hemsworth were expecting a baby girl. According to an unnamed source, Miley was thrilled to carry Liam’s child and had hoped for a girl. In a previous interview with Glamour magazine, Miley expressed her desire to be married and have children by 2019.

'I am not

In her usual quirky way, the celebrity has rejected the allegations by stating that she is not “egg-xpecting”. She made reference to the popular Instagram egg that went viral.

Newlyweds: Cyrus and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, share a kiss on their wedding day

On their special day, Cyrus and her partner, Liam Hemsworth, exchanged a tender kiss as newlyweds.

Back in 2009, when she was asked about her future plans, Miley Cyrus expressed her hope to have a settled life that included making movies, living in her own house, and possibly being married. As she looked up to her mom as a role model for parenting, Miley also wanted to be a cool mother figure who her kids could run home to. Miley’s love story with Liam Hemsworth began in the same year when they met on the set of The Last Song movie. They got engaged in 2012, but unfortunately, their relationship fell apart the following year. However, the couple reconciled in 2016, and Miley was seen wearing her engagement ring again. Finally, on December 23, 2018, Miley and Liam got married in Tennessee, surrounded by their close ones.

Newlyweds: The couple are pictured with friends and family on their wedding day last month

The recently married duo can be seen in a snapshot surrounded by loved ones and acquaintances, commemorating their nuptials that took place just a few weeks ago.

Family support: Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus (pictured) are said to be proud after witnessing their daughter say 'I do'

According to reports, Miley Cyrus’ parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus were thrilled to see their daughter get married and showed their support.

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